Disney Magic Kingdoms Mobile Game – Day 2

Hello again!

I didn’t plan on posting again so soon but given the hype of this game, I thought it might be fun to let you guys know where I am at up to now.  The game is now officially out for all platforms and you can find the links to all of those by heading over to Gameloft’s website for the game.

Download the Game Here

I have some things about the game that I am loving and some things that I am not loving so much so let’s jump right in and see what Day 2 had in store.

Photo Mar 17, 2 55 34 PM

Let’s see! Let’s see!

Many folks had a rough time getting into the game this morning as the website announced that the game was released when in reality it was only up for iOS.  Luckily this confusion only lasted an hour or so before Android players got to jump in.

I hit level 7 and didn’t see the rewards for pre-registering.  Luckily, I had some good people on Facebook telling me to stay calm and Disney-on and sure enough, halfway to level 8, my rewards popped up.  The rewards included a bare minimum of Magic and gems, along with a tiny Micky Topiary which is simply decoration, and a 60th Anniversary Mickey Hat Stand which is the most useful thing in the bunch.  Not only does it provide resources, but having it also means that young ones in the park will visit it and then run about the park with cute little hats.

Photo Mar 17, 9 20 28 AM

Proof of said hats.

Upon not getting my level 7 rewards I visited the in game help menu where I was treated to some interesting things indeed.  It seems there is more to this game than meets the eye.  Slightly down the page, the question is asked about Dark Ravens as well as Magic Brooms, two thing which I haven’t seen yet.  Perhaps this is simply another collectible resource?  Then I noticed that their will be a leaderboard which I am hoping means even more Social Options.  I am finding the Facebook invite page in the social menu nearly impossible to navigate as it seems to not be able to find many of my friends.  Err, how am I supposed to invite them if I cannot see them?  Hopefully this is one of the first things addressed in our first patch.

Photo Mar 17, 9 36 36 AM

Ohhh, hidden messages.

The thing that is really killing me are the timers.  Look, I get it.  Games like this have timers, but these timers are steep even by those standards.  I haven’t been playing the game a full 24 hours and already today I was handed a six hour wait time!  Followed by an eight hour wait time! Gah!

Photo Mar 17, 10 19 08 PM

Welp, guess that’s it for a while…

I think that this would be okay if there were perhaps some sort of mini-game.  Look, Minions Paradise has wait times BUT they also have cute little mini-games that you can play anytime.  This means that at the very least there is something I can do in game.  In this game though, aside from collecting a few resources, I can go a full 4 hours already without having anything to do.  I know the idea is to buy gems but gems are steep and I don’t know how many parents are jumping at that price tag.

Photo Mar 17, 1 12 38 PM

A full out RPG for your PS4 costs $59.99 but sure, $99.99 seems an appropriate price tag for gems that will last you all of two hours. Perfect sense.

Still, the Kim Kardashian game is rocking it in the money department so maybe I’m wrong on this one.  I know the wait times are a part of these games, but all I’m saying here is that the curve of them increasing in this game is no joke.  Give me a reason to keep playing Disney.  Make me want to not put this down, because right now, 90% of my day is spent with this closed for wait times.

Photo Mar 17, 4 42 15 PM

But at least I built this cool roller coaster!

I caved to my first purchase in this game without a second thought.  As a ‘sale’ item, Pluto was being offered with some gems for $3.99.  Given the way that gems were trickling in and the fact that I love Pluto, I took the bait.  I want to support the game, I just don’t want to do it every time something has a wait time which is all the time.  Fun characters like this are probably the only way I’ll be spending money in game.  Just saying.  I also unlocked Jessie from Toy Story and I am well on my way to grabbing Bo Peep and Ham.  Hopefully those additions will happen sometime tomorrow.  I am also working on my next expansion and I have officially hit level 10!

Photo Mar 17, 1 52 50 PM


I’ve been a bit harder on the game today, so I will leave you with some positives.  Upon contacting the company on their Facebook page, they were super friendly and requested any additional feedback.  They want the game to be good and I love that.  The game is still adorable and I have very high hopes for the updates that are sure to be coming our way.  To say that I want more from the game does not mean I dislike it.  I do indeed like it!  That’s why I want it to be even better and to get the most audience possible.  There are sure to be rocks along the way but at the end of today, the more feedback we give, the better it can become!

Photo Mar 17, 1 16 37 PM

We’re made of gold now Mickey, because everyone bought all the gems.

So how are you guys fairing so far?  I’ve already joined a Facebook Fan Group, which you can find HERE if you’d like to join as well.  What do you guys like so far?  What do you hate?  Which character do you hope to add to your park? Tell me! Tell me! TELL ME!

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  1. I agree with everything you’ve said here. I wish I’d taken the Pluto Special when it was available. He’s my favorite of the “Fab Five,” but I too don’t like spending real money on a game like this. I try to save my big quests for while I’m asleep or at work, but I agree, the times are quite high. I hope they add a few more non-Pixar characters. I’m excited to see what they come up with next.

  2. I would love to know how you got 91 gems by level 8. The kids are on level 23 and only have 54. The gems are way too expensive for me to buy them. Especially like you said, when you can get a gaming system for roughly the same price. The wait times are crazy long. Your happiness decreases quite a bit when you sleep, but when the kids are up playing they would have to play all day to bring that happiness back up. But as you notice there isn’t anything for them to do but wait. A game like this, designed for kids, (although I like playing it also) should have more interaction and less wait time. Kids are more like play it now for 1-2 hours straight and then don’t pick it back up for a day or two. Where this game is set up more like play it now for 15 seconds and then come back again in 8 hours to play for another 15 seconds. The kids love the minion game. They have so many choices when playing that. There are the mini games. There are competitive races. There are contests. So there is always something to do and very little time where they have to sit and wait to be able to play. I would like to see this game become something like that. Especially for long car rides.

    • I agree with all of this!! So I do buy the special deal packs for Rex and Wall-E and such. Those give gems. I will say that as you play more and more and continue to build, I find there is always something for me to click on in the game. But I agree whole heartedly with you. Minions is a very similar game but the fact that it has mini games is huge. This game would greatly benefit from even just one or two of them. I hope they add them eventually.

  3. I totally agree, the wait times are insane and the gems well there could be a way to get more faster. Even with the brooms. They just don’t show up fast enough. I wanted to love it but I haven’t even opened it on two days now and have little desire to continue on without. It’s a good game maybe the first update will help it along.

  4. I think that when you are required to have Pluto to defeat Pete, there should be another way to unlock him other than having to buy gems, it sort of requires you to spend money 💵. Or else, you can’t progress your park any further. Just feels like a bit of a brick wall after I’ve been playing for weeks and completing all these quests and unlocking characters to get to this point…and now I must spend money, or throw in the towel and accept defeat…well played Disney, well played.

      • From what the quest said, it seemed like I would be required to have all three of them to complete the task. Thank you for clearing that up for me. I feel better about it now.

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