DC Comics Legends

DC Comics Legends – Why You Need to be Excited

Alright you guys.  Here’s the thing.  I love Disney mobile games.  I do.  But sometimes I cheat on them with other mobile games.  Ma’am, please hold all gasping until the end.  One such game that I have been very excited about since learning of its soft launch in Australia and Canada is the new mobile RPG from DC Interactive, DC Comics Legends.  Today, as if fate had deemed it so, we stumbled into a DC panel at New York Comic Con where the game was officially announced for November.  Take a look at the trailer and then, we’ll talk.

If you play a lot of mobile games, you’re probably wondering the same thing as me.  What makes it special?  With the closure of Marvel Avengers Alliance, it might seem hard to jump back into a game like this, BUT I foresaw your asking of the question I asked (Is that the right way to say that) So with excitement in our hearts and weirdly fulling convention food in our stomachs, we headed down to the DC booth where we got to talk Sean Dugan, one of the lead designers, about this very topic.


Something you’ll notice about the game right off the bat, and that Sean was quick to point out, is that this is a game about building a team.  You’ll have various classes that are easy to understand from the start including tank-like characters, quick damage dealers, and healer, BUT as you play with these characters and level them up, their powers will start to change and evolve and this begins to add fun surprises to the way that you play.


And because these characters are made to really feel like their comic book counterparts, this is where you’ll start to see this game take flight.  Superman, for example, might become unkillable, but only when defending his allies.  There are plenty of these character specific abilities which are put in place to make these characters feel like those that you and I know and love.  Sean was quick to point out that Batman and Black Canary are both bruisers who like to throw punches, BUT they should still feel completely different when you play them.  I love love love this attention to character detail.


Once you’ve assembled your team, you’ll be taking them out for a little dueling, and this will also lead to trying to top the leaderboards as well as unlock fun prizes.  What Sean was really excited about were the surprises that players would find for themselves.  Sure, Batman and Robin fight really well together.  But what about Batman and Dr. Fate?  Finding these combinations of character who create synergies you wouldn’t expect seems to be one of the most challenging and most interesting puzzles of the game.


And as you level up these characters, who will start out simple enough, they become more complex and even evolve to have more mythic, God-like looks.  This is cool visually and from a story perspective but I also love how this encourages new players to get their feet wet and warm up to the game, unlike Avengers Alliance which threw you face first into confusion land.


I can’t possibly not talk about the most impressive part of the game which were the stunning visuals.  Not only did we see the trailer but we also got to see the game in play at DC’s booth and I can say that it looks great and runs smoothly.  The animations of the different attacks look awesome and it really is shaping up to be an epic game.  We saw some of the gameplay on this from a year ago, and I can honestly say that this game has come a LONG way.


But if there’s one thing that made me want to play the game right this second, it wasn’t anything that you saw in the trailer above.  It was the team’s, and specifically Sean’s excitement for the game.  I love seeing creators excited about their game, and excited about showing it to fans.  That’s one of the big reasons I’ve stuck with Disney Magic Kingdoms and some of the other games we cover here.  The passion being put into this project is outstanding and made me wish I could download the game right then and there.  The good news is, you can got to the official website HERE and pre-register to get the exclusive Wonder Woman below at launch.


My partner Carl is also a huge DC fan and is super excited for the game as well, which is why I am so excited to announce that he and I will be back-to-back blogging about this game at launch.  He’ll be covering the game in a more detailed, team building way, while I’ll be writing about, you know, that stuff I normally write about.  Like, how much I like Wonder Woman’s hair or that moment where Batman made Superman feel uncomfortable.  In any case, we are very excited to be working on telling you about this awesome game from a stellar team and you can check out Carl’s blog HERE!

Now go pre-register so you’re ready for launch day!

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