Disney Emoji Blitz – Halloween Update

Happy October!  This has really been a crazy week in the Disney mobile game world.  With new games and updates and events and previews for events, I feel like every time I check, there’s something new.  The Disney Emoji Blitz Halloween update actually hit a couple days ago but I wanted to wait until our new event officially started before writing about it.  Well, it’s here, you’re here and I’m here, so let’s take a look at what, who and why we’ll be swiping for the next month.

New Emojis

In the spirit of Halloween, we have two new emojis and a new Diamond box to help us nab them.


I did the diamond box twice and was lucky enough to get both of them, rather than one of them two times.

Hatbox Ghost

Hatbox ghost’s power is similar to several other emoji’s we’ve had in the past.  Essentially, his head’s float up to make it easier to make combos.  This is actually a very good power for this event as power-ups are key here.  This one will allow you to make them faster.  That being said, I found Hatbox Ghost quite difficult to see for some reason.  This could have been due to the emojis that he was paired up with, but finding him always seemed to be a challenge for me.

Abominable Snowman

I really like Abominable Snowman’s power.  Not because it is amazing at getting high scores, but because it is interactive.  I always find the powerups which have you actively doing something, in this case tapping to build up his avalanche, to be much more fun and frantic.  The avalanche takes away the top couple of rows, which should help to at least refill the board faster in order to get items moving through.

Halloween Event

A new event has started centered around unlocking Halloween item emojis.  Compared to the Ursula event I think this way of doing things is actually a lot more fun.  It’s still a challenge to get the items you’re after, which may turn some off, BUT I found that I was constantly being rewarded for my efforts and that was a really good feeling.


Much like with Ursula, you’ll need to switch into the event play mode for the time being in order to access this event.  You can still earn rewards and points towards leveling up, so it’s probably best to just stay in this mode for the time being.


In this event, Pumpkins will appear on the board.  You need to first use a power up to break the pumpkin and reveal the item within.  Then you need to get the item to the bottom of the board in order to collect it.

This, however, is not my favorite part of the event.  My favorite part is the fact that as you complete items, you are playing something of a Bingo game and every chain of three you make earns you a small reward.  In the first item board that I played, I received gifts of coins, gems and power ups for completing three in a row.  This is also really cool when you finally finish the center item as it unlocks several rewards at once.


In all, you’ll be getting 8 little prizes for each of these 7 item boards.


And once you get all of the items unlocked, you’ll be rewarded with those items as emojis to use in chats.


Emojis as Stickers

All of this is awesome news for iOS 10 users because you can now use all of these emojis as stickers in chat, which I find to be far better than sending them as little images.  This makes the emojis far more useful in your chat window and also makes me want to collect more of them faster than I did before.


Prize Wheel

The free prize box has now been replaced by a Prize wheel.  Is it really any different given the rewards you’ll get?  Not really BUT it feels fun and interactive and you at least have an idea of what prizes are available.  A small change, but a welcome one.

That’s it for this update!  I’m excited to collect all these items over the next month and send my friends some spooky texts.  How about you guys?  Let me know which of these characters you like the most in the comments!

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28 replies »

  1. Is there anything I can do to improve my chances at getting the hatbox ghost? I’ve redeemed for the diamond box 4 times now, and it keeps giving me the snowman

  2. Ugh! I’m stuck on the 4th level of the Halloween event! Taking forever compared to the first 3 levels.

  3. And just like in the Ursula event, if you hit a pumpkin with rainbow star, it adds more pumpkins to the field

  4. I can’t complete my items for the Halloween section. Stuck on second one snd i have played at least 30 games and i just keep getting the same items i already cleared. Is it a glitz or a way to keep u from progressing too fast?

  5. Really disappointed in the end if this event. I was anxiously anticipating one of the two emojis (snowman or ghost) like getting Ursula, and instead got stitch’s power increased..

  6. Keep clearing pumpkins and the right character for my bingo but it won’t clear? It seems to be stuck Or by passing the game? I double checked and it is on? Did not hit cancel button? Loving the bingo now it stopped collecting?

  7. Another conundrum. I’ve been having trouble syncing between my devices, especially since it isn’t a true “sync”.I now have the hatbox ghost on my phone and the snowman on my iPad. Disney customer service has been no help. Any ideas? I think I’m either going to have to give one up or play two separate games forever.

  8. I was playing in the pumpkin mode one day and then it just disappeared. I have turned my phone off and started game over many times but no pumpkin. Any ideas?

  9. After an event, it is hard to get back into regular emoji blitz. I wish we could collect all the emojis before they level up the SAME emoji. 30000 coins is a lot to work up to. I should have had my roster filled by now if it wasn’t for this crappy part.

  10. Mission 56 has a task that says to pop the balloons at the round result (its either 32 or 35 I can’t remember) page.. it’s the balloons that rise up when your score is revealed
    Just tap the colored balloons and they’ll pop! Generally 2-3 at a go as they’re quick little things
    It has nothing to do with getting “Dug”
    But it’ll take a little getting use to
    Don’t swap it for the 20 gems, you can do it!

  11. Since new apple patch downloaded today game does not play right. The only thing that seems to work is the challenges. Anyone else have any trouble?

  12. Got Maleficent at the first purple box!
    My guess is that the other 2 purple boxes are upgrades like the Ursula event.

  13. I know you are busy but I love your blogs and notice you don’t do emoji blitz anymore. There have been tons of updates and events just wondering if you still play.

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