Marvel Tsum Tsum – Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Tsum Tsum is already putting every other Disney game I cover on this site to shame by releasing new characters a mere week after its release.  Today we got a lovely little In-App update filled with some favorite characters of mine along with news of our next epic battle!  Let’s take a look.


Luckily, these characters will have higher drop rates so you’ll be able to snag your favorites before long if your diligent about playing!  Let’s get to know our new lovable balls of chain linking destruction.

Guardians of the Galaxy


All of these powers seem pretty cool with the exception of Drax.  In Disney Emoji Blitz, Ana has a similar power and I find it to be utterly useless.  Groot will be great for making huge chains and Star-Lord will be your new best friend when it comes to getting 85 bombs in under a minute.  Seriously, these Missions are getting hateful!

New Battle Incoming

We also got a sneak peek at the next Tsum Tsum we’ll be battling for domination today with the reveal of Green Goblin.


The battles have quickly become one of our favorite aspects of the game.  Carl and I enjoy playing together in hopes of unlocking higher levels for our villains.  I also like the variety it adds to the gameplay.

I am super excited for these new additions, but I think even if you aren’t, you should be excited to be playing a game that is throwing new things at us mercilessly.  I hope this attention to updates continues as it will give me a lot of reason to stay around.  Often times, the games I cover here go dark for a while and then I’m left not even touching them on my phone.  An update a week keeps the boredom away.  That’s what I like to say anyway.

ANYWAY, which Guardian are you hoping to protect the Galaxy with?  Who do you hope you get first?  And most importantly, how do you like the game???  Let me know in the comments!!!

For My First Impressions of Marvel Tsum Tsum, head HERE!

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