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Disney Emoji Blitz – Halloween Update

Happy October!  This has really been a crazy week in the Disney mobile game world.  With new games and updates and events and previews for events, I feel like every time I check, there’s something new.  The Disney Emoji Blitz Halloween update actually hit a couple days ago […]

Disney Emoji Blitz -Diamond Boxes

It looks as though Disney Emoji Blitz is finally showing its colors as far as what events will look like for this game.  This evening, the game prompted me upon opening it for the zillionth time today that I could now obtain a Diamond Box using gems.

Disney Magic Kingdoms – Welcome Violet

Another week in The Incredibles event has come and gone.  We’ve fought hordes of bots, invited a speedster into our home and even built some new land and a lovely new obstacle course.  So what does this week’s new character Violet come to the table with?  Let’s take […]