Disney Magic Kingdoms – Defeating Villains Video and Anniversary Hat Stands

The world of DMK has been a bit quiet this past week, but two very interesting developments have come to the forefront over the past two days, which made me decide it was time to check in with all of you.  How are you?  Is your summer treating you well?  Are you taking your vitamins?  Did you get that mole looked at?  Good, check in complete, now let’s get to the good stuff.

Defeating Villains Video

Today, DMK Facebook graced us with a video all about the Defeating Villains feature of the game.  Check it out and then we’ll take a closer look.

On the surface, this is simply a great piece on why the developers love creating story arcs within the world and how they try to put together each zone that it has a clear beginning middle and end.  But that is simply on the surface, because hiding within this video are some very possible Easter eggs and spoilers of what’s to come.  Let’s make sure to keep in mind that these images DO NOT REPRESENT FINAL PRODUCT.  This video in no way promises these things, but it’s fun to think about what might be on the horizon.

Multiple Character Leveling

Screenshot (47)

Here, it seems that we have the potential for a new Welcoming Screen which allows us to welcome and level two characters at once, if not eventually three.  This is something that I see at least five posts a day from in the community so it would be great to see it happening.

As a side note, we can also see that below this it appears we have some imagines of Frontierland, complete with new buildings to unlock as well as new land to build on.  However, it is pretty hard to make out.  And if we zoom in, it seems that the label on the image says “Expansion: Cars'” Soooo, this could mean we have an idea of who’s to come!  After all, the first Cars takes place in a little town called Radiator Springs so it would make quite a bit of sense.


New Docorations

Screenshot (46)

Now these could easily be new decorations or simply prototypes of potential decorations, but it’s fun to see what might be on the way.  While none of these stands out particularly, it is possible that they are new forms of treasure chests or even new ways to gain rewards.

Expanded Fantasy Land

Screenshot (48)

We all know that this is going to happen eventually, but it’s fun to see the areas unlocked.  I mean, just look at all that space!  I was hoping that we might get a sneak peak of something new, but they were careful not to place anything just yet.  Even so, it’s good to know that this may be right around the corner, though I would be shocked to see these areas open up before the locked areas of Tomorrowland.

Anniversary Hat Stand Leaving Soon!


I want to end today by mentioning that the Anniversary Hat stand will soon be making its final bow from the DMK world. As of September 5, 2016, the hat stand will be gone for good.

Luckily, Gameloft is giving the completionists out there one final chance to grab it and at a limited time price of 50% off.  So if you want to have everything in the park the way that Pokemon trainers want to catch them all, know that this is your last chance to grab this one!

That’s all for this week!  All these sales lately have been great as everyone gets caught up and ready.  I can’t help but think another update is in our very near future!  Today’s question is this.  When we get the update, would you rather have more land open in areas we already have OR open up the story into Adventure Land?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. My preference would be to go to Adventure Land. I’ve had enough room for all the attractions I want (not interested in Racers, Rescue, Jet Packs or WALL-E House) including all of the Incredibles attractions and Splash Mountain. Also would hope for new items in the Chests. Overall, this game is my obsession and thanks Jaysen for all your posts.

      • Splash Mountain is an attraction and it also generates potions. I have it and put it next to Fantasia Gardens since they both have running water.

  2. Did anyone else catch the Adventure Land info in the customer care section this morning? I was half asleep and didn’t grab a screen shot (should have) and it was gone when I went back. It said something about part two and it named the quest after which it opened.

  3. I am fairly new to the game (it’ll be day 30 tomorrow), so I’m still working through welcoming existing characters and don’t have a strong sense of where I’d like the game to go later on. I love reading about all the possibilities and appreciate you sharing the video from the Facebook group. That was tons of fun!

    Thanks again for sharing this magical place and your insights!

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