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Disney Magical World Replay Pt. 2 – Cafes, Cards and Questing

I continued on my journey with the goal in mind of finishing up the prologue so that the game would open up a bit more.  The Prologue leads you through most of the elements of the game so it was a bit of a crash course in what […]

[Watch] New Pete’s Dragon Trailer

Dear Disney, I’d like to kindly offer you my wallet.  Go ahead, take it.  Take all the money.  Take my insurance card.  Just take all of it.  Oh man, this trailer is so exciting.  I know we all love the original but I am just really feeling the […]

The Kingdom – Chapter One

  (A few days ago, I had a dream that I was writing a fan-fiction for my blog.  It was a cross between Game of Thrones and Disney and when I awoke, I could not stop thinking about the idea.  Below, You will find a first chapter, with the […]