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Festival of Fantasy – Disney Adventures

Hello all!  Every time we head over to the Magic Kingdom, I make it a point to go and watch the Festival of Fantasy parade.  This is one of my absolute favorite things at Magic Kingdom and it is always well worth stopping everything to check it out.  This […]

Disney Day Four – Animal Kingdom

Saying farewell is an awful thing, and saying goodbye to your Disney vacation is even worse. Exhausted yet excited for our last park, we headed out to Animal Kingdom, a place I had been very, very excited to see.  We had planned out today much better than our […]

Disney Day Two – Hollywood Studios

Another day down! Hollywood Studios is a curious park, especially considering that many parts of the park are closed to make way for Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land. It feels like a bunch of different thoughts and ideas smushed together. I’ll admit, I found it to […]