My New Ongoing Webfiction Has Begun!

Hello all!

I just wanted to pop over here to let you all know that my new ongoing Web Fiction, The Relics of Darkmoon Drive, has begun posting chapters! The first three chapters are available now over at!

This series will be posting a new chapter every Monday and Thursday and it is completely free to read! If you’ve enjoyed my other works in the past, I hope you will show this series some love.

The Story of Darkmoon Drive

Charlie Cole is fully prepared to end it all. His life up until now has been a series of incredibly bad moments, a journey along a dark road of failed relationships and missed opportunities. But just as he’s ready to give up for good, he learns of the mysterious death of his grandfather, Arthur Cole. Not only has the man, which Charlie and his mother barely had any relationship with, died, but it seems he’s left Charlie the keys to a run down apartment building in Brooklyn known as Darkmoon Drive.

And as it turns out, Darkmoon Drive, and its residents, are unlike anything Charlie has ever encountered.

The building itself is alive and full of wonderful and terrifying the secrets. The residents each own a powerful item, known as Relics, which are able to magically transform the world around them and even gain power with every use. And all of it is connected to a mysterious red backpack which Charlie’s grandfather has left to him. A backpack which can hold anything, and with enough power, can also create anything.

Darkmoon Drive is the tale of hope in the face of utter despair, friendship in the most unlikely of places, and an old magic which can be found all around us, if only we take a moment to seek it out.

Check out the series and let me know what you think!!!

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