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Disney Magic Kingdoms Game – Minnie and Recruiting Villains

Hello again and welcome back!  I wanted to do a post once I had gotten all the characters that were currently available but as I should have suspected, that could take a bit of time, so I thought I’d do a quick update on my progression in the game and what I’ve noticed so far as I began my trek into Fantasyland.  Well, it was a bit more of single step and then I sat on the ground and cried because the next area in costs 250,000 potions.  Yeah, that’ll have to wait a while.  Either way, I thought we’d start off today by talking about the first character you unlock in Fantasyland.  Nope, not Flynn, I’m talking about Minnie!


There’s something special about getting Minnie.  I think part of it comes from the fact that there are so few original Disney/Disney animated characters in the game.  So many of the characters are newer and Pixar.  That makes the one’s that are more old school Disney seem very precious.  I’m looking at you Donald and your stupid “Coming Soon” sign.  When Minnie shows up after weeks of recruiting Monsters Inc. characters and fighting Zurg, it is a breath of fresh air.  We are even lucky enough to get to build Minnie’s house. And then she and Mickey Dance by it!


Adorable!  That being said, I will warn with a word of caution.  Minnie’s quests are LONG!  I’m talking 16 – 24 hours for most of them.  fortunately, she rarely requires you to send help from another character to help her so you can just have her go tend her garden for an entire day and not feel like you’re missing out on too much.  But seriously Minnie, take a break, drink a pina coloda.  You work too hard girl!

Recruiting Villains

I wanted to take the time to talk about recruiting villains as it seems to be one of the top questions I get asked on this blog.  Beating Pete or Zurg DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU RECRUIT THEM!  You’ve simply ended their reign of chaos.  Once you beat them, they’ll go away for a time until some sort of quest to reform them comes along.  I know we all want us some Pete and Zurg in our lives but be patient, eventually the quest will pop up once you’ve completed enough other quests and progressed more through the story.


I’ve said this before, but just because something says “Complete more Goofy Quests” does not mean that you’ll will do Goofy quest after Goofy Quest.  Goofy might stop getting quests until you’ve completed some Monsters Inc. Quests and then he’ll pop up again.  Characters are not singular entities.  Their quests rely heavily on what other characters have completed.  To give you an idea.  Pete will not open until you are most of your way through Tomorrowland.  Randall will not open until you are working on Fantasyland and as of yesterday, I now have Flynn and still no sign of Zurg.  Just keep questing and eventually these characters will appear.


Flynn and Maximus

As I sort of mentioned earlier, I expected to hit Fantasyland and be ready to start in on Tangled characters, but before that can happen, there are a lot of Minnie quests to be done.  This isn’t all bad as it really gave me time to rebuild my resources after buying so many characters near the end of Tomorrowland.  One character you will be able to jump the gun on is Maximus, who comes with a deal!


Maximus, as far as I can tell, only has three levels to go up, so each of those levels takes a long amount of time.  It’s nice to have him there, but until you start recruiting Rapunzel, which I have not started yet, he’s a bit useless.  He has one quest that doesn’t do much but take 4 hours and give you potions and xp.  Oh well, at least he’s adorable.


Flynn, on the other hand, takes FOREVER to get.  In comparison to Randall, who I was given the quest to get at the same time, Flynn took double the time.  Yet, you can’t start your journey to Rapunzel or build your tower without him.  At least after all that time, he knows how to make an entrance.


Wake up buddy.  We have work to do!


My next mission, other than getting Rapunzel and Zurg, is to start getting all characters to their highest levels and to unlock the last piece of real estate.  I’d like to be completed before the big update happens if possible.  This will also hopefully mean that I can have a page here on the blog for things like highest character levels how far you can get before everything else is coming soon.  I’m sure there are other sites like this already, but I want my own!  MINE!  Wow, these villains are really getting into my head.


Who is your favorite character you’ve unlocked?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Jaysen, I enjoy these posts! Thank you for sharing your insight! I particularly am grateful to finally understand that the villain quests are not connected to their availability. I like all my characters, but got a chuckle watching Mike and Celia dance for 4 hrs. They spin around like we used to when we were kids, trying to see who would fall over first! I also love Wall-E. Watching him pick up trash is a hoot!

  2. I currently feel sad for WALL-E as he keeps EVE company atop his house and gets struck by lightning about every 20 seconds… for 12 hours. As for my favorite character, Bo-Peep wins just because of the sass she delivers when you accidentally ask her to grant a wish or help another character out while she’s already doing something. Daisy gets runner up because I hear everything she says in the voice of Rogue from the 1990’s X-Men cartoon.

    • Hahaha. Amazing. Yes the Wall-E animation is one of my faves 🙂 thanks for reading.

  3. I somehow missed this post last week because I was actually in Disneyland for the week! Happy Day! I love to hear about all the fun new characters you’re unlocking. I’m currently working on Minnie which is exciting, but I’m eager to get to those Tangled characters as well. Also, after a lot of waiting – I just FINALLY got a Boo promotion! YAY!!! Thanks for another fun post!

  4. I feel like I should have had Minnie by now! 😦 could it be that the Incredibles challenge began and I’ve been so consumed with that? When I complete it could Minnie be next? Ugh…getting pretty discouraged over here…lol

    • Don’t be discouraged. Once the incredibles is over, it’s back to collecting characters without rush 🙂

  5. What quests come before Minnie? I’ve been waiting forever! Also, I’ve yet to defeat Zurg so I think that has to be done before Minnie. What are the quests leading up to defeating him?

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