Disney Magic Kingdoms – The Halloween Update

After weeks of teasers, mysteries, livestreams, moon collages and general wonderment, we now finally have the Halloween Update which adds costumes, new buildings and some improvements.  While we won’t be covering the event itself, as that starts tomorrow at 11 AM EDT, I thought I’d go through the patch notes and offer some thoughts and overall impressions.


From the Devs

Mickey and friends want to bring the spirit of Halloween to the Kingdom for all to enjoy! Their enthusiasm sparks the interest of the Pumpkin King: Jack Skellington. Jack wants to make sure that Halloween is a huge success to those who enjoy the event. However, there is someone more sinister who wants Halloween to be more about fear than fun: Oogie Boogie! Get ready to battle the fearsome villain during this time limited Halloween Event!
Everything NEW in this Update
  • Characters
    • Jack Skellington
    • Sally
    • Zero
    • Oogie Boogie
  • Attractions
    • Haunted Mansion
    • Tower of Terror
    • Jack’s House
    • Dr. Finkelstein’s Tower
    • Nightmare Candy Shop
    • Broomstick Graveyard
  • Decorations/Concessions
    • Gargoyle Lamp
    • Gargoyle Fountain
    • Street Lantern
    • Jack-O-Lamp Post
    • Haunted Cauldron
    • Evil Bench
    • Headless Horseman
    • Pumpkin Wall
    • Cackling Concession
  • Floats
    • The Mayor’s Parade Float


We now have the ability to gain costumes!  Hooray!  Some of them will only be available to obtain through the course of the event so make sure you go after those first.  Check the dev list below to see which ones are here to stay and which ones will be gone before you can say “Boo!”
  • Pirate Mickey Mouse (free from the Tutorial)
  • Halloween Mickey Mouse (Limited Time Only!)
  • Halloween Goofy (Limited Time Only!)
  • Halloween Daisy
  • Halloween Minnie Mouse
  • Halloween Donald Duck
How Do Costumes Work?
You’lol start off by sending MIckey to look for some new duds.
For now there are only a handful of costumes but that allows appear fairly challenging to unlock so this alone will probably make up most of the update.
Oh dear God Donald looks adorable, BUT he will easily be the hardest costume to unlock.  SO MANY HATS!
Make sure to get your characters started on collecting as some items will take up to 12 hours. Yikes!

Enchanted Chests Improvements & Changes


With Update 5, we made two changes to improve the Enchanted Chests:
  1. The price of the 3rd Opening Slot has been reduced from 195 Gems to 150 Gems
  2. We adjusted the drop rates in all Enchanted Chests to guarantee more valuable rewards

Here are the updated rewards.  Just look at all that fabric!


Chests seem to easily be the best way to load up on fabric.
And of course, the big reveal this morning was that the Tower of Terror would be coming to the chests!
This one was the big surprise of the day as no one had any idea we’d be able to drop our guests to their terrifying dooms.  I’m sure this will be the one that everyone is trying to get from their chests.  Good luck friends!
And to really get into the spirit of Halloween, we added some of The Nightmare Before Christmas decorations, and removed the following classic decorations from the Enchanted Chests:
  • Fun Fire Hydrant
  • Log Bench
  • Pluto Topiary
  • Rose Tree
  • Mining Display
  • Hanging Lantern
The Halloween decorations are limited time only, so don’t miss out on getting your hands on them!

Game Balances & Changes

  • Reduced the rarity of Cinderella Slipper from Legendary to Epic
  • Added wishes to:
    • Cinderella’s “Have a Royal Greeting”
    • Prince Charming’s “Greet Guests”
    • Mike’s “Incredible/Halloween Comedy”
    • Goofy’s “Incredible/Halloween Sandwich”
    • Jessie’s “Incredible Yodel/Halloween Scream”
  • Changed duration and rewards for various activities for the following characters:
    • Dash & Violet – “Sibling Teamwork”
      • Increased duration to 6 hours from 3 minutes
      • Increased Magic reward to 210 from 13
    • Zurg – “Terrorize Traders”
      • Decreased duration to 12 hours from 24 hours
      • Decreased Magic reward to 275 from 375
    • Buzz Lightyear & Zurg – “Faceoff with Buzz/Zurg”
      • Increased duration to 24 hours from 16 hours
      • Increased Magic reward to 500 from 435
    • Sulley – “Perform Stand-Up”
      • Decreased duration to 8 hours from 16 hours
      • Decreased Magic reward to 200 from 300
    • Randall Boggs – “Scare Guests for Fun”
      • Decreased duration to 10 minutes from 1 hour
      • Decreased Magic reward to 19 from 40
      • Removed Scream Canister from possible rewards
    • Randall Boggs – “Complain About Food”
      • Decreased duration to 1 hour from 20 hours
      • Decreased Magic reward to 40 from 325
      • Added Scream Canister to possible rewards
  • Readjusted the cost and time to unveil for the following expansions:
    • Toontown right-center
      • Decreased Magic cost to 500 from 15,500
      • Decreased time to unveil to 6 minutes from 12 hours
    • Toontown bottom-right
      • Decreased Magic cost to 1500 from 25,000
      • Decreased time to unveil to 10 minutes from 24 hours
    • Toontown top-right
      • Increased Magic price to 65,000 to 35,000

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Happiness level is different from the Happiness System indicator
  • Device performance optimizations for all iOS devices, especially for lower end devices
  • Ads have returned to the Cinema as of September 20th! If you’re still not seeing ads, this might be happening because you’ve indicated an age lower than 13 when you first registered for the game. If you accidentally entered the incorrect age and would like to correct it, please send a ticket to Customer Care via the in-game Options menu


Overall I am very happy with this update.  Yes the costumes are cool.  Sure the event seems awesome BUT the real win is that my game is running better than it has in months and THAT is the biggest win of all.  No longer to I have to begrudgingly open my game to glitchy choppy graphics.  Thank you Gameloft!


I’ll be posting about the full event tomorrow when it launches at 11AM, but in the meantime, let me know what you think of the costumes!

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  1. I let out an audible groan when I saw how many Donald hats we were going to need. It’s as bad as (if not worse than) trying to obtain him in the first place. Fortunately, Donald’s is not one of the limited-time costumes, so I suspect the best strategy is going to be to ignore his requirements for now, and focus on the other characters’ costumes, as well as whatever tasks we’ll need to get all the new characters/attractions starting tomorrow. Donald can play dress-up after Halloween is over.

  2. I’m glad Donald isn’t limited time, because I haven’t welcomed him yet! Only 10 more Ears Tokens (Legendary) and 13 more Hats (Epic) to get before welcome him.

    • Be aware you have to upgrade Donald to level 5 it seems before you can even begin on his costume. Least that’s what mine is telling me.

  3. Can you post screenshots of what your park looks like? I’m curious to see how much park space you have opened up. Thanks!

  4. is it just me or is anyone else anxiously watching the clock to switch over to 11 am so the event can start?

  5. Funny you say that about glitches because I had none before the update & now have an annoying delay between clicking on tasks and then starting. Seems others with the 5s have that issue too. Hope that gets fixed because I love the uodate otherwise

    • I had that issue last night with my iPad. I restarted the iPad and deleted some unused apps and it seemed to work then

  6. Really annoyed that when we defeated Zurg last week none of the other characters opened like it said they would. Had some really bummed out kids when Donald, Minnie, sleeping beauty and rapunzel characters were not unlocked to welcome. Also the times in between tasks are ridiculously long! My kiddos(and even mom and dad) have a hard time waiting 24, 12,8 and even 6 hours for things to progress! I can understand a few things taking awhile and occasionally for some of the quests, but having every quest take over 8 hours is kind of nuts. Same goes for the leveling up on the characters. We have 5 characters that need their final update but no one wants to put them and take them out of the game for so long. Last rant, waiting 24 and 12 hours for chest to open is fine but please stop placing stupid things I can buy like benched, trees and lampposts in there! I swear if I get one more log bench I might lose it! We can’t even access Toy Story Land where that thing should go anyways. Other than that the Halloween update is great, makes us feel like we are there. Are the Halloween town characters and there attractions here to stay after the event is done?

  7. Has anyone else noticed that in order to get the blue and beige fabric for donald, mickey needs to do a halloween dance. but for mickey to do a halloween dance you need minnie’s costume unlocked. but in order to get the purple fabric for minnie’s costume donald needs to go trick or treating which requires his costume??? it’s like a never ending loop!

    • Lauren, I’ve been getting all my purple fabric from chests. In fact, I’m finding it easier to get that than it is to get the pink fabric from Daisy trick or treating. It seems like almost every other chest is giving me purple, whereas Daisy takes forever and a half to give me a pink.

    • I noticed that. Definitely looks a bit circular – and honestly I figure they hope the frustration will drive people to pay for at least one costume so they can earn the materials for the others.

  8. So I was hoping to use this time before the possible Winter update to try & welcome Donald Duck. I have been working on it for months and need 7 more items. I am also half way to getting Prince Phillip. So I am really miffed that the game is broken & I’m losing precious time. It’s been nearly 24 hours and no word about a fix or timecales. Maybe Gamecraft could compensate me and just award it to me😂…How’s everyone else coping. Did you get Oogie?

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