Disney’s Magic Kingdoms Game – Raven Event and Fighting Zurg

Wow, can you believe we’ve been playing this game now for 30 Days?  How do I know?  Well tonight I will be getting my 30 day reward.  That’s how I know.  I have a lot to talk about since our last update.  After all, we’ve had our first event and another has just begun.  I’ve been exploring Tomorrowland, unlocking characters left and right and trying to earn enough potions to complete every little task that gets thrown at me.  Herein lies my impression of all of these things so far as we head into the next 30 days.


New Characters Galore

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed while treking my way through Tomorrowland, it’s that I keep being given tons of characters to unlock.  Mike, Sully, Eve, Celia Mae, Roz and the list goes on.  All of them are crazy expensive as well, forcing me to really set in with my park economics and find the best road to unlocking characters, opening up new buildings and cursed zones and leveling characters who have tasks to perform.  It’s a lot of stuff to keep track of and I was, at one point, really astounded by how many quests I had lined up.  Of course, I had to be able to afford them one at a time and at 45,000 potions and up, this was not the easiest of tasks.




Yeah, I bought Boo…


…And took the Wall-E promotion. This game makes me make bad choices.

The Ravens Event 

I have mixed feelings about our very first event.  On one hand, I liked that there was one more thing to do.  On the other, that one more thing was clicking on some birds every couple of hours.  I also found that trying to click on them could be a pain and, as many have noted, there is no “Are you sure” button on gems so more than once I ended up spending gems on something silly when I was just trying to click ravens.

Also, did anyone notice the rather odd state of the leader board on this one?  I think everyone was number one in some form at some point on their own game and no one’s matched up.  My mother actually did win one of the number one prizes, which I thought was pretty great.  However, she had to contact Gameloft for her prize as they apparently assumed those in number one were hackers and did not gift them their prizes.  You can’t have a contest and then accuse anyone who wins of cheating!  I mean, you can, but where is the fun in that?


The rather odd case of the confused leader board.

Starting today, we also have a NEW EVENT which involves Magic Brooms…and clicking on them.  Hmm.  Where’s the originality?  I’m pretty sure I will say this in every post until I get it, but we really could use some mini-games.  I want there to be something in this game, other than park visitors that has to do with skill, rather than just hours or money you put into the game.  Is that too much to ask?  IS IT???  Oh, also, is anyone else getting this fun thing where ravens also show up whenever the brooms do?  Weird.


Here we go again…

Tinker Bell Fix for Those Missing Daily Rewards

Alright, enough griping.  Here is something really great that Gameloft did.  Many folks are still suffering from a lack of Daily Rewards, which means a lack of Tinker Bell.  Luckily, Gameloft has heard the call of the saddest and has started sending Tink to players who have played five days but not received her!  Happy Day!  Oh wait, we’re about to get our 30 day reward.  Alright guys, you know what to do.  Let the complaining commence once again.

Battling Zurg

After days of working through quests, I finally got my chance to fight Zurg.  I’m sure there will be many questions regarding how to get to him so I will say what I said with Pete:  Just continue doing quests and eventually it will happen.

I now know that the unlock feature for the battle has nothing to do with which quests you do, but how many of them you have completed.  Case in point, I asked a fellow gamer what quest she did before it opened up.  She told me she unlocked Pete and then did his first quest and then she was fighting Zurg.  So I scrimped and saved for Pete, and then did his quest…and then nothing.  It wasn’t until I unlocked Roz that it opened up the next part of the Zurg quest.  My advice from all of this is to simply be patient and do the quests assigned to you.  UNLESS IT IS A QUEST FOR A PAID CHARACTER (I.E. Pluto, Rex, etc.) IT PROBABLY NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR YOU TO MOVE ON!  There, I said it loud and clear.


Pew pew!

As a side note, Zurg can be fought with Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Rex.  He requires a total of 10 characters taking 12 hours each to defeat him.  So if you have all 4, you’re looking at three twelve hour sessions to finish him off.  If you don’t have Rex, you’ll be doing 4 12 hours sessions, or two days.

Onward to Fantasy Land

As of writing this, I am getting fairly near beating Zurg and opening up my next new area.  I am also very close to summoning Eve which is exciting because Wall-E has expressed missing her to me.  I can’t wait for the first true update to this game.  No, I don’t mean a bug fix.  I mean something that really adds to the game.  New characters, new quests, new zones.  MINI-GAMES!!  I’m not giving up on this one Gameloft.

What new addition would you most like to see in the game?  It can be anything.  A zone, a character or something totally off the wall.  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I must say, I’m so tempted to take part in the Pluto Promo they have going again. I think it’s the same as the one they offered when the game first opened. And I didn’t buy him. Part of me feels strange paying real money for a game, but then I’m trying to remember the game was free.

    I also agree that the no “Are You Sure?” button is annoying. I’ve spent currency in this and other games when I didn’t mean to because I was trying to click something else. Good luck on getting so far, I’m still working my way through Tomorrowland.

    Oh, I got 6th place in ravens. The reward just popped up for me I didn’t have to ask. I do wish there was a little more to do between waiting for quests to pop. As you said, a mini game would be nice. Sorry for the long comment 🙂

    • No need to apologize! 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the game. For me, spending real money is sort of justified. I mean, I play the game a lot, so I don’t mind supporting 🙂

      • So, I’ve now unlocked the 65K area in front of Fantasyland. This is when you meant it’s kind of just random as to when I get to fight Zurg? Just want to make sue I’m not missing anything.

    • I have gotten almost all of NY open characters to level 10. I do not have Rex, Boo, or Wall-e. I just don’t have it in me right now to purchase them. I’ve unlocked Roz and Pete and still nothing. I’m hoping when I unlock Eve something will happen to fight Zurg. But until then I just trek on.

  2. I also found it weird that Ravens appear right next to brooms. However, they give me XP when I click them, so can’t complain too loudly. I want so badly to purchase gems, but I’m terrified this game will dry up and die like so many other free apps by Disney I’ve purchased, namely Thor UnderWorld and Muppet Theater. Then, I will have spent real money on a game that no longer updates.

  3. I hope to see less pixar and more disney theme park characters. The country bears, Mr. Toad, Splash mountain, The hitch-hiker ghosts, The pirates (not jack sparrow ) , the tiki room. and some more classic disney characters: peter pan, dumbo, snow white and company, alice and a few foes, the three little pigs, and characters like that.

  4. I hope you can help me. I had Mickey, Goofy and Pluto all blasting Pete with their horns, but after the 12 hrs, still no Pete. What am I doing wrong? This was over a week ago and I haven’t had anymore quests concerning Pete. The game moved me on to Daisy.

  5. Question… You bought Boo. Did you get an offer? I got an offer for Pluto, Rex, and just now Wall-E. All which I purchased, but when Boo opened, I didn’t. Did I miss it or was there not one? I was googling if she had one and stumbled upon your blog. Great post by the way. Appreciate your tips on Roz and Zurg since Roz just opened up for me too. And would recommend saving my gems for Boo or should I use them for an attraction? I’ve only spent real money with the promotions for a character so far…

    • There is no promo for boo that I am aware of. Boo helps to get Monsters Inc Characters. I usually always say characters over attractions as I feel like I get more out of doing their quests but ultimately it comes down to what will make your park more fun to play for you 🙂

      • There was a promotion for Boo, I seemed to get it before I could even get Mike or Sully. I would just look out for it!

      • There was a promo for boo. 9.99 and a 100 jems. Same with jack sparrow. I just wish we didnt have to pay cash for them. ; ( i love the game.

  6. I have also been looking for a Boo promotion. I really want Boo but that’s a lot of gems to spend. I don’t mind spending the money on the promo for the character and extra gems, but just dishing out money for close to 400 gems is a tougher decision. Think a promotion will show up eventually?

    Great post, BTW. I’m having a lot of fun with the game and agree with a lot of your comments. On the ravens and brooms game I do find it odd that there are people who find 9 and 10 of them when I have only ever found 8 at a time. A little fishy…

  7. I wish there was a way to get more magic since each new character costs a lot. I would love mini games that let you earn magic. I also hate the accidental purchase, I accidentally bought the cda statue when clicking ravens,I was not happy about it. Also wish there were park specific characters like the hitchhiking ghosts.

  8. I think it’d be awesome that every update for the game, it adds new characters for the chance to unlock . My game just updated and now I have the chance to unlock the sleeping beauty characters. It’s be cool to see the incredibles, Cars,Ratatouille, wreck it Ralph, etc… lol

  9. I definitely agree with the mini game idea! It would be cool to win potions, decorations, exclusive items or in rare cases gems! I find it kinda hard to get gems and find myself saving my gems for ages only to accidentally click on something, losing my gems! But I absolutely love the game and can’t wait for more updates!

  10. It would make me really happy to see chip and dale:-) and other old school caractors baloo, king Louie, maybe Dumbo, peter pan, snow white the dwarfs… And it would be cute if they made mini games

  11. I’d like to see chip and dale also, and I’d like to see them using the train that is there like in “Donald Duck’s Toy Train” book! Cool train and station in the game but it just runs around “somewhere” and is not used!

  12. I would also like to see Chip and Dale, and I’d like to see them using the game train like in “Donald Duck’s Toy Train” book! The game train is cool, but it disappears somewhere and isn’t really used for anything other than decor!

  13. Drum roll please….Let it be known that on this day of Sunday 31st July in the year of 2016 I finally defeated ZURG☀️☀️☀️☀️. I feel justified in making a big deal out of it. It took a while getting there and, boy, was it a lengthy battle. I’m exhausted😂. I know, like Pete, he will not appear as a character in-game for a while. Indeed, I had forgotten all about Pete until the questline said to welcome back an old friend😂. I’ve got Cinderella in my sight so I’m still pressing on enthusiastically…..💜X

  14. Thank you for this post! I was just about to quit on wanting to defeat Zurg when I read it. I already had Mike Sulli and Celia. Buzz was level 8 and Woody and Jessie level 10 while the requirements for fighting Zurg level wise for the Toy Story characters is way below. So I went on to get Pete: still nothing. But I had Prince Charming EVE and Roz left to acquire. So I figured getting Roz might do the trick: and it did. It also seems that tge 3rd portion around Space Mountain (the one with the pink part) has to be unlocked. All this opened a quest for Buzz to fly around and I believe Zurg is right after.

  15. I only have prince charming and cinderella. I just got mike. Im waiting to defeat zurg. Do you have to have them all at level 10 tomget there? Just curious. I would love to have chip and dale too more disney ….snow white and the 7 dwarfs etc ..

    • APRIL- I would say just keep playing through your questine and opening up all the available land. The characters in-game pretty much vary from game to game. Since I defeated Zurg on 31 July, I have welcomed Conderella, Randall, Flynn, Rapunzel, and now I am being asked to welcome Flora. It was only once the latter request appeared that I was finally asked to welcome Zurg in-game. Regarding levelling up, my advice is to level up to at least 7 or 8, since some storylines will not advance until a charater is at a certain level. I had to get Randall to level 7 before I could advance Mike/Scully story. Cinderella will need updating quickly too. There is a page on here which gives all the info required for defeating Zurg. It shows all the criteria you need to meet. Just use the search engine to find it. Good luck….💜X

  16. I also think going with the quests that appear is the way to go. As far as unlocking land goes, I would say just be careful to open the parts Merlin asks for as a quest. I dont believe spending magic on land that is not story related is worth it.

  17. Regarding what i would like gameloft to add to the game – i would like to be able to interact with the backgrounds. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. There are all these streams – how would it be if we could tap on the streams and set waves travelling about – it would help pass the seconds while waiting for something to count down to 30sec. If little random things were built in – the occasional fish leaping or flags changing direction – make the backgronds less static and more interactive. Oh, and minigames of course! I seem to have lost the minigame for the computer company who name i can’t recall.

  18. I am actually getting fed up with this game. My reasons on why apply below

    1 it says you can unlock Pete when u defeat him, well I did and he is still locked.
    2 I don’t like the fact that you have do a whole bunch of quest and get characters that don’t even apply to the first quest you have to do.
    3 I don’t like the way his you have to spend all this money to get gems to buy characters that are very expensive.
    4 there should be a better way of earning free gems. Instead of doing parades and you have to buy the floats with gems to begin with instead of just unlocking floats after you complete each quest and have the time you don’t get gems. When you choose your float it says you get a chance if gems then when you do the parade and u click it if u don’t tap on the gems right away they disappear and they don’t go to your inventory.
    5 you have to stay so long on one part to defeat it and keep leveling your characters I hate that because they take forever to complete unless you buy out the time with gems.

    I have been playing this game for 16 days yes it is addictive but I get tired and bored when I have to wait to do this and do that, then they give you other quest to apply to that should not even be there to begin with for example I am doing one quest then they say oh welcome this character welcome that character next the you know is now I have all these quest that don’t apply to the first one I am doing and it takes forever to do. I am at the point where I am going to delete it and be like the heck with this. Other then that the characters are adorable the graphics are good but I am finding my self getting bored very quickly to the point where I don’t have any patients Any more.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The only reason I’ve stuck with the game is for my granddaughter. She wants to play with it when the game is complete; arranging attractions and such. But as a game, she isn’t interested beyond a few minutes. I let all the characters and things get ready for renewal, then let her pop them all when she comes to visit me. She’s going on 11, and she finds that a fun thing to do. Kind of like popping bubble wrap! Pop-pop! Boing-boing! In fact, I “bought” about 50 pretzel stands, which I’ve arranged in groups. Those are fun to pop one after another, and they earn magic faster than other attractions.

      I’ve spent a bit over $100 altogether. I figure I got that much enjoyment out of it at first. Now that I’ve been “playing” for 60 days, I let the characters accumulate the gems for what little is left to buy. It’s definitely tedious work. Not fun at all after all this time. The music has gotten really monotonous, and what used to be fun listening to the characters various comments is now SOOOOO BORING!

      As I said, if it weren’t for my granddaughter, I’d have long since given up. What we won’t do for our kids!

  19. Hi I have a suggestion could they add Ariel and her friends to the game and Ariel’s grotto. I was hopping she would have been a character you could get when you started the game then i saw there wasa not even a option to get Ariel. I think it would be cool to have her. some actions you can have her do are…

    daydream/being part of that world
    look for items
    see scuttle about new treasures

    items that you could need to get Ariel

    the dingel hopper( fork)
    and then potions

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