Disney Magic Kingdoms – Puzzle Set #1 Impressions

Hello all my DMK loving spooks and ghosts.  Wow, we’ve had quite a week of reveals with this first puzzle set as each day a new piece has been rolled out.  I refrained from really jumping into it on the blog until all was revealed in order to keep from making countless guesses that would probably have been wrong.  Yet, here at last we have the full picture and no, it isn’t Alice in Wonderland, and no, it has nothing to do with Nightmare Before Christmas…yet.  What we have, is a very brightly colored spider.


Do I still think that Jack and friends will be showing up?  Yes.  Do I still think that this will be an event?  Why yes I do.  However, I think this spider will play a bit like the bots in the first event, in that we’ll be clicking away at them with maddening fervor.  Yet, as someone was nice to point out, these spiders may very well have their roots in a Disney Junior program called Spookley the Square Pumpkin.

While these spiders seem to be a bit differently, one cannot help but notice that they are very similar in color.  In the short film, these spiders show up to help Spookley, only to try and take the prized candy corn for themselves.  Well, I see no better reason to kill all of them in my park!  It’s possible that these spiders and those in the teaser image are completely different, but one can’t help but notice the similarities.


There is also an email going around to show what will be revealed by the event which looks quite interesting.  I like the fact that we are once again going to get a livestream as well as a mystery character.  It also looks like we’ll be getting free gems and a prize should we manage to hit 50k!  That’s pretty exciting.  I really enjoyed the last livestream so it will be great to see these guys back in action.

Since the Thunderclap still has several days to go, I think we’ll see much more from these teasers over the next few weeks.  If I had to guess, I’d say they probably kept the one that people will care the least about for the first so that there can be a build of steady excitement.  What do you think of these spiders and where they fit into the story?  Let me know in the comments!

You can still support this DMK event by going to their Official Thunderclap Page

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