Disney Magic Kingdoms – Welcome Dash

The wait is over!  You all made it.  Give yourselves a pat on the back.  So now that we are to the second phase of our welcome the Incredibles party, let’s take a look at what’s new and different this week.



Right out of the gate, I think something I sort of expected but didn’t expect enough was that Dash would be a bit harder to get that Mrs. Incredible who was literally force fed to us.  I don’t mind this though.  Consider that between Mrs. Incredible and Dash, we had a 4 day wait period, but now we will wait for Violet for 7 days.  Just like anything in this game, the difficulty and time constraints were sure to be raised with each new character in this event.  Either way, below you will find the requirements for Dash and the missions that will earn you his tokens.  It’s also interesting to note that several of the characters who had shorter 6-8 minute quests, now yield Dash tokens.  My guess is that by the end of this event, all of those shorter quests will be shelling out Incredible tokens of some kind.



After You Recruit Dash

(NOTE:  I used some gems to speed up the process in order to report here.  Even without gems, you should easily be able to accomplish all of this before Violet becomes available.)


Once Dash is recruited, you’ll get some new quests from him and eventually be able to open up a new piece of land.  The good news is that it only costs 750 potions!  The bad news is that it does take two hours to unlock, but given some of the later 24 hour wait times, this is not so bad at all.




And this lady shows up to make us feel about getting land.


You’ll also be given a new robot quest.  This time around you’ll need to kick 75 of them out, BUT they will only respawn every 30 minutes, as opposed to every 3 minutes.  This one looks to be the quest that will take us the longest this week.


New Attraction

As expected, Dash eventually comes with a new building.  This time around, we get the obstacle course so that Dash can start training.  Below, you will see that the building costs 6,000 Incredicoins.  It will take 6 hours to construct, but at least you’ll have some shiny new land to place it on!



New Promo

Today also comes equipped with a new promo.  I don’t know that I would initially think that this is a great deal, but seeing as how Dash sucks up more Incredicoins that we’ve had to spend on anything thus far (Including level 10 Mrs, Incredible) it seems that maybe it is a good deal.  Would I buy this over any attraction or character?  No, BUT if you are looking for extra gems and coins at a cheaper cut, this isn’t too shabby.


Some FAQ’s

Here at the blog, I get asked many of the same questions over and over, so here now I’d like to try and answer at least a couple of those.

Will the Incredibles be available after the Event?

YES!  But we don’t know when exactly.  It’s possible that they will go away for a while and then become available at a later date.  Gameloft has said that the easiest, fastest way to get them is through this event.  My guess is that when they return, their tokens will have a far smaller drop rate and may cost much more, so just do yourself a favor and get them now.

Is Frozone worth buying?

So far I would say YES.  He has been very valuable in unlocking and leveling characters so far and I always think that extra characters are worth it.  Plus, I’m willing to bet he’ll only become more useful as this event continues.

Will I lose all my Incredibles after the event?

NO!  If you’ve welcomed a character or built an attraction, you get to keep them.  No questions asked.  End of story.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  As I progress with Dash this week, I’ll make sure to update you here with new buildings, interesting quests and the best ways to level him up quickly.  Until then, keep questing and fighting evil!  Both in game and in real life.

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  1. Thank you for continuing to write great articles about DMK. I am glad you finish all the quests before I do so I have a place to look ahead and plan my strategy. I also enjoy reading your opinions on what’s coming in the future. Keep it up!

  2. I have tried over and over to find where I can unlock dash I’ve completed all quest got all his items and now it is telling me to go online and welcome. No where I’ve gone has been able to answer this I’ve seen the question several times but no answer as others have asked the same. Please help .

    • I’ve answered it a few times in these comments. But one more time for good measure :-). It means your device needs to be online. Close the game fully and then make sure your device is online. Then try again. If all else fails, restart your device.

      • Lol thank you. I did think that and device is online and restarted phone to. That’s why I asked. I am sorry I didn’t see where you answered it. Frozone and dash both was there. I left come back and they are dark like dad and sis. After opening. But thank you for answering again.

        Thank you, Kelly Grimmett 336-317-6918 ________________________________

      • No its not 😞 they were lit up but when I went back to welcome them they were dark and wouldn’t let me. Keeps saying that I need to go online. Everything else is working but those two. I bought Fro took my gems but didn’t produce him. I was finally able to get through to send in ticket to gameloft also. I was hoping you may would be able tell me smth else. But thank you so much for help. Seems I’m not meant to play this game. Lol I’ve had issues since beginning but they’ve been able help for most part on those so hopefully will be able help here as well. I’m happy I found your blog you’ve helped me faster with some other things than waiting for them to answer or finally get back to me on. I look forward to reading more of them. Thank you for help with this.

        Thank you, Kelly Grimmett 336-317-6918 ________________________________

      • No prob. If you have Twitter I would tweet to them as well as that seems to help get through a bit faster.

      • That fix has worked for most people. So I have two more solutions for you. 1) download the update that went live today. If that still doesn’t work, contact customer care. They should be able to sort you out. Hope it gets fixed soon 😦

  3. What are incredible quests?When I go to unlock Dash it says that complete incredible quests first!!What Should i do??

  4. Anyone having difficulty leveling up Dash? Does the ability to level up the Incredibles go away now that the event is over? Mrs. Incredible seems to be working OK for now.

    • Yes, only Dash is not working for me. All others (Mr, Mrs, Violet and Frozone) can be leveled up. For Dash, I am missing 4 hats and when clicking on the hat, it says ” Complete more story quests to unlock more characters and attractions”. He is at level 9.

  5. Im having an issue with Dash again. He is the only incredibles character that i still had at level 8 The others are at level 9 or 10 so no collecting would be required once the upgrade process is started. But i just decided to upgrade dash and i do not have the option to send characters on quests to earn trophies.

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