Disney Magic Kingdoms – Prince Charming is Coming!

Moments ago, Disney Magic Kingdoms released the following imaging with the promise of a new character being revealed on their Instagram page.


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It was very easy, given the carriage in the background, to assume that we were getting a new Cinderella character, and then, moments later, we have the official IG announcement.


So Prince Charming is joining the Kingdom, and given the speed at which Sleeping Beauty showed up, I will bet we’ll see him today or tomorrow at the latest.

Who Else is Coming with Hiim???

The question this leaves us with is, who will be along for the ride?  After all, I can’t imagine an update with only one character added.


I think it’s fairly safe to assume that Cinderella will be coming along.  After all, what’s Prince Charming without her?  I think we could easily get the Prince first and have his quest line to be to find her using the missing shoe.


Fairy God Mother

If there’s one character I can totally see costing gems from this series, it’s the Fairy God Mother?  After all, if anyone can earn tokens for Cinderella faster, it’s her and Bippity Boppity Boo, you’ll pay cold hard cash for her.



I’d be interested to see if any of the infamous mice will show up?  I could see us recruiting them the same way we did with fairies in the Sleeping Beauty update.


Evil Stepmother and Sisters

I definitely think we’ll see the Evil Stepmother, and I think it’s highly possible that her sisters will make an appearance as well.  I’m interested to see if we would have to welcome ALL of them after defeating the Stepmother, as I think it’s safe to assume she will be our main villain this time around.



I think this one is the most unlikely of all the characters to show up, but if he did, I would expect to pay gems for him and he would help us welcome the Stepmother.  But again, I think this is the least likely.


While we wait on baited breath for the update, who else might we see?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I am beyond excited for this one, as Cinderella is my favorite of all time! I heard one of the Cinderella Songs playing in the kingdom a month or so ago and was hoping it was a sign of things to come! I’m ready for a new update. Right now I have nothing to do except gradually keep leveling up my characters.

  2. Sweet! Cinderella definitely deserves a spot in this game, seeing how her castle is already in game. Can’t wait for her, Charming, and the rest of the characters that come with them!

  3. I ain’t mad at it. However, I will be disappointed if we don’t see Aladdin included in the update. I assumed the Aladdin themed attractions were their not-so-subtle hint the cast was next to come. Hopefully we’ll get both.

    Still crossing my fingers for Lilo & Stitch!

  4. I feel like I’m never gonna catch up. I’m still trying to welcome Pete, Eve & Roz. I also have to defeat Zurg. I did start approx 1 month after everyone else, so that may explain it. At least I won’t be twiddling my thumbs waiting for something to happen….

  5. Jaysen…just noticed on my game (maybe you’ve already noticed it and posted about it) but the new movie theater looking building on the main strip that came with the last update, there was a bubble over it with a gem and I clicked and I got a free gem for watching a video…has this been there and I just now noticed or is this new?

  6. Awesome , Bring Lucifer. I am totally ready for the next update I am currently leveling up my characters now, I am building up magic so I’ll have lots of when I need it. I finished all of the incredibles.

  7. Like I really hope seeing all of this!! All of those characters could be added, including the Stepmother as a villain for sure.

  8. I think that the character that will cost gems will be Anastasia because of this points
    – Every ”welcome a ..” mision is individual , and is unlikely that they do a ”Welcome the stepsisters ” mision
    – Out of the two stepsisters , like Merry weather of the 3 sleeping beauty fairies , she have more protagonism in Cinderella 2 and 3 , and , as Merryweather again , she is the funny one out of the two
    – As the 3 sleeping beauty fairies , Lady Tremaine and the stepsisters ( if my speculations are corret ) will have many Dual tasks with each other , most with Drizella , like Maximus with Rapunzel and Flynn , because the two of then spend most of the screen time together
    – And if they recriate the movie like they did with Tangled , I think Drizella will be enough

  9. I am am going crazy waiting for this release!! Hurry Magic Kingdoms!
    Thanks for all the great updates 🙂

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