Disney Magic Kingdoms – Jumping Back In

This may come as a shock to you, but here goes.  I, Jaysen Headley, do not constantly play Disney Magic Kingdoms.  I am not part of the ‘Million Potions Club,’ nor do I have every character leveled up to 10.  I am not ranked on the leaderboards in any respectable place and I do not have a farm of Churros.  This is due to two big reasons.  The first is that there hasn’t been an update to the game in a while.


I’m not complaining by any means.  I’m a firm believer that the longer something takes, the better it will be in the end.  I also play A LOT of Disney games in order to keep this blog as fresh and interesting as possible.  Because of these two reasons, I’ve been very lack in DMK as of late.  My happiness in the game has dropped.  Chests are running rampant and characters are wandering around as lost as my Mother the day after Christmas.  But this weekend I’m jumping back in, and I’m here to tell you why this is the perfect time to do so in case you, like me, have fallen off the Goofy driven wagon.

Bots and Happiness

If you happened to only be checking your game once a day or so, you might have lost a lot of happiness.  In fact, when I went to check things a couple days ago, my happiness had dropped to the point of not even being able to run parades.  Yikes!  Can you imagine if that happened at the real Disney parks?  “Sorry kids, we can’t run the Festival of Fantasy due to too many children not getting to meet Mickey today.”

But here’s the good news.  This weekend, the bots are back!  Okay, maybe you don’t think bots are good news, but consider that the rewards for participating in this one yield some high amounts of happiness.


Especially at the higher levels, 15 and 20 happiness can go a long way to getting you back in tip top shape.  Not only is this a good way to boost your happiness over the weekend, but consider that you’ll want to have those extra perks when the new update drops sometime in the very near future.

Time for a Remodel

I get it.  Perhaps you’re tired of the same old thing.  Blah blah Toon Town.  Blah Blah, Tomorrowland.  Well, now, before the update hits and we get all manner of new attractions and characters, it’s time to remodel your park.  Try out a new design.  Make the old new again.


We know at least one new attraction is coming, and many believe this will be a pretty big update so why not get things set the way you always wanted them now before it’s time to add.  If you’re like me, you also have A LOT of extra decorations.  Put those to use and make your park awesome.  Decorations contribute to how many guests come to your park and they make the whole thing seem more you.  Stop by your friends’ parks as well to get inspiration!

Unlock that Last Thing you Didn’t Get

Maybe you waited on Sword in the Stone or another high priced item because there were so many other things waiting for you to buy them.  Now’s a great time to pick that last bit or bob up to complete your collection.  After all, once an update hits, chances are your potions are going to be pulled in a million different directions.  Why not get that pretty thing you’ve been eyeing now before there are twenty things you want and can’t decide?


Level Up Your Characters

The best time to level characters is when you have nothing better to do.  Gameloft has already said that higher level characters will be important in the future, so make sure to start sending folks off to earn some levels now while you don’t desperately need them to find rum bottle tokens…provided we are getting Pirates that is.  When I jumped back in, I had tons of characters just waiting to be leveled.  Now is a good time to get that silliness out of the way.  After all, they’ll be one less thing to obstruct your view of the bots while they’re hiding in the castle.


Defeat Mother Gothel

Many folks still haven’t finished up the main quest.  If indeed Adventure Land does open up, you’re going to need to have beaten Mother Gothel to peak your head in.  Now’s as good a time as ever.  Finish up the main story so you’re ready for whatever invades our Kingdom next.  Pirates?  Cars?  Peter Pan?  More CHESTS???  Best be ready for anything.


Join the Community!

I talk about this a lot with DMK, but I want to broaden that scope today.  The Disney Mobile gaming community is AMAZING!  My favorite part about all these games has been getting to know so many awesome people.  I totally recommend following DMK official on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can also join one of many amazing Facebook groups that I recommend:

Club DMK
Disney Magic Kingdoms
Disney Magic Kingdoms Fans


What’s more is that I’ve just started up a Disney Mobile Games Community of Facebook with the lovely @AGeekyChick, who does some phenomenal videos on Disney Magic Kingdoms and other games.  Feel free to join the conversation with us and talk about ANY or ALL of your favorite Disney Mobile Games by signing up HERE.  Even if we’re not the group for you, know that there are lots of ways to meet other like minded gaming friends and they’re only a click away.  From great Facebook Groups which I’ve mentioned here before to Twitter to Instagram, new friends are just waiting to be made.  I strongly recommend it!


So how are you preparing for the Update?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I have spent this downtime leveling all characters, I’m down to Cinderella who I need a few more slippers and then I can be at level 10 for her, and collecting bots and waiting impatiently haha for some new updates…hope they come soon

    • Holy Smokes, a Cinderella at lv 10! I have been at an even pace with the game myself. I need Wall-E, Zurg, and Donald to be lv 10. Rapunzel and Flynn and working their way slowly to lv 10, as well as Fauna (all at lv 8). With getting people to lv 10, I’ve been always stuck at having to judge whom to level next. I like getting characters to lv10, but at the same time I gotta focus on the lower level characters as well. Once they hit the 8-16hour leveling up mark, I focus on the lv10 characters. Incredibles Event was a huge setback, but I had fun with every min of the event, even the terrible bots! They came with some awesome prizes. Good luck to everyone with their DMK Journey. 🙂

  2. Since I got a late start in the game, there has been no downtime for me. I have 19 characters at level 10, and I’m working on the main story lines while trying to level up another 8. I haven’t even gotten to the starting point of the Sleeping Beauty or Tangled sections yet.

    I’m glad you mentioned remodeling. As of late, I’ve had to place attractions in completely random areas just because that’s where they’d fit. I hope to “store” everything in the near future so that I end up with a blank slate and start setting things where I want them. I’ve still only uncursed the first part of Fantasyland, so I’m still somewhat limited in space, but hoping that changes soon.

  3. I like Jonathan got a late start and also haven’t had any down time. I just got into Fantasyland so I have a lot to get done. I only have two character at 10 and I’m not even leveling anyone one unless I need to for a quest. I like you FB page and reading these articles. Thank you.

  4. I’m pretty sure that the next characters will be from Peter Pan. If you look at the teaser picture above, that looks like the shadow of Tinkerbell in the 3 o’clock position with Wendy, Michael and John in the 5-7 o’clock positions. There are still a lot of unopened sections surrounding Small World and Space Mountain. Wonder when those will open up as well.

  5. For the past two weeks, I’ve been doing almost nothing but getting my characters to 10 and maintaining happiness. All my characters are either already 10, or else are 9 with all requirements for 10 already met. So I’ve basically been logging in once a day to level the next one on my list. Whereas before I would always choose the 60 minute task for each character, to maximize potions, now I’m choosing the longest possible task, just to kinda get them to leave me alone for the day. My interest in the game is certainly waning, so I hope this update comes soon and is as big as we’re all expecting, to get me interested in playing more frequently again.

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