Belle’s Comfy Outfit, Fighting the Virus and Welcoming Vanellope – Disney Magic Kingdoms

As we near the end of the Wreck-It Ralph event, it seems that things are starting to heat up.  We’ve got viruses to fight, heroes to welcome and, most action-packed of all, pajamas to sew.  Dun Dun DUUUUUUN!  Today we’ll be follow off of my last post as we craft some PJ’s for Belle and then we’ll follow the adventure up to and including the welcoming of Vanellope.  So buckle on in to your Slaughter Race race car as we dive in!


Crafting Belle’s Comfy Outfit

Like the other princesses before her, Belle’s comfy outfit will prove to be harder to obtain than any character you’ve welcomed so far.

Glitched Fabric

Luckily at this point, Glitched Fabric seems to be something fairly easy to come by.  Make sure that Mickey is in his Pirate outfit as he’ll need to dance a two day long jig to help you in completing this task.  Calhoun is also a big help here.


Comfy Belle Fabric

While Yesss can help with both fabrics, I strongly recommend sending her and Ralph to work on the Comfy Fabric as the drop rate is pretty tough.  As for Felix, I can honestly say that he did not drop a single fabric for the duration of this project.  Hopefully you have better luck with him.


Beauty and the Beast Quests

Meanwhile, Beast has a pimple, so he decides to make everyone else feel his pain.  In short, you’ll be doing some Beauty and the Beast quests to help earn event currency.  These are totally side-quests and completely optional.  Don’t worry if you can’t complete them because you don’t have the characters.


The Quest Continues

Before you even finish sewing Belle’s golden duds, she’ll get roped into a three part quest involving the princesses.


Apparently Jasmine has some insane inner knowledge about history that we never knew about?  Which I guess comes in handy, but if anyone would know useless information, I would sort of expect it to be Belle.


The three Princesses decide to band together to try to help Vanellope.


This three part quest will obviously not be 100% complete until you’ve gotten Belle’s comfy outfit so that should take priority here.


Both Cinderella and Jasmine’s quests will help you to get two more of Vanellope’s tokens which will leave you with only the last token to claim.


In the midst of all of this, you should be able to finish Belle’s costume fairly quickly.  She’ll show up with a book already in hand.


It seems she’s been learning all she can about breaking the curse that has been plaguing the land.  The curse of viruses and spam that is.  Hey Belle, can you tell ALL of us how to fight the curse of Viruses and Spam?  We’d appreciate it.


Cinderella will take everything they know to Vanellope and will try to explain some computer programming.  Yeah, Cinderella I don’t really think this is your area of expertise.


But instead of giving Vanellope some sort of flash drive, I think she must have given her a flashy sweater instead.  Yikes, we’re all doomed.


Now see, this is why we don’t ask Cinderella to help do things.


Luckily, the only person this all makes sense to is Ralph.  After all, the see-through-shoes lady had her mice make a virus-eating sweater.  What’s not to understand?  It’s simple physics really.


Yesss doesn’t get it either.  Then again, her name has too many S’s at the end soooo…


With a plan in place, you’ll send Ralph and Yesss on a 6 Hour quest to upload Ralph’s video and lure the malware to where they can all take it down.


Collecting Virus Fragments

The hard part done, it’s finally time to yell catch phrases and take down the Virus once and for all.


A whole new world!  I want to be where the people are!  Rumbly in my tumbly!  Why’s the rum gone?!  Remember who you are!  Ohana means family!


Oh!  That catch phrase.  I thought we were all supposed to … ahem … let’s just move on.

You’ll need to collect 15 Virus Fragments by sending the Wreck-It Ralph characters to the central stage to fight it.


Everyone can help out but for some reason Spamley takes 6 hours to do so.  I don’t really understand what he ever did to the people at Gameloft to deserve this, but I’m sure it was something awful.


The battle is pretty epic and will involve lots of blasters, punching and Felix … dancing?


Welcoming Vanellope

You have two routes to welcome Vanellope.  One is that you can buy her in a bundle with the Pancake milkshake stand.  Now, I for one would like an offer to by a pancake milkshake.  That sounds delicious!


The other way is to simply fight the Virus until all of her tokens drop.  Either way, once you welcome her Vanellope will join your kingdom!


This will also trigger the completion of the Wreck-It Ralph collection and you’ll be able to collect some much needed gems!


You’ll also get this adorable heart felt moment, which might also lead you to wonder how Ralph doesn’t crush her with that big fisted hug!


What’s Next?

I should have one more post about this event in the next day or so about Ariel’s costume.  I also want to mention that next week I will be appearing as a guest on the Around the Kingdom Podcast, so make sure to listen for me there as well!  I also plan to do a predictions post for 2019 so stay tuned!

As we get down to brass tax, I want to know how you’re doing on this event.  Do you think you will make it to the end?  Let me know in the comments below!




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  1. I’m now ready to begin collecting virus fragments, so I should be able to start working on Ariel’s costume this weekend. Thanks as always for your updates and looking forward to your 2019 predictions. So many new Disney films in 2019, so many possibilities.

  2. I always enjoy your posts, Jaysen. 🙂 For me, the 6 hour task for Ralph and Yesss is done in a few minutes, so I guess I’m on to collecting the virus fragments. I play this game to play it, so I plan to earn Vanelope if possible rather than buy the package. I do spend money on the gem characters, so I’m happy with my contributions to Gameloft and the great entertainment they provide us all. Wishing you lots of fun with Steve the Squirrel on Around the Kingdom. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on being a guest on the podcast. It seems like you may have some pull in the ranks of Disney so please help me out I’m trying to got the fine folks at Gameloft to add Uncle Scrooge Huey Dewey and Louie as well as Clarabelle and Horace. No need for an event but I just think that they would fit in with the rest of the class of character is nicely. I reach out to them about this frequently but have yet to see anything like their introduction LOL if you and anyone reading this want to help me out with that I’d be greatly appreciate it

  4. Still collecting the gold fabric for Belle. Really don’t think I will finish this event even if I spend money (that i dont have). Gutted about this as Vanellope is my favourite character.

    • CLAIRE – Ditto. I can’t tap at work. Getting more & more difficult to win anything. Kinda frustrated with DMK. Will see out Christmas & then decide if to continue with it in 2019…..good luck with your game….💜X

  5. Can we talk again about how they’re recycling side quests? The “Romeo & Juliet” story line was a while ago…

    Any who, I’m currently 5 virus fragments from getting Venelope. Hoping I can get Ariel’s comfy clothes before they’re gone, but we’ll see. I’m also super annoyed that this is the first event I haven’t been able to get a gold trophy for, but so far I’m in the running for the current leaderboard.

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