Burly Men at Sea – Impressions

This morning I am feeling quite manly.  I woke up with the slightest of scruff, ate a bacon sandwich and even spit like a man.  Though I’m not so great at spitting so it was really more of a drool situation.  But the point is I’m feeling manly and that’s mostly to blame on a new game that dropped on the app store yesterday.  It probably comes as no surprise, given my obsession with Disney mobile games, that I also play a lot of mobile games in general, ranging in all sorts of themes.  Yet every so often, something special comes along that transcends my normal blogging expertise, and is so great that I just have to tell you about it.  So picture the ocean, waiting with all its grand adventures and now imagine three bearded sailors, who just happen to be crazy enough to sail into the unknown.  This is Burly Men at Sea.


In Burly Men at Sea, you interact with the environment around these three bearded fishermen in order to open up new opportunities and new choices.  This is important because every opportunity you reveal presents a choice, and every choice leads the men down a different route for their adventure.  At the start, they find a sea chart that is strangely vacant, but as you chart the seas, it starts to fill up.  Much like life, your experiences add to your knowledge and memories of the world.  Take one of your early scenarios of being swallowed by a whale.  Will you wait with the nymphs in his belly until he lets you out?  Or perhaps you will throw on some barrels to help you float and head out to sea, leaving your boat with the whale.  Maybe you are a real daredevil and set out to the ocean with nothing but your swimming hands.  These three choices lead you to three different discoveries, and those lead you to even more choices.


Ummm, this is already not going well.


However, each journey is fairly short, and eventually you will find yourself back at the island you started with, having gained a new storyline as well as having opened up more of the sea chart.  But now you realize that there is more of the sea out there, so you jump back in your boat, ready to alter your course and see what else you can find.  the ocean is grand and these men will not stop until they’ve seen it all.


Soooo, you want us to go out again?  Umm, we almost died.

All of this is wrapped up in some fantastic art as well as music.  The whole game just feels like a wonderfully charming little cartoon and I was always excited to see what weird monster or deep ocean mystery was awaiting my men around the next corner.  It looks and feels great and it’s incredibly calming yet interesting at the same time.  This is also aided by top notch writing that’ll have you chuckling along the way.


Keep it together Brave Beard!

Look, I know this game is not for everyone.  It’s a game that relies very heavily on story and exploration with not so much in the way of action.  It also seems to not be a very long game.  But for those with an eye for amazing art and an interesting story along with charming characters, you really are in for a real treat.  I’m aware that this game really appeals to a player like me who just wants something cute to enjoy on the way to work, but that’s not for everyone.  Yet if any of the screenshots here interest you in the least, you owe it to yourself to go on an adventure with these fine beards.  I guarantee you will not regret it.  The tales that unfold have me dreaming of the sea and what mysteries lie in wait there.


Ohhh, we found Gandalf!

To learn more about this wonderful game from Brain & Brain studios, head over to their official website and give it a look.

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  1. This game reminds of me Sunless Sea. Exploring the ocean but this seems more lighthearted. I might just pop by the App Store and have a look. Can you recermend any more exploration games? (Is that the right word?)

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