Vault Ghibli #13 – Spirited Away

Japanese Title: Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi   Directed By:  Hayao Miyazaki   Produced By: Toshio Suzuki   Originally Released:  July 20, 2001 Returning to this series with Spirited Away feels like standing on a grassy hill at sunrise and taking a deep relaxing breath.  Spirited Away was, in fact, my very first exposure to … Continue reading Vault Ghibli #13 – Spirited Away


Vault Ghibli #12 – My Neighbours The Yamadas

Japanese Title: Hohokekyo Tonari no Yamada-kun   Directed By:  Isao Takahata   Produced By: Toshio Suzuki, Seiichiro Ujiie and Takashi Shouji   Originally Released:  July 17, 1999 If someone were to ask you about your family, what would you say? Would you call them normal or would they fall under the slightly unhinged, zany category. … Continue reading Vault Ghibli #12 – My Neighbours The Yamadas