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Disney’s Magic Kingdoms – Tinker Bell and Defeating Pete

Hello all!  I wanted to give a quick update of my progress and some things that I’ve noticed within, and outside, the game that I found to be fun little tidbits.  We’re on day 6 now technically and the game has been one big waiting game.  Yet, I’ve found it oddly compelling.  As I start to create an economy in my park, it becomes less of a waiting game and more of “CLICK IT AS SOON AS IT APPEARS” Game.  I really find myself wanting to build concessions and find the best possible route for earning XP and magic.

Photo Mar 20, 6 28 12 PM

Hi kids!  Are you ready to learn about action economy?

I’ve also found that folks have really picked up on the fact that if you leave the game going and keep park goers happy, you quickly increase the amount of park goers you have and all of that leads to better rewards for quests.  In a particular group I am in, everyone likes to message in the amount of park visitors they have.  It’s a bit of a race and an addicting one at that.  In fact, even my mother texted me an image of the leaderboard, showing that she had scaled her way to number 33 in the world!  Way to go Mom!  But also, please do something else with your time.

Photo Mar 18, 12 21 15 PM.png

I really love that we were gifted Tinker Bell as a reward for sticking with the game for 5 days.  In a game that is relentless with its wait times and drop rate for getting items to summon characters, it felt good to just get something.  Although, this was quickly brought down by the fact that one Tinker Bell Quest in, I was being asked to level her up which took another long stretch of time.  Yet, she’s adorable with the way that she flies around the castle and I always feel a great sense of accomplishment at adding a new character to my park.

Photo Mar 21, 10 53 53 PM

Is Goofy done taking his nap? I can’t seem to see him from here. Maybe if you just…oh…no…he’s still napping.

Speaking of new characters, I’ve also added Bo Peep and Ham to the mix, as well as Sarge, the toy soldier.  Yes, my little family of characters is growing larger by the day.  As of writing this, I am minutes away from hitting level 18 and have just completed the biggest news of the day.  I have successfully defeated Pete and opened up Tomorrowland!

Photo Mar 21, 11 00 24 PM

Ohhh, shiny.

As many folks have been asking how to fight Pete, I’ll simply say that your quest chain will eventually lead you there and you’ll have to use Mickey, Goofy and Pluto to basically ‘noise’ him into submission.  You have to do this multiple times as he requires characters to fight him five times for eight hours each but only allows you to queue up three of them at a time.  Get ready to see Mickey, Goofy and Pluto run to the back of the park and pull out horns every time you boot up the game.

Photo Mar 21, 11 43 01 AM


And that’s where I’m at.  I still want Mini-games and some options of quests that are shorter time frames but we’re less than a week in so realistically that’s not going to happen yet.  I’m excited by the prospect of being able to get Buzz, Pete and Daisy next and will share my findings as I continue along this, mostly slow, sometimes fun economy building, park adventure.

What do you love about the game?  What do you hate?  Let me know in the comments!

For my initial post on the game, go here.

For my day 2 update, go here.

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  1. interesting, so I guess that means that to defeat Pete (and advance further in the game) you have to pay or wait until you get 150 diamonds?

  2. I have been playing the game for 6 days now and have not defeated Pete. In fact I do not have any Mickey or goofy quests. Any tips for getting more quests?

    • Quests appear not one after another. Typically doing other characters quests as well as leveling up your characters will open new quests. Always do the quests that are available.

    • How much does it cost to open that land where u defeat Pete. Bc that one land is 15,500 magic. I haven’t opened it yet! :(.

    • Hmm. Put in a ticket with game loft. You’re not the first I’ve heard have this problem. As it is new there will be a lot of bugs and the only way they can fix them is if we report them 🙂

  3. I’m having a Mickey quest to send him to Philharmagic but I don’t have that one in his quest list, anybody have an idea how I can do that? Many thanks

  4. I need help. I sent my characters to defeat Pete, and the quest log shows 5/5, but nothing is happening. Pete is still standing at the Portal, and the quest is still up. I have contacted Gameloft 2 days ago, but no respond yet. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • I have seen this a few times with different people. I would report it. It is a known glitch and they can help fix it.

  5. I have been trying to unlock sarge and bo peep for 3 days. I can’t get the items needed to unlock them. I do the actions over and over that shows them but I never receive them as a prize just xp and magic. What else can I do?

  6. I got to the screen where I can send characters to defeat Pete but when I click on it I go to that characters screen and fighting Pete is not an option?!? Help

    • It doesnt specifically say to “fight pete”. Your character has to overwhelm him with noise by playing instruments.

  7. I’ve been playing for a 8 days and have Mickey, Goofy and Pluto, yet have no more new missions to do for them or the mission to defeat Pete. Any ideas why?

  8. You didn’t mention the ravens, but I keep getting messages about them and am completely lost on them. I’ve never seen them and have no idea what to even look for everytime the message pops up. Do they actually fly, or should I be looking on the ground with the kids? Are they in the uncovered areas or do I find them in the cursed areas? How big are they?

    • They should be flying around the ground of areas you’ve already unlocked. I didn’t mention them because as of writing this they had not started.

    • The Ravens were a “special” game for a limited time only. When they appeared flying around you open park attractions and areas, you could click or tap on them and “capture” their magic, which allowed you to level up faster with stars and increased your magic score so that you could upgrade characters or purchase attractions quicker. If you captured so many ravens in the limited time, you won up to 5000 in magic.

  9. I have been on the defeat peat quest for five days. I have done 4/5 of the annoy Petes with Mickey and goofy and for the past four days there has been no one in my que to annoy him. Is this normal? Do I have a glitch? I have deleted the game and reinstalled it and even updated the game with no change.

  10. How do the leaderboards work? My husband and I both play this, but our leaderboards are VERY different. Mine shows me in 30th or so with the broom challenge, and he’s in 100th or so with only 10-15 fewer brooms… (And his lists different users in the rankings as well)

  11. I’ve used mickey and goofy each twice but now it’s not showing to where I can use them anymore and I hate to get pete just one more time. How do I do I do that when it’s not showing me to use them.

  12. I am on level 23 and Goofy and Mickey defeated Pete 5 times before but when I go to him it says that I have to complete more of Goofy’s quests. I have him at level 7. How much farther do I have to go before I can unlock him? Also, do you know how I can unlock Zurg. Buzz Lightyear is also on level 7. Thanks.

    • I haven’t unlocked zurg yet but Pete will unlock eventually. Always do the quests you have and eventually the right one will open. All the things that haven’t unlocked should realistically say “complete more quests to unlock”

  13. So I had Mickey, Goofy and Pluto all playing music for Pete. But I never got Pete. When I click on him in the character field, it says, ” complete more Goofy quests”. What should I do? I thought that concert released Pete.

    • Defeating Pete (to open Tomorrowland) and “getting” Pete as a questable character are 2 separate activities. There’s actually a lot of time between them. Just be patient, keep leveling everyone up and completing quests. Pete will be offered eventually. 🙂

      • Happiness goes away over time if you dont do visitors quests. Magic (blue bottles) should only disappear if you purchase something or upgrade a character.

  14. I just was gifted astro blasters but their is nowhere to put it, and nothing has come across for me to battle Pete, all I have is his character walking around ,I’m on day 30 level 19 btw … any tips to what I should be doing as not much area has been unlocked for me and most quests are the same thing and take super long

    • Yeah. Unfortunately you need to do all those super long quests. It’s the only way to progress.

  15. In 1 day I lost over 20,000 magic and some even while I’m playing. I’m at the point to just delete this game it a not worth the aggravation
    . Any idea why this happens and how to correct it or who to go to?

  16. Im still doing Goofy quest and we are on day 5. I leave the long 12 hour ones for when we are sleeping. Before you go to bed, just log in and have all your characters do the 8-16 hour quest. Its the only way to stay sane.

  17. I am on level 20, have 9 characters unlocked (even paid real $ to get pluto) and have 11 structures or attractions. I complete all the quests that come up…probably do this more during the day than I should, haha…and it does not seem that I am anywhere close to defeating Pete. Two of my characters are maxed out, and I level them all up as soon as I can. It seems that other people have defeated Pete way earlier in the game than where I am. Any suggestions or reasons why I haven’t gotten to him yet? Thanks.

    • what will happen is as soon as you unlock ham , bo peep , and sarge woody will mention reports of strange activity and will go check if out , after that bo peep has a mission to ‘ spend time with her favourite cowboy and that leads you to talking about pete. micky and goofy will go make a plan , then you have to clear a space of land which takes 12 hours! Eventually pete will complain about the kids and you will battle him using pluto mickey and goofy. Its takes 8hrs to defeat him once and you have to do it 5 times im on this part at the moment and i dont have pluto so its going to take me longer

  18. I keep trying to get 100% on the ecstatic smiley face but everytime I get to 100 it drops it back down to 99% and I get off for a varied amount of time and it keeps dropping. What do I do?

    • The period of time is because you lose the happiness of visitors who leave the park but I have the exact same problem that when I try to reach 100% on estatic, it immediately drops back to 99%. This happening to anyone else?

  19. I am so glad that I download this game it is a lot of fun I have only been playing for a few days having a blast playing it.

  20. I’m just looking for confirmation here, but do you need Bo Peep and Hamm to get to fight Pete? I already have Sarge, and those are the only two quests left.

  21. I have to do Goofy’s quest: “Send Goofy to check out the fun wheel.”, but I dont know how can I do that, because I don’t see that in my list. Please, help me! I’m there since 3 days. 😦

  22. I did not complete the Incredibles challenges so I couldn’t build a certain ride. All of my wishes are to go on that ride and have been for days now. So my happiness rating is going down because I can’t grant any wishes. Any suggestions?

  23. Soooo how in the world does Mickey do the Philhar magic quest? Hes lvl 6 and ita not in his things to do. Its my last quest before i can go any further in the game.

  24. I am somehow stuck with my current characters and can´t get any new ones. I´m in level 16. I can´t get the last item for Sarge and Bo Peep and Prince Charming since a long time and already working my way through a lot of level. I am doing all necessary quests even double but nothing happens. Do I probably need Pluto as he is shown as possible character to get the items? I find this a little strange because it does not happen anything except of leveling up existing characters.

  25. So I have done every single quests for Mickey and goofy before the daisy’s diner quests and I am at level 15. It is not telling me what to do next and it’s very frustrating. Any suggestion on how to get it to start fight Pete.

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