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Belle’s Comfy Outfit, Fighting the Virus and Welcoming Vanellope – Disney Magic Kingdoms

As we near the end of the Wreck-It Ralph event, it seems that things are starting to heat up.  We’ve got viruses to fight, heroes to welcome and, most action-packed of all, pajamas to sew.  Dun Dun DUUUUUUN!  Today we’ll be follow off of my last post as […]

DMK: Bots – An Analysis

As a New Yorker, I’ve become acutely aware of vermin.  We’re always careful about bed bugs, always on the lookout for roaches and of course, nothing quite compares to the sight of one of the dog-sized rats that roam the subways and sewers.  Yet, in all my years […]

Disney Magic Kingdoms – Welcome Violet

Another week in The Incredibles event has come and gone.  We’ve fought hordes of bots, invited a speedster into our home and even built some new land and a lovely new obstacle course.  So what does this week’s new character Violet come to the table with?  Let’s take […]