Disney Magic Kingdoms – Pirates and New Attractions Confirmed!

Welp it looks like the cat’s out of the bag, or in this case, the Rum bottle is out of the ship?  Hmm, not sure either is correct, but either way, we now have confirmation that two new attractions as well as at least two Pirates of the Caribbean characters are headed to the magic kingdom!  Let’s take a look.


New Attractions

First up, we have last week’s release of the Sea Serpent Swing which comes complete with some lovely splash effects and a really fun dragon!  I think I loved most about this that it was not in any way what any of us were expecting.  It’s nice to know that despite rumors, leaked files and opinions, we can all still be surprised by something!  LOVE IT!

As of moments ago, we now also know that The Kraken will also be making an appearance.  I really love the look of this ride for some reason.  it’s just so over the top.  I think it will make a fine addition to my kingdom indeed!  Plus, with the release of the Sea Serpent, I feel as though I am now collecting scary sea monsters, and I love collecting things!

New Characters – Jack and Elizabeth

Aw but there’s more.  In a much more subtle way, Gameloft has also released a little teaser of two new characters who can be seen in the above video joyously dancing around the fire.


i know some folks have expressed not wanting Pirates characters to join the fray, BUT I am just going to out myself as someone who is extremely excited.  I LOVE Pirates of the Caribbean.  The ride, the movies, Jack Sparrow.  For all their flaws, I am a huge fan of this franchise and, as I said before, bringing in Live action characters only opens the door for my to welcome Spider-Man and Kylo Ren to my Kingdom someday.  I am all for it!

In honor of this news, here are some Pirate jokes for your enjoyment:

  • where do pirates keep their cookies?……. in a jarrrr!!!!
  • What’s a pirate’s favorite country? ……….AARRRRGGHentina!
  • What’s a pirate’s favorite letter of the alphabet? ……….arrrr

Don’t worry guys, I’ve got plenty more!

So what do you guys think of these new attractions and characters?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. So excited for the update! Also wanted to share my husband’s favorite pirate joke, which is similar to your third one.
    “What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?” “aarrrrr”
    “You’d think so, but it’s actually the sea.”

  2. And I was so sure that it was Peter Pan characters. But I love the Kraken and the animation on Jack and Elizabeth looks nice.

  3. The Facebook comments was good to remind me that next week is Talk Like a Pirate Day. I’m sure this release has nothing to do with that 😉

    I’m excited for new characters! I’m about to welcome Prince Philip and then I was just going to be working towards levelling characters (hopefully sometime in the next year I’ll welcome Donald, whom I’ve been working on for a month solid. I thought getting Zurg was hard but he’s got nothing on Donald. Just while trying to collect his hats and ears, I’ve welcomed Zurg, Fauna, Flora, Aurora, Prince Charming and Cinderella. It seems like the drop rates on his items are AWFUL.)

    • omg Donald was nuts to get!!!! I’m with you I welcomed all of the sleeping beauty characters, charming and cinderella before Donald decided to show his beak in my kingdom.

      • I have yet to get charming. His gloves just won’t drop. And I’m working on Aurora and Donald at the same time and am actually closer to Donald than Aurora. The game hates me I think since it rarely drops anything for me.

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