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Disney Magic Kingdoms – Welcoming Jack Skellington

Welcome back!  And it’s Saturday.  A weekend… hmm.  We don’t often do things like events on Saturdays.  I feel a bit itchy from it actually.  My left eye is twitching.  Is anyone else a little bit lost and confused.  Well never fear.  I’ve got all of your Jack […]

Disney Emoji Blitz – Halloween Update

Happy October!  This has really been a crazy week in the Disney mobile game world.  With new games and updates and events and previews for events, I feel like every time I check, there’s something new.  The Disney Emoji Blitz Halloween update actually hit a couple days ago […]

Burly Men at Sea – Impressions

This morning I am feeling quite manly.  I woke up with the slightest of scruff, ate a bacon sandwich and even spit like a man.  Though I’m not so great at spitting so it was really more of a drool situation.  But the point is I’m feeling manly […]