Disney Magic Kingdoms – Participate in the Survey

Last night I logged into my DMK game to see that an invitation to take a survey had been posted, so of course, wanting to do all the DMK things to tell you my thoughts, feeling and weird twitches my stomach makes during them, I took it.  And I most certainly encourage you to as well!  Let me explain.


First off, the most important thing to know about this survey is that it is not a feedback survey.  This is not the time, nor the place to get all those chest filled rage comments off your chest.  This is a survey to better understand us as gamers and what we might be interested in.  And THAT is why it’s so important for us to take it.

The survey starts off with lots of personal questions.  You might feel as though you are at a hospital with a broken knee, filling out your questionnaire so that your doctor knows that you are in fact a human.


This quickly changes though as things get more Disney focused, and THIS is why you need to be filling out the survey.


This information could most certainly be used to come up with future updates by seeing what players really love.  It asks questions about favorite movies and rides, and while it never flat out asks for suggestions, these things definitely feel as though they could be used by the developers to make the game reflect what we like in our Disney related media.


So if you have some time, I most certainly recommend giving it a click-though.  It’s quick and easy to understand.  Kids and adults should be able to do it fairly easily.  It never asks any personal info like name or address.  It simply asks for you to describe the type of Disney fan you are and the type of game player you are.  If it makes the game better, I think it’s super worth it.  Plus, total I think it took me around five minutes, so not half bad!

Since it was my favorite question in the survey, I’ll ask it here, what is your favorite Disney attraction at any park? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I clicked to participate in the survey but i wasnt redirected to the survey, is there a link anywhere that i can use to get to it?

  2. The Tiki Room, ALWAYS The Tiki Room. (And the Dole Whip next door… My park 100% needs a Dole Whip stand.)

    Just out of curiosity, Jaysen – how close are you to having all your characters at level 10? I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’ve welcomed all the characters, own all the attractions, have opened all the cursed sections of the park available to me, etc. – so the magic is finally building up to the point where I’m beginning to level up my characters in earnest. And I’m a math nerd, so I’ve done the math on how long it’s going to take, and WOW. It’s gonna be a while, I’m regretting not doing a better job of leveling as I went!

    P.S. I love this blog, it’s become a habit to check it. 🙂

    • Haha. I am still a ways from it. Because of the time consumption of this blog and everything I write about I actually don’t get to play this game much in between updates but I am at the point of trying to level up one character per day. Everyone is on their way to 9 by now and then I’ll work on getting them to 10 🙂

  3. Can you link me? I was invited for the survey but I accidentally closed it before I realised it was the survey and not an ad.

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