Wreck-It Ralph Update Notes – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Welcome Back!

Hello?  Am I in the right place?  I seem to recall that I used to come here a lot, but now … hmm.  I’m not so sure.  The choice to return to Disney Magic Kingdoms blogging has been one that has taken a great deal of time and consideration.  A couple months ago, I dropped blogging the game all together for a few reasons.  Some of those, as some of you know, involved so pretty insane internet harassment, while others involved simply being too stressed out in real life to function.  But, the great thing about life is that sometimes a little time away makes us realize what we loved about something in the first place. 

Last week, I was grabbing my morning coffee and noticed a woman in line playing DMK.  Now, I should mention that I had not STOPPED playing the game, only blogging about it.  But something about her, reignited this spark for me.  It was as if the universe was giving me a gentle nudge.  All of this being said, I think it’s high time we jumped back in with the new update that just hit today.  If you’re a returning reader, welcome back!  I’ve missed you.  And if you’re new, that’s cool too.  Hi, my name is Jaysen.  I like long walks on the beach and making fun of villains who mysteriously return from the dead.  Let’s get started. 


Update 25 – I’m Gonna Wreck It! 


Fun fact, this update has the same name as my motto in my marriage… 

The new update centers around an event starting on November 22 which sees Ralph smashing his way through the kingdom in search of Venelope.  Filled with new characters and new content, the event will make for the perfect excuse to ignore Grandma angrily shouting at the television after one too many rum nogs.   

New Characters 




Fix-It Felix Jr 





Who even are all of these characters?  I guess we’ll find out once the movie drops! 

New Attractions 

Niceland Tower 

The Internet 

(Because obviously that’s a place you can just go to.) 

Princess Dressing Room 


Slaughter Race 

I’m sort of amazed at how many new attractions we’re getting.  Usually we only see three or four, but five is a real treat. 


Burnt Pie Stand  


Giant Cherry Stand 

Pancake Milkshake Stand 

(I’ll gladly take this in the real park, kay, thanks.) 



Or as I like to call them – things to feed Merlin 

Fix-It Felix Jr. Arcade 

Sugar Rush Arcade 

Hero’s Duty Arcade 

Wreck-It Ralph Gold Trophy 



Easily the most exciting part of this update is the fact that we’ll have new costumes to make our princesses wear! 

Comfy Cinderella 

Comfy Jasmine 

Comfy Belle 

Comfy Ariel 


Other New New 

New Land! 

Yes!  There’s a new land and it’s only 3 million potions!  Wait … are these New York City prices?   

You’ll find it in the upper left corner of Fantasy Land.  Fantasy as in, I fantasize that I will ever be able to afford it! 


The event starts tomorrow and I will be sure to update with a post about the first portions of the event sometime after I jump in.  So which character are you most excited for?  More importantly, which Comfy Princess are you most excited for?  I’m excited for Comfy Oogie Boogie, which is basically just him unzipped with all his bug parts crawling about the ground.   




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  1. So glad that you’re back, Jaysen. I always enjoy your humour and DMK updates. I’m still waiting for the Windows update (just after noon my time) and can’t wait to blow the 3,000,000 potions right away. I’m itching to rearrange and decorate my park, but feel like I can’t until tomorrow when we find out about potential helpers needed from character sets other than the original Toons (I’m someone who puts away what isn’t currently needed). I’m seeing on Facebook that there are no holiday decorations with this update, which surprises me. We shall see what comes. Thanks for another fabulous blog post. 🙂 ❤

  2. Great post and overview of the new update! I’m relatively new to the game and I love it. So excited to have found your blog. Thanks.

  3. Hi Jaysen.. I NEVER leave comments.. mostly because I choose to play DMK because it reminds me of when I worked at Walt Disney World many years back.. but I do not really feel the need to document my progress or the like… BUT with your return to blogging about DMK I have to post a comment and tell you that I have missed your quirky and funny comments. I am very happy you are back and I look forward to reading all your posts…

    So welcome back and thank you for letting me be a little part of your life!!

  4. Jayseeeeeeen. Welcome back. I’ve been close to quitting this game and I almost called it a day when, ping, I got notification you’d posted. So, once again, you’ve saved Gameloft from losing an original player. Thank you for coming home pops😍😂X

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