Disney Magic Kingdoms – When Characters get Sassy

Obviously, the main lessons that can be learned in the Magic Kingdoms are friendship, forgiveness and how to save potions in order to make sizable investments into not-so lucrative theme park rides.  Yet, perhaps there is another lesson we can learn here.  Perhaps Disney Magic Kingdoms is secretly teaching us how to live a life of glamor, fame and fortune.  Perhaps DMK is teaching us to be a little bit sassy.


Of course, Mother Gothel shows us that if you’re going to look sassy, you’ll need to look the part.  She carries a mirror everywhere she goes and is always primping.  Even when she stops to pose, she looks like a model on the runway.  I like to think that Gothel is perpetually listening to “Vogue” by Madonna.


This little girl only wants the best jokes and if she doesn’t get them, she will show her distaste by standing in solidarity with her back to the performer.  While Mike might be giving it his all, this girl is having none of it.


Sure, a lot of characters like to sing or play instruments but Rapunzel really wants you to look at her when she’s doing it.  “Oh look at me.  I can sing and have glowing hair.  Aw, how fancy it is to be me.  No no, don’t look at Mickey.  He’s just playing a silly trumpet.  I have glowing hair.  GLOWING HAIR!”


No sassy Diva is complete without a couple thousand selfies on their Instagram page.  Sure, it might seem like this little girl is taking a photo of It’s a Small World.  But no.  She’s taking yet another selfie.  And she’ll take five more before she skips off to post them and wait for the Likes to roll in.


I don’t often use the word Yolo.  I don’t really get it.  Well, I didn’t, until I saw Goofy doing this little strut.  He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him.  He’s just walking along without a care in the world, showing off his hat…in front of a hat stand…which sells a different type of hat.  You can’t get his hat here at the park.  It was an exclusive partnership between Adidas and Bloomington Coat Factory.  You’ll have to special order it.  Or you could just get one of these hats at the hat stand.  You know, the same one that EVERYONE else bought.  Way to be sassy Goofy.  Way to be sassy.


And then there’s Daisy, the Queen of the sassy divas here at the park.  I mean, just look at her.  I don’t even need to tell you why she’s sassy.  BUT, at least she’s the kind of lady who can look fierce but still have a heart of gold and shower love on her friends and loved ones.


Or not….


And no amount of sassiness is complete without a mental breakdown when you drop your phone at the club…again.  And the screen breaks…again…


Meanwhile, I just sit back and watch.  I’m not sure why I’m depicted as a girl in this story…

Anyway, what are some of your favorite character animations?  Let me know in the comments below and maybe I’ll feature them in another article!

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  1. My favorite animations I’ve seen so far (in no particular order) include: Buzz & Woody searching the skies for Zurg, Mickey & Pluto playing fetch, Mrs. Incredible “Looking up”, and Randal heckling Mike at the Laugh Floor.

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