Disney Magic Kingdoms – The Pirates Update

After a week of build up with all sorts of teasers of what was to come, the Pirates Update dropped like a cannonball into our stormy waters this morning.  At first glance, this update seems minimal, but let’s take a closer look and see what we can uncover in the fast ocean of Disney Magic Kingdoms goodness.  Ahoy matey.  Here, there be monsters!


From the Devs


Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner are all coming aboard in this swashbuckling new update! Discover Tortuga Tavern from the Disney Parks and other Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired attractions and decorations!

• 3 New Characters!
• 30 New Quests!
• 3 New Attractions!
• 4 New Decorations!
• Pirates of the Caribbean Parade Float!
• New Enchanted Chest rewards!
• Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

New Characters

Much like the Cinderella update, this one comes with only a few new characters, but oh how wonderful they are.  The only sad thing about these characters is that it doesn’t seem that they will progress the main story quest by much.  They all look absolutely adorable.  Jack will cost you a pretty penny in gems, BUT he does help with EVERY single item for Will Turner, and I’ve guessing he’ll also play a big part in unlocking Elizabeth as well.


Unlocking Jack Sparrow

Something about bringing this pirate into my Kingdom really brings a smile to my face, and a tear to my wallet.


Loving his hat token though.

Unlocking Will Turner

Here are the quests which will gain Will his items.  It seems that having Jack as well, to everyone’s surprise, Cinderella will help to get him a bit faster as their quests are significantly shorter.



New Incredibles Quests

Much like the fruit cake at Christmas that Aunt Sue brought but no one asked for, and yet they still ate it, every Incredibles character now has more quests to complete.  To some degree I get it.  After the event, they were deemed a bit useless, so it’s nice for them to have something to do.  Yet, I don’t know that it’s particularly warranted.  Either way, I will send these heroes of good into the world to complete, well, whatever strange tasks they feel necessary at this point.


New Attractions

With the update comes three new attractions, two that we already knew about and one that we didn’t.  Two of them, The Kraken, and The Tortuga Tavern, can be bought, though you’ll need to progress in the story to get the Tavern.  The third, the Sea Serpent, appears to be hiding in the chests, BUT at least he is in both the gold AND Platinum.  At least the Kraken is kind enough to help us with getting Pirates into our Kingdom, despite its hefty gem cost.


New Decorations

While most of these will have to be chance grabs from the treasure chests, you can at least buy one new decoration right off the bat!


New Parade Float

Aw yes, what update would be complete without a new parade float to wet our appetites.  This one is a lovely Skull with a pirate hat which chants as it goes.  You can practically hear it saying “Dead Men Tell No Tales” in that creepy voice.  Can’t you?  The float does cost gems, but it will help you land some Pirates tokens.


New Land to Unlock

This one caught me by surprise in two ways.  First off, I was shocked, as I’m sure most will be, that AdventureLand still remains locked tight.  Bummer, BUT, as I was frustratingly trying to find a place to put my buildings so that I could place the new ones, I noticed some land that was conveniently ready to unlock up in TomorrowLand.


Behind the first is another one as well.  This one says that it needs more Toy Story Quests to open at first, but once the one before it was done, yes I sped it up to see what happened, the next one opened up for even more potions.  While it’s not much, it seems to do the trick in opening up enough space so that everything can fit on the board.


New Chest Rewards

The chests are here to stay people!!!  However, for this update I don’t know that that is a bad thing.  After all, every single one helps to open up more tokens for the Pirates characters.  Along with that is the fact that Sea Serpents as well as a couple more decorations that are Pirate Themed seem to be hiding there as well.

Here are the new Chest Rewards:


Final Thoughts

First of all, this is a pricey update.  With most things costing gems and the two new land areas being a pretty penny in potions, this will be an update that drives the heavy potion quantities of most players down a notch and will also have people spending some of those gems they bought in the sales a couple weeks ago.

While I can’t say I’m not disappointed in finding no AdventureLand to be discovered, I can say that I am very happy with what is here.  Pirates are far more interesting to me than another princess and it represents a desire to stay a very balanced game with characters for whatever sort of Disney fan you might be.  The new attractions are really awesome and the new characters are lovingly animated.  At the end of the day, whenever AdventureLand does hit, it’s going to be a MASSIVE update, and I am hopeful that do will come soon.  HOWEVER, I think the opening up of more Tomorrowland could easily be to make way for the next event, which would then open up the remaining three slots there.  Only time will tell, but I’m sure that whatever happens, I’ll be excited for what comes next!

So how about you guys?  How are you feeling about the update?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I am hoping that after a few Will/Jack/Elizabeth quests, the portal opens. There is some green smoke on both sides of it now.

  2. I guess I’ll be the first to admit how very disappointed I was to find that Jack Sparrow was the gemmed character in this new group. Additionally, the pricing is too high on the most interesting aspects (for me, at least), like new land areas & Jack. As my partner so aptly put it, it sure feels like a “cash grab.”

    My enthusiasm for the game was pretty dinged by this update, and I hate that fact. 😞

  3. Loving this update despite the high gem costs, but I’m still trying to get Prince Charming’s tokens from a chest! I would sure love to use him to help with welcoming pirates.

  4. Not thrilled at all with this particular collection but….it’s an update so we’ll move on. A bit concerned that in the screenshots of the new chest contents that I didn’t see any gloves for Prince Charming or Splash Mountain! Am I just not seeing them, or are they not there? I do not yet have Splash Mountain, and I’ve seen comments in some FB groups that there are still folks who haven’t gotten gloves to unlock the Prince so that seems a bit not nice.

      • Still appears for me.
        Trying since Update 3 for Splash Mountain, and now a second attraction to try and get!
        Also, I heard that a few of the premium attractions are available from Chests level Silver & higher.

  5. My thoughts:
    1. Where’s Aladdin?
    2. I Love the inclusion of pirates, but Adventureland should have been open with this update.
    3. I lost some character tokens for characters that were ready to level up. Pretty annoying.
    5. Even though it’s pricey, I don’t mind paying for things here and there. It’ll keep the updates coming.

  6. There’s a sale right now on both Captain Jack and the Krakken Ride. For $9.99, you get Jack and 100 gems. Since the Krakken Ride is now going for 120 gems and you’ll get 16 gems when you unlock Elizabeth, the deal comes down to $9.99 for both Jack and the ride less 4 gems. Not bad.

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with this update, I had this magical dream that adventureland would open up and the main ride would be Pirates of the Caribbean (ya know, THE Pirates of the Caribbean ride, not a Kraken), instead the pirates are here…and there’s no Pirates of the Caribbean ride (cue heartbreak). Also, I have been hardcore saving my gems for Wall E, should I save them for Jack instead? Who do I love more, Jack or Wall E? How can I sleep with this question on my mind?! (and its CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, they got his name wrong) Also, where is Mr. Sexypants James Norrington?!?! ALSO, I love what they did with the chests!! I still have enough fire hydrants to start a small army but at least I have a chance of getting some gem attractions now, WOOT WOOT.

  8. I’m glad The Incredibles are becoming credible once again, but I wish they gave something besides experience and potions. It would be nice if their quests could yield tokens for other characters. But, with the high potion cost for more land in Tomorrowland, I guess it will help.

    All-in-all, I wish I’d started playing this game sooner… I still haven’t welcomed Minnie, Donald, Zurg, any Tangled characters, or any Sleeping Beauty characters. Now I have also have to work on Pirates. At least it’s not a limited time event, so I don’t feel quite so rushed.

    • I got the game in March, but for some reason my game progressed really slowly. I got Minnie in July, I’ve only had Flynn and Rapunzel since the end of August, and the Sleeping Beauty characters since last week (luckily they’re all pretty easy to get so now I only have Prince Phillip left). I’m still working on Donald and I literally got Zurg yesterday so you’ll get them soon! Have fun!

  9. I was excited until I realized I have a mountain of goals before I even want to think of pirates. I needed another week at least to get comfortable before an update. And I really don’t want to spend real money. I did it once and still feel bamboozled. I’m noticing that my friends who have just started are going at a lightning pace, just like you said they would. Loyalty doesn’t pay. Now I’m just sad after typing this.

  10. Am I the only one who noticed that the Incredibles quests are the exact same ones they had during the event? I remember because I got Frozone just in time to battle Syndrome so I never got to his story quests before the end. The only difference is that we’re getting them all at once as opposed to once in a while since all characters have been welcomed. I’m hoping this means it’ll eventually lead to re-unlocking Syndrome, the Omidroid City, and the Incredibles float which are the only things I didn’t get to in time in the event.

    • I thought the same thing! I was thinking it was maybe for people who hadn’t been able to unlock them before, but my mom (who is new to the game) couldn’t unlock them…

  11. I wonder if mickey and the gang will have costume variants in different areas of the park or if they are just going to fade into uselessness as the game progresses.

    As for adventure land, all i care about is that when it finally opens, the tiki room is included.

    • In the notes on their facebook page, they said players who started or completed would see them again. I noticed that before even reading it.

  12. If you don’t already have Fantasy Fairway Golf or Jet Packs those are both in gold and platinum chests now. Jet Packs is also in silver chests.

  13. Theres a large ship with a pirate flag clearly visible just on the other side of Gothel’s portal, and Will Turner’s first quests vocalize that he’s looking for a ship. I’m really hopeful that once we complete all the new Pirate quests, it will unlock Adventure Land and everyone complaining so hard about this update will feel like total jerks! These are the dreams that keep me going.
    But overall I’m obsessed with this game and can’t get enough. I check up on it all day long, and spend so much time and effort on my park that I don’t mind paying for the premium characters and attractions. I’m happy to contribute to the developers paychecks, especially if it means that new updates will continue rolling out. I love this game! Keep up the great work, DMK!

      • I saw the pirate ship last night with the Jolly Roger, but it wasn’t visible this morning. I think you’re right and that the Pirates quests will lead to opening Adventureland. I’m up to Level 3 with Jack and Will so maybe something will happen when I get all 3.

    • I’m totally with you, Chris! I’m also hoping that the pirates quests will lead to the opening of Adventureland! Because that would make perfect sense! 😀

  14. I want to enjoy the new update, but I opened the game right after it was updated and have had a message that says “file tampering detected. Reset the app to play again, and contact customer service.” I can still collect magic and experience from attractions, but I have to tap on them, they don’t just immediately register. I can’t send any characters on any quests, and the message hasn’t gone away in 24 hours. I never did anything that would get myself banned. It seems like no one else has this issue and it’s getting very annoying

  15. Just a heads up. Before the patch, I can still get tokens for characters that in progress of welcoming. After the patch it seems that it doesn’t work anymore, not too sure whether it’s intentional or it’s a bug from GL side. For those who haven’t install the patch, advisable to level up affected characters (those with increased requirements to level up). Oh yea, there’s apparently a gem pack for Jack Sparrow, don’t rush buying him.

  16. My overall reaction to this update is mixed. I’m not spending real money on this game, so patience is important. But even without spending money I had already recruited ever character in the game save for Wall-E and Maximus, so I have a pretty large number of resources ready to spend. And since the next update is probably months off, I may be all caught up by then.

    I like what has been added well enough. I would like to see more rides and characters that are actually featured in the real parks, but that’s not new to this update. I’m don’t like the addition of the chests from the last mini-update, but at least some items of actual value have been added to them. I actually need a lot of Jolly Roger tokens, so I don’t groan when I see a bronze chest anymore. I used to get 6 or 7 of these a day and there was never anything useful in them. Now, I actually need them.

    The big disappointment is the land. I am excited to get some more real estate in Tomorrowland. After the Incredibles event, there are a lot of attractions with purple bases that clearly belong there, but not enough land to squeeze them all in. Even with the two new areas, you won’t be able to fit everything in. They need to get with the program and open the rest of TL up.

    Since Adventureland is not open, I wonder if it would have made more sense to save the Pirates characters until that land is ready. We now have a few attractions with bases that clearly belong in a part of the park that remains sealed off. At least they aren’t purple so they don’t scream out that they are in the wrong area, but still… I don’t know why they are being so stingy about opening up more land. At the rate they are going, it may be a year before the placement of attractions makes any thematic sense.

    But I am a patient person. I can wait. Eventually, I will have what I want in my park and be able to put it where it belongs. And I won’t spend a dime to do it.

  17. I finally got Will unlocked, now I’m working on Elizabeth, really wish Jack wasn’t a gemmed character, but it can’t be helped I guess. I wish Maleficent would show up more, but I still love this game 🙂

  18. There’s a new Striking Gold Mini Event. Tap on buildings and do quests that have gold coins on them to orogrsss in the event (this is the 12th Striking Gold since DMK’s launch)

  19. I have totally maxed out ALL of the characters except Jack Sparrow! Jack is currently on level 5 & Swann/Will max out on Level 6 (FYI) All lands are open but still no pirate ship area access. Add me as a social at: TLCETC0731

  20. I have Will. I am so bad with the game and I have school. I am only to Randall and Flynn. I got Prince Charming with the new update, and was so excited!!! I can get Cinderella, and I got her slipper on my second try! I was REALLY surprised, because everybody says that Donald is so hard to get. I just need her ears token. So close for Randall, and I feel awesome since I got Magic Carpets of Aladdin with barely enough magic.

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