Disney Magic Kingdoms – Welcome Violet

Another week in The Incredibles event has come and gone.  We’ve fought hordes of bots, invited a speedster into our home and even built some new land and a lovely new obstacle course.  So what does this week’s new character Violet come to the table with?  Let’s take a look and find out.


(NOTE:  I used some (A LOT OF) gems to speed up the process in order to report here.  Even without gems, you should easily be able to accomplish all of this before Mr. Incredible becomes available next week.)


Violet comes with some hefty requirements and one token in particular that takes an hour to get and is need of 25.  The upside is that several characters fulfill this task.  You can pretty much throw your entire Kingdom into the effort of recruiting dear old Violet.



Believe it or not, her hat, which only takes 8 minutes to get provided the most trouble for me.  It seems to drop 1 in 10 times and only from Dash, which makes sense given that it is Rare.  As of writing this, I still have not seen one drop from Goofy or Daisy. (EDIT: Goofy dropped one.  Way to slack Daisy.)


I found that the Obstacle Course had the best drop rate for the head bands, though this could be purely by chance.


After You Recruit Viloet

MORE BOTS!  Yes, you heard me right.  After finally getting Violet you’ll be treated to more bots.  However, this one isn’t so bad.  At 10 Bots per respawn and only 3 minutes to wait, I think I can handle this bot quest.


You’ll also be treated to some family bonding time as Violet joins the team and everyone works on training a bit more.  I can’t shake the feeling that we’ve done an awful lot of training in the past few weeks.


As a side note, Violet and Dash training together is one of the most spastic crazy things in the game.  Seriously, I thought my game was glitching the first time I saw them running around like crazy people.


Once you make a little progress, it’s time to open up some new land.  At 1,500 potions, this is the most expensive of these three, and why wouldn’t it be?  With only a 2 hour wait, you’ll have a fully functional area next to California Screamin’ in no time.


New Attraction

This week The Incredibles finally have a place to hang their costumes with the addition of the Incredibles house.  But seriously, the fact that the little kid on a bike rides around it makes my world complete.  You’ll be sending Frozone to visit and the kids to have game night.



New Promotion

We’ve got a new promotion to wet our appetites.  Does anyone else get this overwhelming sense that Incredicoins are going to get very high in demand soon?


Striking Gold…Again

Looks like we’re back to searching for gold coins for yet another week.  For me, this has become the last thing on my mind as we race to level up characters, open up bits of the park and be ready for the next addition to The Incredibles.  How about you guys?


Hotfixes Out This Week

1 – The Bot Timer issue was fixed…for iOS at least.  This means that anyone playing on an Apple device will not be waiting 6 days for bots anymore.  Yay!  Android and Windows will probably see this update sometime this week

2 – Also fixed for iOS is the “Waiting” issue, in which characters were getting stuck while attempting to do tasks.  NO MORE!

Tips and Tricks from the Devs

Here are some nice easy to follow guides from the Devs for getting started in this event!



That’s it for this week.  Let me know how you guys are faring and what you think of the event so far. Who’s excited to get the head of the family himself next week??

Want more DMK?  Go Here!

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  1. I’ve actually had really good luck with the Violet ears so far. After only 2.5 hours (I’m on the West Coast) I already have 14 of the 20 and both Daisy and Dash are dropping consistently (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself). Maybe the game is making up for taking weeks – WEEKS – to give me all of the ears to unlock Donald. That was painful.

    I agree on more or less ignoring the gold coin challenge. Priorities, people.

    • i’m pretty sure the drop rate changes with respect to how many ears you have because the first 10 took me a week but the last 5 took me like 1 1/2 weeks….Disney is pretty smart.

  2. First of all, I am definitely not participating in the gold coin challenge, there is too much work out there.

    Concerning unlocking Violet, I find it pretty easy and fair with the tokens. I constantly get ears from Goofy, and I have every hour, 4 headbands (3 people and the attraction) so Violet should be unlocked very soon.

    Problem is the Incredibles (currency) ! I play a lot this game and I have like 18000 Incredibles. Then I find out that 12000 will be in Violet and then 10500 in the Incredibles House, so now I need to play every minute with Mickey to collect Incredibles. Except that, the event has been pretty fair so far and I hope it will continue to be.

    Those blogs are awesome, rock on mate 🙂

  3. With the gold coins, I only send my characters to one of those if I don’t have something else that I need dropped on (or if I’m dealing with a certain period of time away and it matches up). Probably about halfway to getting to welcome Violet.

    Is anyone else feeling an overwhelming need to go watch the movie every time they play?

  4. Thanks Jason . Really enjoy your writing and appreciate you spending gems to give us info on what’s ahead.

    Do you know what happens to your incredibles currency at the end if the event? I look like I’ll have a fair bit.

  5. Hi Jason.
    Thanks so much for writing and spending gems to show us what is ahead.

    Do you know what will happen to saved incredibles currency at the end of the event?

    Thanks jo

  6. Any update on the last quest on her track before we get the option to wait for mr incrediable? Thanks

    • You will get a quest which involves tapping bots, sending Dash and Violet to do one task together while Mrs. incredible does another. All three objectives are part of the quest and the quest is not complete until all objectives are met. That is the last. Sorry I didn’t get he quest names 😦

      • Mrs. Incredible’s is “Calling a Friend”. I don’t remember what the siblings’ one was named, but it was for them to play each other in Checkers at the Incredible House.

  7. I completely over-stressed myself with last week’s coin challenge, and ended up taking the #5 slot, for a reward of 25 gems. It put me over the threshold to finally unlock Rex, but seriously that was too much for me. It got to the point where I wasn’t putting my phone down, and would wake up with a start in the middle of the night and open the app to collect the coins and send the characters back for more. Significantly not worth the higher blood pressure. When I saw the new coin challenge this week, I immediately said “NOPE”, not this time. 🙂

  8. So do I need to be online to get the ears for frozone? I feel like the only time they drop is when I’m connected to the wifi and I wasn’t sure if this was a bug or that was actually how it works

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