Disney Magic Kingdoms -Mysteries and Costumes

Wow, this weekend has been bananas.  I want to thank everyone who reached out to me with the DMK puzzle and mystery reveals as I was at New York Comic Con and away from the internet more than usual.  We have gotten a lot more hints as to what comes next than we’ve ever gotten before for an update yet, strangely, I feel as though I’m also more confused that normal.  So I thought we’d take a look at what has been revealed so far and see if we can’t break down what we are ACTUALLY getting in this update.



I already did a full post on this one, but we know that we are getting spiders.  As I said before, I really think this will be this events version of the bot.  OH NO!  SPIDERS ARE INVADING THE KINGDOM AND CHEWING ON RAPUNZELS LEGS!  STOP THEM BY TAPPING!  That sort of thing.  TAP 10 EVERY 15 MINUTES!!!  At least they are very vibrant colors so they should be easier to see than the bots.  Also, if this is a timed event, I think we can expect to see the button off to the side that takes us right to where the next one is hiding.


This one isn’t quite done yet BUT I think we can safely assume that this coin will be our event currency this time around.  Either that or it will be part of a quest where Jack and Elizabeth throw a frisbee to each other.  Who am I kidding?  The only quests the pirates know how to do are go to the tavern to do everything imaginable.  Seriously.  Can we just take a moment here and acknowledge that between Cinderella and Pirates the quest dialogue has been…rough.  Please let the next update have a little more substance.  I love the fact that we have a story but Cinderella was looking for a shoe for a week that was ON HER FOOT!  I can’t!


While I thought that The Nightmare Before Christmas would be the main focus, it seems that we’re getting a lot more out of this Costumes update than initially expected.  And let me tell you, I AM EXCITED FOR THESE COSTUMES.  Look, we’re close now, right?  We’re friends.  I think it’s time that you knew that cute things trump everything for me.  And these costumes are adorable.  Let’s take a look.


First up is Mickey who is sporting some nice duds.  One question that has been raised is whether or not we’ll be able to keep these costumes after the event.  I would be pretty surprised if we didn’t as so far, we’ve been able to keep everything we’ve acquired.  It seems impossible that they would start limitations here.


Honestly, I don’t really need the other costumes at this point.  Goofy is just too flipping cute.  Can I just skip to him and only him?  Thank you!  Check please!


And today we got the reveal of Daisy’s costume!  Yay!  While Daisy will never be my favorite Disney character.  I do think that her level of sassiness will increase by approximately 18 if she puts on that hat.  So I’ll gladly dress her up.


I think it is safe to say that we will be getting Minnie as a costume.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the next one.


I also think we will probably finish out the crew with Donald, one of the hardest characters to get in the game.  Maybe they’ll throw us a curve ball and make his costume super easy to get?  Unlikely but it would be the best part of my day for sure.


I think it is actually very unlikely that we will get Pluto.  First off, he’s a character you have to pay for, so that already makes me think the likelihood is down.  Secondly, he doesn’t really fit the bill of a character that can have hat, shirt, shoes like these others do.  I could be wrong here, but I think Pluto will be skipping the party.



I had a thought this morning.  We’ve heard very little about Jack Skellington and it also seems that this costume thing is going to be crazy with how many things we have to collect, so here is my big guess for this article.

Let’s say that Jack is actually a gem character and, like TinkerBell, the only character we get from Nightmare.  So you can buy him but you don’t have to get him, like Frozone.  BUT, if you get him, he makes getting the things you need to get these costumes easier.  Sure, we could get a few characters from Nightmare, but the more they show that ISN’T Nightmare, the more I think this guess might be the case.  What do you guys think?




I’ve reached out to see if we can get some clarity on this one.  My guess is that this will be when the livestream starts.  Many believe this is when the Event itself will start.  I think it could go either way but given that we’ve yet to see a release for the Updates which was simultaneous across android, windows and iOS, I just think that calling out an exact time seems very unlike Gameloft.  We will see this Thursday though when 11Am hits!

So who else do you hope we get costumes for and what other fun things would you like to see hit the game?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. One thing, Boo should have been in her normal pink dress as the main character, and the Randalls costume should have been the costume for Halloween, get what I mean ?

    Also, I’m really hoping for Toy Story characters to get costumes too, such as Zurg ! I haven’t unlocked Donald yet so I hope that those will not be time-limited because I certainly do not want to miss a costume.

    • It looks like the live stream will be on the 13th at 11AM EST. I think the actual Event will start the next day at 11 AM EST since that’s when the 50,000 goal ends.

  2. Two months now I’ve been working on Donald…I’m just one ear hat away from having everything. But the drop rates on his items are TERRIBLE. Goofy probably needs a new outfit because he’s eaten so many sandwiches, he may not fit into his pants. Poor Mickey’s constantly at my Magic Kingdom infirmary from being beaten up by Pete. Daisy’s diner is probably going downhill because she spends every waking moment perusing Minnie’s house. And maybe I get one hat every 4-5 days.

    These costumes look adorable though! I think your idea is plausible – Jack is a gemmed character that helps us get the costume pieces. My guess is the livestream is on the 13th with the actual event launching on the 14th. 😀

  3. I think that something has to be Nightmare Before Christmas-themed because what I’m guessing is the event coins looks exactly like the jack-o-lantern on the door to Halloween Town in Nightmare Before Christmas. So I’m guessing that your idea of Jack being a gem character I think is very likely. And maybe Sally too. 😊❤️️

  4. I just wanted to let people know for some reason Daisys halloween costume is currently unlocked I just got it. I know it’s a game glitch but it’s a nice one for those of us who didn’t have the game six months ago

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