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Disney Magical World 2 – Welcome to Castleton

After waiting for over a year, last night, at midnight, I finally got my hands on the newest gaming adventure from Disney, Disney Magical World 2.  If you’ve been following this blog or simply following me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know that I have been dying to […]

The Kingdom – Author’s Notes

Before I jump into talking about the very first season of The Kingdom, I want to take a moment to say that this post is meant for those who have finished reading The Kingdom in full.  There will be plenty of spoilers here.  So, if you haven’t read […]

The Kingdom – Chapter Twenty

This is a work of fiction and is not to be sold in any way shape or form. It is simply for my amusement and the challenge of writing these characters in a strange and dangerous world. All the characters are owned by Disney and I do not […]