Disney Magic Kingdoms – Welcoming Jack Skellington

Welcome back!  And it’s Saturday.  A weekend… hmm.  We don’t often do things like events on Saturdays.  I feel a bit itchy from it actually.  My left eye is twitching.  Is anyone else a little bit lost and confused.  Well never fear.  I’ve got all of your Jack welcoming info here so, perhaps, together we can get through this spooky time.  Boys and girls of every age.  Let’s take a look at something strange.


Welcoming Jack

While Jack has A LOT of tokens needed to welcome him, you’ll find that none of his tokens are particularly hard to get.  No no, they’ll be saving those epic tokens for Oogie when we have two days left and are breathing into a paper bag to keep from vomiting candy.  Let’s take a look at the requirements.

First you’ll need some Jack-O-Lanterns.  These are incredibly easy to obtain, taking between 6 and 10 minutes each.


Bats can be a little bit more challenging but also seem to drop quite often.  They will take around 1 to 2 hours each.


The hats will prove to be the hardest.  They drop pretty well from those who collect them but they take around 2 to 4 hours each.  Your best bets are Zero or, surprisingly, Bo Peep.


Once you’ve collected all of these spooky tokens, the Pumpkin King himself will join you in your Kingdom.


The Story Continues

Jack is, to no one’s surprise, quite excited about the prospect of a new land to explore,.  This guy just really loves seeing the world.


But he knows that he needs to be a little more careful this time around.


Certain that he can do better than last time, Jack sets out to try and explore this new land.


Strangely though, Jack trying to search around actually looks like someone who has lost their sight.  Hmm, I suppose he doesn’t really have eyes to speak of.

Bots!…er…I mean Spiders

Mickey and Goofy have realized that while this is supposed to be an all ages party, things have started to go South.  No no, I don’t mean a bunch of Abercrombie models showed up half dressed.  I’m talking about creepy crawly spiders!


Much like bots, you’ll need to tap on 5 of these guys every 2 minutes until you reach 50 of them.


I actually find them to be adorable.  If you’re having a hard time finding them, be sure to click their icon on the left.  It will take you to the nearest one and tell you how long until the next batch arrive.

And with that finished, Jack is off to improve Halloween for everyone!


But danger looms as one Oogie Boogie makes his grand entrance.  No words, just stoic, evil glares.  I approve.


New Promo


Today we also have a new promo!  I am not a huge fan of getting pumpkin tokens by paying as they drop like crazy.  BUT, in this case, you’re really just getting them in addition to normally priced gems.  SO if you are planning to get a few gems, this deal might just be worth it for you.

What’s Next?

And that’s where I leave you today my fellow DMKers.  Next up we’ll be unlocking Goofy’s costume in a few days so stay tuned.  In the meantime, let me know which you’d rather have overrun your living room:  Spiders or Bots?

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  1. I just absolutely love this new update! My favorite part is having all the accessory characters involved that aren’t in the main storyline (incredibles, pirates, Cinderella). Most all of them have opportunities to earn the tokens which gives my other characters a rest to proceed on the normal storyline which is great for people like me who haven’t actually finished the game yet! Nightmare before Christmas is such a great addition and unlike the incredible stuff I feel like I really have a chance to get every character. I love your blog and I always check in with each new fun addition to the game. Thanks for keeping everybody in the loop and adding some much needed comic relief when I get frustrated at silly things like Donald’s hat’s awful drop rates! 🙈

  2. how many quest does jack need to do? Im on a 8hr quest “send jack to debut his scariest expression yet” and i still havent unlocked the goofy costume. It says i need to complete more quest. Do you know how many quest are left after the one im currently working on to unlock the goofy costume?

  3. I’ve got the update and everything is there, but there are no pumpkin coins and everything is “Coming soon”. What can I do?

  4. I am a bit dissapointed i was only allowed 3 days to try and get everything it never updated and i really wanted jack

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