Disney Emoji Blitz Update Coming Soon

I have been playing a lot of Disney Emoji Blitz.  I mean, A LOT!   In fact, I haven’t even written a new post on it in some time as I have been playing it too much.  It is just so addicting.  And while I hate that it is so hard to get all the characters, I also love that it is so hard, because it has kept me playing.  Every new character unlocked feels like a huge accomplishment and that is pretty awesome!


Yet, even though my collection is far from complete, it seems that very VERY soon we will have new emojis to call our own with a new update that has been promised through the Disney facebook page.

Obviously it’s safe to say that Ursula will be joining the team, BUT this has me wondering if more villains will be coming with her as well.  It’s weird that I didn’t even consider that we don’t really have any villains yet until I saw this video.  Perhaps this will be a big update with a lot of villains, or maybe it will just be a small one with a couple of them.  Either way, which villain would you like to see added to the game and what do you hope their power is?  Let me know in the comments!

For More Emoji Blitz, Head Here!

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  1. Yzma, if she isn’t there already (and if Ursula’s new I’m assuming she’s not lol – did not know this was even a thing tbh)

    Her power should be turning everyone into llamas.

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