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Disney’s Magic Kingdoms – Tinker Bell and Defeating Pete

Hello all!  I wanted to give a quick update of my progress and some things that I’ve noticed within, and outside, the game that I found to be fun little tidbits.  We’re on day 6 now technically and the game has been one big waiting game.  Yet, I’ve […]

Happy Birthday Walt Disney

Today just so happens to be the birthday of a man who has become one of my ultimate heroes. Born December 5, 1901, Walt’s touch on the world can be seen everywhere you go. Through his creativity and perseverance, he changed the world for the better. His name […]

Vault Disney – A Farewell to Walt

Two months ago, Disney was just a brand to me. A monolithic corporation that I knew and was familiar with but to me it was no different than any other Warner Brothers or Dreamworks. It was simply a company. If you’ve been following this project, you’ll know that […]