Happy Birthday and Thank You – Disney Magic Kingdoms

A year ago today, something pretty magical happened.  Most of us didn’t know each other yet, but that was all about to change with the release of Disney Magic Kingdoms, a game that would bring us Disney gamers together in droves.  I recall being pretty excited for the game and when it launched I immediately jumped in, ready to welcome Mickey and pals to the Kingdom.  As I thought about the fact that it’s been a year since this all started, I decided to go back and look at everything we’ve gone through together this past year.  Let’s take a look, shall we?


A Look Back

On day one, I wrote my first post about the game, in which I noticed I did a lot of complaining about wait times.  It’s comforting to know that some things never change.  I did, however, finish on a hopeful note.

The game is adorable and brimming with color.  Because of the simple nature of the game, anyone can play it.  I see a lot of potential in this game and seeing as how both Disney and the developer Gameloft seem to support their games heavily, I think we’re only seeing the very surface of what this game has to offer.  Clicking around the dark portals at the exterior of the map, I see the words “Coming Soon” quite often and that gives me high hopes for the future.  I imagine as you unlock more heroes, you’ll get to see even more of the park and then be able to do even more fun things.  I like the idea of villains and a bit of story and it all seems pretty cute an entertaining so far.

In any case, I recall being excited to get started and welcome a whole bunch of youngsters into the Kingdom, feed them unhealthy snacks and force every hat imaginable upon them.


As time progressed, we slowly unlocked the world, defeating one curse at a time.


We also unlocked a whole lot of characters, and keep in mind this was all before we had events or time-limited anything.


And before long, we encountered our first fight with a dastardly villain, driving Pete off so that we could adventure onward into Tomorrowland.


It wasn’t long before we got our first update and the world of Fantasy Land opened up to us, along with characters from Sleeping Beauty.


And as we tried desperately to defeat Zurg and welcome Donald and progress towards the last portal, Gameloft would drop their first ever event at our feet.  Now seeming like a very long time ago, The Incredibles was the first time we had to collect things quickly in hopes of achieving all the characters and attractions in a matter of days.


But we persevered and collected them together, just barely grabbing Syndrome before the end.  Not long after that would be the most controversial update, the Cinderella update in which chests would be introduced to a very mixed reaction.


Pretty soon, our Kingdom would get quite sea worthy with the introduction of Captain Jack Sparrow and friends.


The holidays were already creeping up on us and much to my excitement, we were gifted with our second event, The Nightmare Before Christmas.


We fought off Oogie Boogie just in time to have another villain overtake the Kingdom and snow covered the land for the holiday season.


As we entered the new year, we made sure to celebrate the lunar festival, by welcoming Mulan and friends.


Which leads us to today and the most recent update as we quickly try to collect Belle, Beast and the rest.


Thank You!

If you had told me a year ago that this little game would become the central focus of my blog I never would have believed you.  And though we make a lot of jokes on this blog, be it about zombie Gaston or how often characters need to “Make a Plan” or about how many benches we all have, I want to take a moment to be completely serious.

As I sat around a table with some friends last night, discussing the fact that I would be writing about the year anniversary of DMK, I said this:  “The game is not that special.  It’s really just a game about sending characters to collect things.  Games like this are a dime a dozen.”  That’s something I mentioned in my VERY first post about DMK.  So why have I stuck with it this long?

It’s you!  It’s because of all of you!  I have met so many outstandingly awesome people through this game.  This game has enabled me to talk with and connect with folks from all over the world.  From a young man in Singapore who reached out as a fan early on, (thanks Evan!) to my fellow admins over at the Disney Mobile Games group (Big hugs Heather and Laurie) I have had the chance to hear from fans all of the world, and I owe all of that to Disney Magic Kingdoms.  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for going on this crazy, chest-opening, bench-collecting, character-unlocking, plan-making, villain-fighting adventure with me!

And finally, to Gameloft, thank you for your love, support, retweets and kind words.  This literally isn’t possible without you guys.  Thank you for tolerating my jokes and late night messages.  I appreciate you guys more than you will ever know.

Okay, sentimental moment over.  We’ve got work to do!  We’ve still got to collect Belle and defeat Gaston.  We’ve got potions and gems to collect, quests to complete, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, someday we’ll fight our way past that last green portal.  Roll up your sleeves friends.  It was a wild year, but something tells me the next one is going to be even more amazing.



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  1. Happy birthday DMK. THANK YOU Jaysen for all your hard work with this blog. It has really enhanced my enjoyment of the game. Apart from DMK it’s been great to read your stories and other postings too. I’m enjoying being a virtual passenger on your life journey too. So this message is just as much about thanking you as it is about praising Gameloft & Disney…..☺️X
    ps. for newbies trying to welcome & level up Donald, know that it took me the best part of a year. I’ve replaced that horror with Elsa (only 40 of each item needed)..😂

  2. Thanks so much Jayden for a great year! Hope you’re also enjoying the Tiki Room as much as I am. Great addition, although I’ve had to put both Aladdin attractions in storage to make room for the new additions.

  3. I’m honestly not sure what I like more, the game or your blog!

    I didn’t find DMK a year ago, I started after we took a family trip to Disney World last May. I didn’t recall loving Disney so much until that trip. I was sure after downloading the game (which I thought was going to be for my daughter) that I must be the only adult playing. And, why am I playing a game? I don’t game. I have things to do. I can’t be searching for friends!? I have friends. Friends who I rarely get to see because I’m busy damn it!

    I needed insight and stumbled on your blog. I really enjoy your musings, even though you left us for Florida, and I even read your crazy interesting (or crazy, interesting- both work) Kingdoms stories.

    I’m loving these rewards and this event- the Tiki Room, my platinum chest gift dropped the Mad Hatters Tea cup ride, I won one of the croissant stands in the golden rose award contest… I had to bench my Evil benches (I like benches, a kids gotta sit or that burger will wind up all over her shirt!), but I’m not complaining. These Gameloft people know how to put together a birthday party goodie bag!

    Thanks for the DMK info and for sharing your work!

  4. Thanks for your continued coverage! I’ve been an addict since day one and I was very happy when I found your blog. I can’t believe it’s been a year. Excited to see what’s to come this year.. I hope it’s plenty of new characters, costumes, attractions, and land!! What drew me to this game was the idea of designing my own Disney park. It’s been a challenge recently due to the space issue, but I’m trying to be as patient as possible.
    I’d love to see them incorporate some type of mini game in the future. It would be nice to see a new dimension to the game.

  5. Thank you Jaysen for helping us all to navigate through the wonderous world of DMK. Your blog posts and wonderful pictures have been so helpful!

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