Disney Emoji Blitz -Diamond Boxes

It looks as though Disney Emoji Blitz is finally showing its colors as far as what events will look like for this game.  This evening, the game prompted me upon opening it for the zillionth time today that I could now obtain a Diamond Box using gems.


Essentially, this box raises the odds that you will get certain characters as opposed to simply trying to get them in a regular old silver box.  Silver boxes are so passe.  So last year.  So 1973.  Was that a good year?  I have no idea.  Where was I?

Essentially, you’ll pay 200 gems, around $5 to open one of these boxes and get a stab at one of these three characters.  This is pretty awesome…if you don’t already have one of these characters.  In an attempt to try this out, I purchased some gems and took a whirl.  I came up short, getting Simba, the one of the three that I already had.  So while this is great if you don’t have any of them, if you do happen to have some of the three, you will be gambling with real money.



What I would love to see in the future is this same idea but with characters that are exclusive to the event.  I am much more likely to go for this box if I don’t already have one or some of the characters and even more so if I can only get them through this box.  Until then, I doubt I will be purchasing any more diamond boxes.  then again, if you have none of these three and some cash to burn or if you’ve been saving up gems, than maybe it is worth it to you.

Since we’re all gathered here, having this little talk around the fire while we sip hot cocoa and tell stories of a better time, I thought I might share my progress.  I’ve managed to obtain a few new emoji’s since last we spoke.

Fozzy has turned out to be one of my favorites as his power is highly useful but also just hilarious to watch.



Nemo is sort of similar to Randall, replacing other emojis with Little Nemos.  Get it, little…Nemos…


Sebastian makes the points fly, but be ready to swipe because it lasts mere seconds.


Sulley, like many silvers, simply helps to clear the board.


I also just got a new high score today.  Hooray!


I’m curious to know where you guys are at with high scores.  I’ve seen some hit the million mark!!! I can’t wait to get there.  It helps that you increase your Blitz Bonus as you level up but some of these level up tasks are getting hardcore, specifically asking me to have female characters, when the game refuses to give them to me.  Equal Opportunity!  Also, I just really want Judy Hopps.

Anyway, let me know your high score in the comments and whether or not you’ll be grabbing a diamond box.  I’m so curious…or as some might call it, nosey.  Emoji OUT!

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  1. I’m not grabbing a diamond box. I’ve already gotten the exact same character four times from the silver box so I certainly am not risking it with actual money. I keep trying for a female character so that I can clear my last level task and move on – not paying gems to get a new task since others are reporting paying the gems and getting the exact same task.

    • I have had pretty good luck with paying gems for a new task, but then again, it could just be good luck.

  2. My high score is only 623,714, but I’m number one on my leader board. Last time I stayed number one on the leaderboard until it refreshed, I got 10,00 coins! I have Mickey, Simba, Ariel, Randall, Bambi, Anna, Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, and Nemo. And I’ve only gotten boy character challenges, how funny that you are getting only girl challenges. I like how it’s a little different for each player, makes it much more interesting to compare notes with other players 😊

  3. I debated getting a diamond box but $5 for only one isn’t really worth it and I don’t have the gems yet. High score so far is 529,335 and I haven’t yet dropped any “real” money on the game. Not sure about other’s experience though but I’m pretty sure that I’m not getting “credit” as expected for each challenge. I’ve counted the number of suns or lightenings etc. and they are not adding up…
    Anyone else having trouble?

    • I have figured out recently that you don’t get credit for a sun or cloud or star unless you actually swipe it. So you will get the points and the coins, but if it is in a task you actually have to swipe it to get credit.

  4. I have Judy and she is actual kind of terrible unfortunately. I think it’s partly her gray color and horizontal orientation so maybe my “blindness” to her. What are the quantities to switch to Blitz and to the character lighting up w power? Have you cracked the code?

    • I have the same problem with Judy because of her color – basically blind to me. Also Dumbo is hard for me to see and Wall-e. I like the red emojis and seem to do best with them.

      • I don’t thought I was the only one struggling to see the characters on the boards. Also some of the color combos of the characters are horrendous and make it hard to play.

  5. My high score is 905,029. I’m currently beyond irritated because I’m stuck on level 19 where I have to get 40 lightning bolts with a red emoji. What the crap is a red emoji?!? I’ve searched high and low on the Internet and can’t figure it out.

    Also, to answer a question above. It doesn’t count for a lightening or sunshine if it gets blast secondary. It has to be the one that you physically move yourself. That might make it look like the numbers aren’t right.

      • Ariel doesn’t work. She’s pretty red. I guess I’ll try for Sebastian. None of the ones in my current arsenal work 😡

  6. That’s a bummer. Tink is my favorite. Just set a new high score with the sweet girl. 1,116,555!!!

  7. My current high score is 1,032,000. Got it while I was waiting to pick up my daughter from dance practice. Lol. You have a lot of emojis I don’t have. My favorite so far is the alien from Toy Story because its power is interactive. It gives you a meter and you have to click it to drop the claw and clear emojis. Which is pretty fun. I was the winner last week with the overall high score which was awesome as it gave me 10,000 free coins!

  8. My highest so far was with fozzie . 1,159,052. I like him a tinkerbell the most so far. I have good luck with high score. I have scored in the millions a few times with tinkerbell. I have noticed some glitches in the game.

  9. I have tink she’s one of my favorites but since I have Ursula.I love her. My highest score so far has been in the 900,000. Not sure exccate number .. Love this game

  10. My current high score is 2,158, 837. I almost consistently get over a million now, but I am also at level 36, so it’s definitely my blitz bonus that is making that happen. My suggestion is saving up gems to change the tasks that are impossible, it will almost always be replaced with a very easy one. Tinkerbell and woody are my favourite by far!

    • Yep…Blitz Bonus is the best! I am on level 30 and I typically get 800,000 or higher right now. Unless I’m not paying attention. Lol. I don’t have Woody yet but I do love Tink too! Maybe I can eat your high score soon. 😉

  11. I’m at level 61. My high score is over 4 million. My best success is with Fozzie or Ursula for gold, and Mike from silver. I succumbed to buying some gems to swap out impossible tasks; where I didn’t have that character. Life is too short to wait. Lol

  12. My current score is 2,704,669 and I am on level 45. I have the emojis Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Pluto, goofy, simba, Timon, pumbaa, Ariel, flounder, Sebastian, mike, sullen, Randall, Bambi, dumbo, tinker bell, the genie, Alice, white rabbit, buzz light year, alien, Kermit,Cinderella,wall-e, stitch,Judy hoops, dory, hank, the beast, belle, pua, abominable snowman,ursela, and jafar. Tinker bell is definitely my favorite.

  13. I’ve only been playing the game for about a month or so. My eldest daughter got me hooked on it. My highest score is a little over a million and my favorite emoji steam boat willie. I thought that using your gems and opening a diamond box you were guaranteed to get an emoji you don’t already have! Much to my astonishment I was wrong! I already have all of the inside out emojis except disgust. So I used my gems and I got joy again! 😫

    P.S. can anyone tell me what an explosion cloud in the middle of the screen means?

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