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Hello and welcome to my About page.  Surely you are looking to learn a little more, so let me see if I can work this whole mess out for you.  My name is Jaysen.  It’s nice to meet you [Insert Name Here].  Back in 2014, I started this blog as a place to keep all my work and going ons in the same place.  In Octorber 2014, I released my very first book, A Love Story for Witches.  Now fast forward to July 2015, when this blog changed dramatically.  After getting engaged at Walt Disney World, I was inspired to shift the focus of the blog to many things Disney related.

Here we are now.  I like to think of this blog as the ramblings of an author who loves Disney.  I will always share my work and current project but I will also post lots of Disney, so if any or all of these things is of interest to you than welcome in!  Stay a while, won’t you?

I live in New York City with my fiancee and dog and I talk about them often.

My first published book, A Love Story for Witches is available!  Get your copy here or learn a little more and read the first chapter at the Love Story for Witches Page.

Me SECOND novel is now ALSO available.  Get your copy here and learn more about the project and future signings at my Home for Wizards Page. 

I Instagram A LOT.  Follow me HERE.

I also like the twitters HERE.



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  1. Agree! You also tracked down my blog somehow and then it led me here! I think I should follow in your footsteps! Right after I read some of your content… 😛

    • Thanks Eric! I won’t be doing any more Potter posts for a little while but it is always in the back of my mind. Thank you so much for stopping by!

    • Good question!! So my first job was at a pet store and we sold this brand of catnip called Kookamunga catnip. I loved it because it had this picture of a crazy cat on it and it just sort of stuck with me. Thanks for stopping by!!

    • First of all. Thank you! Fixed!! I don’t look at this page and update as often as I should. Secondly I found it while browsing through one of my favorite random tags “magic” I like how you format your reviews 🙂

  2. I enjoy reading your posts! I love knowing the fact there’s someone like me that enjoys Disney ! I thought you were one of the Disney writers at first 🤔 . Maybe I’ll find my break and become a Disney voiceover actor on the side 😊

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