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Vault Pixar #14 – Monsters University

Original Release: June 21, 2103 Directed By: Dan Scanlon Screenplay By: Dan Gerson, Robert L. Baird and Dan Scanlon Starring: Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and Helen Mirren If I could give an award to the most underrated Pixar film, I think I would easily give it to Monsters […]

Vault Pixar #4 – Monsters, Inc.

Directed By: Pete Doctor Starring: John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Mary Gibbs, Steve Buscemi, James Coburn and Jennifer Tully Screenplay By: Andrew Stanton and Dan Gerson Original Release: November 2, 2001 What lurks in our closet, scratching and howling in the night?  What horrible beasty lies waiting for us […]