Disney Magic Kingdoms – The Halloween Event Begins

I’ll be honest.  If this update had only been the costumes and the adjustments that we got yesterday, I think that would have been plenty!  My game is running better than ever.  Pirate Mickey is adorable and I’m loving all the new decor to search for in chests.  Yet today we have the beginning of our event which just adds even more awesome to an already solid update.  So with my timer set to 11AM EDT, and my characters free of tasks or leveling up, I sat down to welcome Halloween to my Kingdom.  Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?



There are a few things to know if this is your first event.


Events are timed, so make sure to keep an eye on the timers in the menu that can be opened at the bottom of the screen.  This will let you know when the event ends but also when milestones become available.


This time around we also have a bit of a roadmap to let us know the stages of the event.  This is great as it will allow you to track your progress.


Event Currency is a special coin used only for the event.  In this case, the Pumpkin King coins are what will help you open things in the vent.  Collect them early and often.


The Color Purple denotes any quests that have to do with the Event.  In general, these quests help with tokens and also drop event currency.  They are clearly marked with a different color for your convenience.


Now that you know a little more about events, let’s check out this one!

Starting the Event

After a minor hiccup with getting the event to start up, we were greeted with Mickey needing to run off and start dressing up for Halloween.  First world problems Mickey.


Getting his costume is easy enough.  It doesn’t require much and if you have some chests cued up, you might even be lucky enough to grab one of the cloth pieces you need right off the bat.


As soon as you have his costume, it’s time to run off and start handing out candy.


Donald will also get a quest for his costume, but keep in mind, this one will probably take some time.  Fortunately it is not limited time only.  Thank goodness, because that would be super stressful.


Pretty soon, Mickey will realize that handing out candy alone is kind of lonely…and sort of creepy.  So he’ll invite his best friend Goofy (Sorry Donald, you’re not forgiven for last Thanksgiving’s incident) over to his house to come up with a plan.


And to non one’s surprise, Goofy wants to have a sandwich eating contest.  Can we just take a moment to talk about this guy’s metabolism?  How does he not gain weight?  All this guy does is eat.  All.  The.  Time.


I got very excited as I was asked to clear some curse, but I’m guessing this is for land that has already been cleared, which is unfortunate as I need space.  The quest simply auto completed for me.


With that completed…sort of…it was time to build Jack’s House, which came in at 1500 of the event currency, which I had just barely obtained.  The building has a 6 hour wait time…but I couldn’t help but skip that so you guys could check it out.



And then, out of nowhere, Woody decided to get involved randomly.  Okay cowboy.  Do your thing I guess.  Umm, do you need help or…no, you’re right.  I’ll just wait over here.


And then Goofy and Mickey are ready to split up and start handing out candy to the kiddos.  Honestly, I think Mickey just got tired of watching Goofy gorge himself on sandwiches.  It’s okay Mickey, we don’t judge.


This is where I leave you for the day.  We’ll catch up with these two over the weekend.  The quest chain seems like plenty to keep us busy for at least a couple of days for sure!

Special Sales

We have two sales of note so make sure to check these out before you go buying away.  I am pleasantly surprised at how these are not crazy over priced.  They seem very reasonable and a great way to jump into the event.


New Parade Float

The new float will surely help you out with the event by dropping tokens and event currency.



Thanks to the promo, I was able to quickly snag Zero.  He’s pretty adorable but also will help you to more quickly unlock the Nightmare characters faster, so if you’re going to get him, do it near the beginning of the event to save yourself some time and effort.


New Attractions

While many of them are not up for grabs yet, we have a handful of new attractions that we’ll be adding over the coming weeks.  I have no idea where I’ll put them, but I’m glad to have them.


New Concessions and Decor

We also have a new concession stand to get us working towards event currency as well as plenty of new decorations, most of which will be found in your friendly neighborhood chests.


What’s to Come

It looks like we won’t be unlocking anything more until Saturday morning at 11AM, when we’ll get to start working on ol’ Jack.  We also have a certain baddie to face in the coming weeks.


Not to mention that eerie stage which is just begging for a good fight to happen on it.


The event ends on November 1, so the next couple of weeks are going to be packed.  So far I am really liking this event and it seems like there is more variety than with the Incredibles.  What do you guys think so far?  Let me know in the comments and happy candy giving!

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  1. I downloaded the update and got the costume shop and Mickey’s pirate costume. I have tasks to collect the fabrics and tokens, but I don’t have any of the other stuff… event dashboard, the purple event quests, ability to look at packages for purchases, etc. Kind of frustrating.

    • I found a user comment on the DMK Facebook page saying to change the language then change it back again and it should kickstart the event. Worked a treat in case anyone else has the same problem.

  2. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited to play the event. Of course, I wouldn’t even start until 3:15 because I was in school until then without a cell phone.

  3. Anyone else disapppinted by the drops for the fabric? To get Donald’s fabric, you need Minnie and Daisy’s costumes for their tasks with Mickey. But to get the purple fabric for the girls’ costumes, you need Donald’s costume… that’s quite a catch-22, so it looks like we’re reliant on the chests to see us through. Oh, bother.

    • Pretty sure the only costumes that are event-time-restrained are Mickey’s and Goofy’s. So there is plenty of time to get Donald and the ladies’ costumes post-event. 🙂 (Which is good because I *just* welcomed Donald like, 2 days ago, and he has to be Level 5 before he can even start on a costume.)

  4. When I first started the event i was able to assign other characters to tasks in order to get Donald’s cloth pieces to drop. Now I can’t and i’m pretty bummed–getting his costume is going to take forever!

  5. I’m wondering if anyone knows if the Haunted mansion will be available after the event.
    As it unlocks instantly unlike the others. I am gathering that means gems to buy it?
    That seems to be the case with most other instant unlocks of attractions. I really want it but I am afraid it will disappear when the event finishes on November 1st. You obviously have to progress in the event before being able to purchase it either way.

  6. It’s time for me to build the Broomstick Graveyard, but it is telling me I need to comepete more of Mickey’s tasks. Only, there isn’t anything special for Mickey to be doing 😦

    • I’ve had the same thing … I suspect it might be tied to getting Goofy’s costume, which is *finally* available this morning. Good luck!

      • Me too. I am waiting to get Goofy’s costume in the hope that will unlock Broomstick Graveyard.

  7. What do I need to do to unlock Donald? Also Goofy’s costume? Do I need to level all the Clubhouse characters to 10 first?

  8. I finally have the broomstick graveyard – though it will take 12hrs to build! It became available after I had welcomed Sally, got her to level 2, then she had a quest with Jack (4hrs planning how to tackle Oogie boogie). it cost 20,000 wooden pumpkins. The only costume I do not have is Donald’s, which I don’t see getting before the Halloween event ends as all pieces involve long Mickey missions, but it does say it will be available after the event ends. So Broomstick graveyard is not to do with Donald’s costume. Hope that helps – good luck everyone!

    • Thank you so much for posting this!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the graveyard for days. I was hoping it would be available after I got rid of Pete (I only started playing when I found out they were doing NBC so I only have Goofy and Mickey of the Disney classic cast) but I just got rid of him and it was still locked. I’m working on collecting Sally pieces and now I know I need a load more wooden pumpkins.

  9. What happens to the event currency when it’s over? Does it get exchanged for magic potions, or do the punkin coins just disappear?

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