Disney Magic Kingdoms – Halloween Event Livestream Recap

At long last, we got our first real look at the Halloween update that will be out later this week, and wow!  So let’s take a quick look and break down what we saw.  If you’d like to watch the full livestream, you can do so below before we jump in.  OR if you saw all of it, you can just skip on past that video the way I skip past tomatoes on my burger.

Part One

We started off the event on time this time with the promise that we would be seeing the biggest mystery reveal yet, which everyone in the chat was super excited for.  Right off the bat, it seemed that we would be talking a lot about costumes, a cool new feature.


Mickey has to search for fabric.  I can’t imagine why!!?  As we all knew, costumes and a costume shop on main street will be the next biggest thing.  A nice surprise is that there will be many different costumes, not just one per character which means we’ll be dressing up characters like crazy.


Dressing up the characters also opens up new quests and activities for characters which gives added incentive to get these costumes for the characters.  We got to see Mickey dancing a jig and found out that the costumes will have a major part in the event.  And yes, we now know that it IS an event.


We finally got the reveal that this will be a Nightmare Before Christmas event.  YAY!  There were some doubts but no longer.


We also found out that we would be getting a new event currency, which is great as it means everyone can participate, regardless of your net worth in the magic Kingdom.  This will also help you find out which quests to do for the event.  Just search for the color purple.


We now have a new event hub to give us all of our event info so that we know what we can earn through the event.  It looks like we’ll be getting a costumes, Jack, and friends, with Zero being a gem character to help get us closer to the end of the event.

We also have event goals which let us unlock new things and give us a road map of sorts for what we’ll be unlocking, including new buildings and at the very end we have Oogie Boogie.


There are also fun things to buy!  They also let us know that there will be three packs to purchase to get a great deal so keep an eye out for those!


The event will run right around three weeks, so we should have plenty of time to get everything!


There will be a two part story going on.  Mickey and friends will be setting up for Halloween as well as Jack showing up to try and help out.  Unfortunately, Oogie will be following along to mess everything up.  Oh that guy.


We’ll be getting the Mickey Halloween costume very early which will help to get the event going.  We have now confirmed that Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy will have costumes.

They will also be able to hand out candy and we will want to unlock all the costumes and have all of them hand out candy at the same time.  It should make something amazing happen.

Some costumes will not be available after the event to obtain.

Nightmare Before Christmas – Part Two

We got to see Finklestein’s lab which seems to light up with electricity when kids get on it.  NOT SAFE.  We then got to see some new concessions which can give Haloween themed items.  We also saw Jack’s house and the hilltop which all look really great!


And finally it was revealed that we are getting the Haunted Mansion which people have been DYING for so here you go!  It’s a bit smaller than I thought it would be, but still looks great.



We then got to see some character animations and we got to see Jack be welcomed which is easily one of my favorite welcomes in the game.


We also took a closer look at Zero, who is adorable!


We also saw the spiders.  I will say, I appreciate that they are so big and colorful.  They are very hard to miss.


Sally also looks very lovely.

The characters won’t be welcomable after the event but will stay in your park if you welcome them before end of the event.

We ended with the reminder to make sure that everyone sign up for the Thunderclap event so that everyone can get some gems and a special NBC decoration.

The livestream showed off a lot and I am certainly excited.  I feel like many folks are going to feel a little overwhelmed by this one but I think we can all agree that the fact that chests weren’t mentioned as part of the event was a good thing.  The event begins this Thursday at 11Am!  Who’s Excited?!?!?!


You can still support this DMK event by going to their Official Thunderclap Page

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  1. Thanks for such a detailed recap! I tried to watch it but for some reason, I was not able to watch it live but you made it feel as if I did! You are truly appreciated!

  2. hmm. No mention of new land being opened up? I currently have every available attraction except for Splash Mountain, and 0 decorations, but I’m still not sure I’ll have room for HM, Jack’s house, and the new Halloween concession stand. I may have to remove some of my burger, churro, and hat joints to make room for them.

  3. so much info thank you as always for your post saw in the video goofy will have a wish now wonder what it is cant wait for the event to start!!

    • Halloween Sandwich will be Goofy’s wish activity.

      In the Patch Notes on Facebook, all new wish activities are shown.

  4. Thanks for the post and your website. Now that we hit 40,000, we’ll be able to get more gems. We just need more land for all the NBC attractions.

  5. Every single detail about the update is in the Patch Notes on Facebook. The update will come to iOS & Android in the next 20 hours.

    Tower of Terror will be in Gold & Platinum Chests.

  6. Looks awesome, just very sad that I haven’t been able to welcome Donald yet, so I’m likely going to miss out on his costumes this time around. Cest la vie, no?

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