Disney Magic Kingdoms – Welcoming Mr. Incredible and Fighting Syndrome

First and foremost, HAPPY JULY 4TH EVERYONE!  Unless of course you are reading this from outside the U.S. in which case, HAPPY MONDAY!  Hmm, that seems less exciting.  Either way, we all have something to celebrate.  The final timer has been unlocked.  Mr. Incredible (and Syndrome) are now available.  I will be doing a separate post about defeating and welcoming Syndrome.  For now, let’s talk about the big man himself.  He’s buff.  He’s tough.  He’s much harder to get than Violet.  Let’s take a look.


(NOTE:  I used some (A LOT OF) gems to speed up the process in order to report here.  Even without gems, you should easily be able to accomplish all of this before the end of the event.)

Mr. Incredible

Alright, here we go.  As expected, Mr. Incredible steps up the difficulty from Violet by having many 2 hour quests to get his tokens.  However, Frozone can collect this same token in 1 hour so he becomes even more valuable.  I found that the hats had the lower drop rate of the two, but given that they only need 8 minutes, it’s not as painful.

On the other hand, those 50 Incredible base tokens are harsh.

The Posters will take you 2 hours each with the exception of Frozone who only requires 1 hour.

Photo Jul 04, 11 00 13 AM

Photo Jul 04, 11 00 19 AM

The hats all require 8 minutes.  I found that Buzz has the lowest drop rate, while Violet seems to drop every third one.

Photo Jul 04, 11 00 24 AM

Keep in mind that once you have all the tokens, he will take 8 hours to actually walk over to your Kingdom and say hello.

New Goal

No more welcoming.  This is war.  We now have a new goal in the checklist.  Defeat the Omnidroid.  Everyone who’s wanted to kill the mother bot to get revenge for having to click so many bots, your time is now.


After you Welcome Mr. Incredible


Right off the bat, you’ll get plenty of quests to complete, some bots and a new quest for Mr. Incredible called Strike a Pose.  Not that this quest is special.  I just like the name as I imagine the Madonna song Vogue and Mr. Incredible dancing to it.


You’ll also get a nice free 20 gems just for getting all the family back together!

Keep in mind that the first several Mr. Incredible quests are fairly long with the second one clocking in at 8 hours.  After that, you’ll have another one for 4 hours and if you have Frozone, you’ll also have a sidequest for both he and Mr. Incredible that is 8 hours.  I would save this one for last.  Since Frozone is a gem character, this quest will not move the story along.



I also love that one of these quests involves showing off for the young man on the bike in front of the Incredibles house.  This is by far my favorite Incredibles character animation so far.


After this, the other Incredibles will finally join in the fun as Mrs. and Dash will be heading home to ground Dash…for 4 hours.  This is a great time to do the Frozone sidequest since Mr. will have nothing else to do for the time being.


After this, we finally get a little reprieve with a short 10 minute quest.  Ironically the shortest quest is called Take a Break at Home, something I could actually see taking a couple hours.


Finally, Violet will jump into the fray.  She’s listening to music to get closer to her boyfriends for 4 hours.  Oh to be young and in love.


At long last, you’ll be asked to upgrade Mr. Incredible in order to help train Dash.  I am happy to report that this is SEVERAL hours into his quests so you won’t find yourself frantically trying to get tokens for him.  By now, you will most likely have what you need as the requirements are far lower than welcoming him.


The bad news is that training with Dad will be another 8 hours.


And of course, after training, it’s time for Dash to clean his room for a bit.  Use these times of one character doing something as a good place to working on earning tokens to level Mr. Incredible, so you’re ready the next time he needs to get stronger for a super task.


After this 6 hour quest, you’ll get a two part quest that is a bit on the romantic side.  Mr. and Mrs. will need to flirt for 2 hours and then go on a 4 hour date.  Apparently dating for these two is an all day affair.  No, don’t worry.  I’m sure the Kingdom will be fine while you take a day off to makeout.


Things escalate quickly.


At long last, Syndrome will make his appearance.


Defeating Syndrome

You’ll need to unlock Mr. Incredible before Syndrome will even think about showing up.

Photo Jul 04, 11 12 59 AM

After a lovely date, Syndrome will suddenly be ready to attack.  The Omnidroid springs to life and its time to fight.  You can send the entire family to help out, including Frozone and you’ll need to do it 25 times to finally take down the big baddie.

All of these quests will take 4 hours to complete.



Mr. Incredible – Fight the Omnidroid!
Mrs. Incredible – Attack the Omnidroid!
Dash – Run around the Omnidroid!
Viloet – Reprogram the Omnidroid!
Frozone – Freeze the Omnidroid!


All in all, not using gems, this will take 20 hours if you have all 5 characters.



Right after welcoming Mr. Incredible you’ll be treated to some lovely cuddly cute bots.  The first round will be 100 Claw Bots.  You can click on 10 at a time and they have a respawn rate of every 3 minutes.


The next round is 150 Claw Bots.  These will let you click on 15 of them every 60 Minutes.


New Promo

This week we have a much better promo than last week, especially for those of us who purchase gems.  If you’ve been thinking of picking up those gem attractions or an extra character, I would say jump on this.  This is HANDS DOWN the best gem promo to be released since the game began.



That’s it for now!  I will do a post following the defeat of Syndrome later today or tomorrow, pending when I get to it in order to keep the two characters separate.  How are you guys fairing with The Incredibles?  And as we come to the end of this journey, who are you hoping will join the Kingdom next?  Let me know in the comments below!

Want more DMK?  Go Here!


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  1. If I am just about to unlock dash do you think I can get the rest of the characters? I bought for ozone and the float.

    • Sigh….well it looks like I won’t get to Syndrome. I just unlocked Mr. Incredible today (It seems my drop rate was even lower than yours or I just had horrible luck) and I have a little over a day left. And even if I do make it to Syndrome, I don’t think they’ll let me finish it when the event ends. I can’t use the gems to speed things up since I just used them for Frozone. Sigh….=(

  2. Discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and I’m loving it! Timing is weird with the Incredibles for me as I just welcomed Rapunzel and Randall and they already have me working on Flora and Zurg. Did you ever have a post about the quests leading up to welcoming Aurora? Curious about the progression from fairies to actually getting Aurora. Thanks!

  3. I think the unrealistic dream would be the Emperor’s New Grooze, but more realistic would be Beauty and the Beast or Inside Out.

    Would love Finding Nemo/Dory and The Little Mermaid but I don’t know how they’d do that. Probably in the big lake in the upper right corner of the map near the monorail?

  4. I’ve been working all day on the tokens needed for Mr Incredible. LOL. Hopefully will start welcoming him by tomorrow evening so I can start his quests Wednesday morning. Craziness!

  5. Hi, quick question. What level do the Incredibles have to be to complete the event? Do they all have to be Level 10 to fight the Omnidroid (or to do any of the other quests required)? Or can I stop levelling at, say, Level 5 and then concentrate on levelling another character? Thanks!

  6. Hi, I’m just curious if the Incredibles characters need to be Level 10 to complete their quests? Or can I stop at say, Level 5, and concentrate on finishing the story line and then level them up at my leisure? Thanks!

  7. Do you guys think we have to upgrade them to level 10 before the event ends or do you think we will still have time afterwards because im stressing out about this

      • Thank you for replying and for the guide its incredibly helpful (buh dum tss)

      • i read that Mrs. I has quests once she levels up to 10 and Violet to 9. Will these still be available after the event is over?. Im working on the violet listening to music (4hrs) quest. Do you think ill have time to welcome Syndrome? Event ends in 6 days and 6 hours…..

  8. What level does Mr. Incredible need to be to be able to fight the omnidroid? Is it just 2? Also what level for Frozone? I just recently welcomed Mr this morning but haven’t had the gems to get Frozone… Thinking about it before the battle though. Is he worth getting if I need to level him up a ton?

  9. I am currently on the task right before mr. and Mrs incredible start flirting and dating and my game says Mr. Incredible has to be level 5 I order to start that quest. Was it the same for you? So I believe he would have to be at least level 5 according to that requirement to have Syndrome appear.

  10. I am currently on the task right before mr. and Mrs incredible start flirting and dating and my game says Mr. Incredible has to be level 5 in order to start that quest. Was it the same for you? So I believe he would have to be at least level 5 according to that requirement to have Syndrome appear?

  11. When I finished Mr. & Mrs. Incredible’s date, I got another pair of quests. One for Mrs. Incredible to go home and supervise the kids for 2 hours, and another for Dash and Violet to do their homework for four hours. Unfortunately, I set all three of them on their quests before noticing that the Omnidroid boss battle became available at the same time, and those quests weren’t necessary to begin the battle. So that was a bit of a waste of 4 hours for two characters, and 2 hours for a third. So my overall Omnidroid battle will take longer than the expected 20 hours (even assuming I don’t bother sleeping today…). I haven’t read your next post yet (you know, “spoilers”) but I’m guessing these two quests are actually part of the post-Omnidroid storyline? I wonder why they appeared at the same time as the Omnidroid battle quest, though.

  12. What do we need to unlock syndrome… well i dont really care cuz i know its a disney hat and something else but how many tokens do we need

  13. I am in the middle of levelling up mr incredible so he can meet date and etc with Mrs incredible I have all 4 and Frozone will I have time to finish everything it 2d1hour till end and thanks for super blog 🙂

    • Hmmm. If you get super lucky with syndrome drops, maybe. But at this point you will only really have a day to welcome him and I’m not sure that’s enough 😦

      • Yes I buy gems so that I can get through everything early to write these posts. Syndrome drops take 2-4 hours and are epic so they have a low drop rate.

  14. Hello. Love your posts. Just wondering if someone else noticed a bug while fighting the Omnidroid. For example I sent my 5 characters to fight the Omnidroid, then visited my neighbors and when I returned to my kingdom, my characters appeared to have finished the 4 hours for that turn, even though only 2 minutes had actually passed. I tried that again and finished the next 4 hours in about 10 secs ☺️ So basically I defeated the Omnidroid in about 8 hrs and a few minutes. Txs.

  15. I just welcomed Mr Incredible – I’m totally panicking now that I don’t have enough time for everything!!! 😦

    • at least you HAVE the Mr Incredible. i’m working on soooooo hard, even im a windows player, to get him gets me so tired 😦 to me the event will ends in 5d 02h but…

  16. What happens if you don’the unlock all the Incredibles?? I only just managed to unlock Violet, still have Mr. Incredible and Syndrome to go. If you don’t unlock all of them do you lose any chance of getting them at all?? Just wondering, they should give anyone that hasn’t gotten all of them to chance to get them later, otherwise that’s just harsh.

  17. The event has ended and I still have my incredible characters. The only problem is they still need that special currency to level them up. So are they stuck at their current level forever or is there a special way to level them? Thanks!

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