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Vault Ghibli #13 – Spirited Away

Japanese Title: Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi   Directed By:  Hayao Miyazaki   Produced By: Toshio Suzuki   Originally Released:  July 20, 2001 Returning to this series with Spirited Away feels like standing on a grassy hill at sunrise and taking a deep relaxing breath.  Spirited Away was, […]

Vault Ghibli #11 – Princess Mononoke

Japanese Title: Mononokehime   Directed By:  Hayao Miyazaki   Produced By: Toshio Suzuki   Originally Released:  July 12, 1997 To say that Princess Mononoke is a masterpiece might actually be an understatement.  Whether its a rich story full of environmentalist critique, deep, intriguing characters or phenomenal animation you’re […]

Vault Ghibli #9 – Pom Poko

Japanese Title: Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko   Directed By:  Isao Takahata   Produced By: Toshio Suzuki   Originally Released:  July 16, 1994 Hello and welcome back to Vault Ghibli!  I won’t to start by apologizing for being away from this series for two weeks.  Due to the Comic Con […]

Vault Ghibli #8 – Ocean Waves

Japanese Title: Umi ga kikoeru   Directed By:  Tomomi Mochizuki   Produced By:  Isao Takahata   Originally Released:  May 5, 1993 You might have noticed last week that I said that this week we’d be talking about Pom Poko.  Well, it turns out that I made a mistake and […]

Vault Ghibli #7 – Porco Rosso

Japanese Title: Kurenai no Buta   Directed By:  Hayao Miyazaki   Produced By:  Toshio Suzuki   Originally Released:  July 18, 1992 Porco Rosso has, until this past week, always been one of the few Ghibli movies that I had never seen.  Upon first glance, I didn’t really care for […]

Vault Ghibli #6 – Only Yesterday

Japanese Title:  Omoide Poro Poro   Directed By:  Isao Takahata   Produced By:  Toshio Suzuki   Originally Released:  July 20, 1991 I’ve come to think of Studio Ghibli as the masters of making boring stories about nothing happening feel absolutely captivating.  Only Yesterday is a prime example of this […]

Vault Ghibli #4 – My Neighbor Totoro

Japanese Title:  Tonari no Totoro   Directed By:  Hayao Miyazaki   Produced By:  Toru Hara   Originally Released:  April 16, 1988 After watching Grave of the Fireflies, literally any film we watched next was going to feel like a friendly reprieve.  Heck, we watched The Conjuring 2 this week and I thought […]