Disney Emoji Blitz – Tips and Tricks

Hello all!

Wow, this has been a crazy week.  To give you guys a little more info, I went to Orlando for a few days to go to Disney, then went to Ft. Lauderdale for a business meeting.  During this time, you all had lots of thoughts, concerns, personal feeling and questions about the new game, Disney Emoji Blitz.  But, given that posting an article with my limited internet was more difficult than JetBlue having a flight that isn’t delayed or late, I was forced to sit by and leave these comments unanswered.

Well, no more.  I am back in the York City which is New and ready to answer your questions and respond to some thoughts in the only way I know how:  Interpretive dance…Oh, wait.  No.  I’ve been told I don’t have the budget or skills to do that.  Fine, we’ll just have to do this the old fashioned way.


How do I get Emojis to Show up on my Keyboard?

Unfortunately, I can only answer this for iPhone.  But I will do that at least.  Luckily, on your device, you can hit the little gear in the upper left corner when in the game menu.  By clicking KEYBOARD SETUP, you will be able to get comprehensive instructions for your device. The one for iPhone is below.


The trick is allowing full access.  This DOES allow the game into every facet of your phone.  Every. Facet.  So whether or not to do this is up to you.  At this point, I’m fairly trusting of Disney and doubt they’ll use my credit cards to buy more Stormtrooper helmets for the park.  However, the option is yours.

When typing.  I typically need to click on the world symbol at the bottom left AND THEN click back to ABC, which takes me to the Disney Emojis.  It’s a little weird but once you know how to do it, it goes fairly quickly.




How do you Setup a Profile that will Show up when you Earn a High Score?

This one is simple.  Simply log in with Facebook!  Then you are free to show your friends how much more amazing at matching Simba’s face to more of Simba’s face you are.


How many Levels are there in the Game?

This is an excellent question.  So far, there is no answer that I can come up with.  The thing is, levels could really go on forever as they become progressively harder to attain.

How do you Use an Emoji’s Power?

I got this one a couple times.  As you eliminate the Emoji you are using as your main Emoji off the board, a meter builds up and eventually, the Emoji starts to dance and glow.  This is your chance to strike.  Simply tap on the Emoji in the bottom corner as it dances and it’s power will activate.


Before Meter is built up. Look how sad Randall is.


After meter is filled. Look at how happy he is!

Many missions require you to use these powers of different characters several times.  It is best to click them as soon as the meter is full so that you can get a higher score.  Once their meter is full, it can’t continue to fill up again until you’ve used the power.  This means that the longer you wait, the more emoji’s being cleared is wasted.  So click away dear friends.  Click away.


Gold and Silver Emojis

There are two types of Emojis.  Gold and Silver.  Silver come from Silver boxes which cost 15,000 gold, while Gold cost 30,000.


As you might imagine, Gold Emojis are worth more points in game than silver.  As you play with the emojis you have, you’ll be able to level them up so that when you collect them, you get more points.  Here’s the trick though.  You need both to level up.  You’ll often be asked to use a Silver character for a task or a Gold task for another.  You don’t need to go for one or the other but both.  I’ve found it best to alternate.  I save up for a Gold, then do a sliver next and go back and forth with them to keep them even.  If any of your tasks require a certain Emoji, Switch to that one so that you can start earning points ASAP.

Daily Tasks

At Level 10, you’ll unlock Daily tasks.  These range in three difficulties.


They can also only be completed by certain Emojis and after you use them once, you must wait for 2 hours before using them again.  Obviously, the harder challenges are more tricky to accomplish, making their prizes much more tasty.



Smaller Emojis

I agree 100% with many of my readers who have said that emojis are enormous when posting them into a text.  But I don’t know that it’s the emoji itself that I have a problem with.  There is simply a lot of space around the emoji and I’d like to see that reduced so that they don’t take up the whole text window when you post them.

fullsizerender 14

More Ways to Get Characters

I don’t normally complain about things like this, BUT I have a bit of an issue.  I have had the unfortunate luck of, when unlocking that 15,000 silver box, getting a character I already had TWICE!  Now, that’s a bit crazy to think because it takes a while to save up that kind of cash.  My hope is that in the future, it will be more possible to get something new and different, otherwise, collecting them all could become a tedious task.


That’s it for today!  Let me know if this is helpful and also what questions you have.  If I get enough of them, I’ll do another post like this one to answer!  Keep blitzing my lovelies.  Keep blitzing.

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  1. I got it to where I can see them on my keyboard and can click on them to add them to a message, but then it says it copied it to the clipboard. How do I paste it in? I’m used to ctrl v to paste, lol.

    • If you click on the text box, a small window will pop with options. “Paste” should be one of the options.

  2. Only Mickey shows up for me (Android). The first few times I used it, all the characters I have showed, now only Mickey does. Help? 😖

  3. thanks for the helpful hints….my question: what are the Mickey Hats in the top left corner under the cold coins used for?

  4. Just wanted to say you’re not getting the same emoji twice. If you pay attention, when you’re seeing an emoji you already have the power level goes up.

      • I only have one emoji so far that has fully leveled up, and I noticed it’s quicker in powering up; its power can be used more often in a game

    • I keep getting same emoji twice, repeatiily yes it is a power level, but not worth it. I am getting very disappointed in the game. Specially as the emoji are so large you can’t use it in the regular texts.. Also, to get stupid emoji characters I’ve never heard of.. Done playing this joke.

  5. In the Round Results screen, what do the bottom emojis mean? Are their points increasing? Will I get a higher score if they are all unlocked ?

    • Those are the emojis that were in the round you played. If you have the emojis, their point levels go up. The more emojis you get, the higher chances of you getting better scores.

  6. Also, another tip for anyone who reads this, I’ve recently noticed when I reach Blitz mode five seconds gets added to my time. I haven’t seen anyone on any “tips and cheats” blog say anything about that. To start off with you’re given 5 lives; that’s 5 minutes of play time. Adding on a few seconds in between games, I’ll say it’s about 6 minutes. When I play 5 decently scored games one right after the other, I check to see there’s no more than a minute left before I get a life back. It takes 10 minutes to gain another life. I don’t use any of the boosts until I feel like I could use them to pass certain missions or challenges. So I started paying more attention to Blitz mode. I was told that it makes the emojis more powerful, but I knew there had to be something more dealing with time. SO point of my realization, the more you fill up the Blitz meter and reach Blitz mode, the longer your game will be.

    • Along those lines, I’ve noticed that when my emoji is powered up, it seems to stop the clock while it’s being used. So I gain a few seconds there, too.

  7. On the Missions I’ve noticed that if you are to get a certain number of sunshine or lightning in a round that combining it with the star to get multiple and they all go off at once only counts for 1! I wish it counted each of them…it would make it so much easier to accomplish that mission.

  8. How do you guys score 1 million or more? I’m level 12 and I’m getting these tasks like score 3,4 million and I really don’t know how to do that. Am I just really bad at the game or is it just kinda impossible with the wrong characters?

      • You don’t have to score 3 million in one game, it accumulates as you play until you reach the goal, in this case 3 million

    • They don’t mean in one game. I’ve seen people get over a million, but that’s because they’re emojis have high point values. Unless it says to get a certain amount in exactly one game, they mean through a series of games. There will be other ones where you have to use 30 sunbeams or thunderclouds, but they wouldn’t expect that in one game. I had one at level 14 or 15 that said to get EXACTLY 3 items in one game. I didn’t read it carefully, so when I got 4 items I was confused.

      The best advice I can give is to just play. If you don’t think too much about the missions and daily challenges that start at level 10, you’ll do better.

      • How do you know what level you are ? I’ve been playing for awhile and still haven’t unlocked the dailies!

      • On the main screen, at the top, there are 4 little ‘bubbles’ you can click on. The first is the Missions. It will show you what level you are on.

    • It’s typically a combined score, versus when it says ‘score 200,000 points in one game’. You can take as many lives as you need to hit the 3 million score.

  9. Hello I’ve noticed when blitz is on, your points double when you get rid of them and thats how your score gets higher. I have a score of more than 900,000 right now and I’m on level 17. I don’t even know how it got that high but Im proud of it. I’M OBSESSED with the game right now. The only problem that i have with it, is that i keep getting the same emojis. I know the lwvel goes up but i would like a different ones because then i’m going to start getting bored, thats the whole point of the game, right?
    When its asking for a score of 2 million or more it’s not saying you have to get a score that high for only one game. it’s just adding up all the scores that you get when you play until you get the score its asking you for.

    • This ought to help alot of people. Theres a certain glitch the game goes through when you modify the time on your iphone.. apart from getting the extra lives to keep on playing if its close to 12am theres a certain glitch that the games keeps rewarding you $$ for “making 1st place or 2nd place on the leaderboards last week” you have to mess with changing the time on your phone to get the lives and to see if at some point this happens to you. I like the fact that i can play indefinitly with that time-change trick.

  10. Does anyone know how to get Ursula as an emoji? I’m level 25 and my mission is to use Ursula emoji in 4 games. Don’t see her as an emoji to buy so I don’t know how to get her. I would love to have Ursula 🙂

    • Saw same question online and someone answered: Ursula shows up during a Challenge and you can ‘earn’ her.

      • I guess I must have missed that challenge. I don’t want to skip the mission, maybe the challenge will randomly appear. Lol, wishful thinking. Thank you 🙂

    • Did you ever get Ursula? Because I’m stuck on that same mission and I’ve looked at the Daily Quest prizes two days now and I haven’t seen her yet 😦 its also my last mission to complete – is there any hope lol?

    • I just won Ursula in the Fighting Ursula game. She was in the first cube along the trail of treasure chests you win after defeating her.

  11. Anyone have a suggestion on how to Blitz more in a single game? I’m at level 11 and can’t seem to blitz more than 3 times, but one of the tastes is 4 blizt modes in one game…

    • Matches of any emoji fill the Blitz meter. Matches of the emoji you chose to play with fill that emoji’s power meter. The quicker you match emojis, the quicker the meters fill up.

      • Use the power up that starts your character at full power then press it immediately once the game starts.

    • Eventually, otherwise it’d be pointless. So far I’m only having problems trying to unlock Minnie, Pluto, and Donald (the only silver locked emojis I don’t have).

  12. I also am on the mission to get 4 blitz’s in a single game, only been playing a couple weeks not sure what causes the blitz?? Is it the meter?

    • I’m not sure, but I think the faster you match the character you chose for the game, the faster the meter fills.

      • Bottom left hand corner by the emoji you chose. I wouldn’t focus on the meters too much, though, because then you lose focus on finding matches. But kind of keep the bottom left hand corner emoji in the corner of your eye because once the it’s power meter is filled, it starts bouncing – meaning it’s ready to be used. Just tap it, let it do its job, then get back to matching. Be careful though. Make sure you know the power before choosing the emoji. Some of them have powers you have to interact with. For example, when using Kermit, you have to tap the musical notes, otherwise it just gets rid of emojis at the top.

      • Kim, in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, where you see emoji’s icon, there’s a power bar underneath it which fills as you make matches of your emoji.

    • Matches of any emoji fill the Blitz meter. Matches of the emoji you chose to play with fill that emoji’s power meter. The quicker you match emojis, the quicker the meters fill up.

  13. I am stuck in what feels like endless battles with Ursula… I tried to go back to “reg play” but couldn’t find an option. It started at beginning of level 15… Help!

  14. I’m having trouble with the boost screen. All of a sudden, when I open the app to play, it keeps giving me the boost screen. It doesn’t matter what I do, it won’t let me play the game. It just keeps opening the boost screen. What can I do, so that I can actually play the game again? I’m on level 5 and I have 43 lives, but it just won’t let me play.

      • I am having the same issue on level 6 – boost screen keeps showing and I can’t play the game even though I have plenty of lives?????? HELP????

    • I am stuck too. Level 6 I hit play and it just keeps going back to the boosts. I wasted gems thinking I needed to swap and realized it just gave me another challenge. I did am update and still can’t play. On an Android.

      • I’m having the same problem! I’m stuck with one more task left on level 5 and can’t press play! I have 44 live! I reinstalled the app and it still does it! On my phone and iPad. Right now I can’t play the game at all!

    • I am able to log into Facebook on my iPad, but doesn’t link up with the game I have going on my iPhone. (Started me at Level 1). Click the gear icon on top left to get to settings and log in to Facebook.

      • she doesn’t even have the option. My son can connect on his iPad (same kinds), it’s very bizarre.

    • Mine doesn’t give an option to connect either, did you ever figure this out? She can’t earn Dug because of it 😦

  15. When battling Ursula, what do the second and third purple boxes do? Give you power boosts? I’ve unlocked Ursula, wondering if it is worthwhile to continue battling?

  16. Why isn’t Ursula considered a gold emoji? I had a mission to use clouds with a gold emoji. I was using Ursula because her little shield shows gold but it wouldn’t count any clouds

  17. How long before they unlock new keyboard icon challenges?
    I finished “on the go” and for nearly 2 weeks still says “more items coming soon”
    I’m on level 41
    Highest score 4,888,711

  18. What is it that earns coins in the game? I’m stuck on a mission to earn a certain amount of coins in one game but no matter how high my score is the coins earned don’t match up & I’m now really confused!

    • I contacted Disney Support and asked. This is their reply:

      Disney Emoji Blitz

      You earn coins on the game by clearing clusters of emoji’s. It’s not related to Point Value or score at all. The bigger the cluster you clear, the more coins that will earn you. For example if you make a simple match 3 you earn 0-1 coins. If you shoot a Lightning Cloud (which clears 6 emojis) you get 4 coins.

      Since one match can create a chain reaction of matches it can be pretty hard to track the amount you earn which is why we have a tally in the top left corner.

      Have fun and be sure to let us know if you need any more helpful tips!

      Disney Emoji Blitz Support

  19. My Stitch emoji is now worth 502 points but it took forever for it to go up from its last value. It didn’t even look like the gold line/bar was filling up anymore. Does anyone know if there is a limit? Or does it just take longer to earn more value the more value it has?

  20. My Stitch emoji is now worth 520 points but it took forever for it to go up from 502. It didn’t even look like the gold line/bar was filling up anymore. Does anyone know if there is a limit? Or does it just take longer to earn more value the more value it has?

  21. My emojis show up on my keyboard but I can only send the Mickey emoji. It won’t let me copy or paste the other characters that I have earned. Is there a solution?

  22. You guys, what is a “Blue Emoji”!?
    I’m on level 18, and the mission says “Play 6 games with a blue emoji”- I thought there was only silver and gold!?

  23. I am stuck! it won’t let me play. The boosts page comes up, but won’t let me go any further. Does anyone have a solution to this? I have tried everything.

    • I have had the same problem. Please email their support team…I have received ongoing responses from them the last few days. They said they’ve heard about this from others and are working on it, and asked me several specific questions, which I gladly answered. The more people who contact them and can give them some info about what’s going on, the faster I believe they’ll be able to resolve it. (On top of this same issue, all of a sudden my points started disappearing!)

    • This is the response that I got back….What worked for me was clearing out my storage so I had 1GB or more.

      Hey Jessica!

      Thanks for letting us know what you’re experiencing in Disney Emoji Blitz – that does sound strange! As a first step I recommend trying the troubleshooting tips listed below, for they might help the game load the latest information:

      -Make sure that your device is running its latest OS version.
      -Make sure you have the latest version of the game installed on your device.
      -Force Close all apps that you have running in the background.
      -Power off your device for at least 5 minutes and then power it back on
      -Make sure that your device has at least 1GB of free space. Anything under that will start giving you performance issues within the game.
      -Ensure you have a strong and stable WiFi connection.
      -Please do not uninstall the app, as that could erase your progress

      If the issue persists, please reply with these details so our team can investigate further:

      -Device make/model:
      -Operating System version:
      -App version:
      -Available space on your device:
      -Is the game played via 3G/4G, LTE, or Wi-Fi:
      -Was the app installed onto internal memory or an SD card (Android only):
      -Has your device been modified or rooted from its original manufacturer’s specs:
      -Screenshots of what you’re seeing in-game:

      I look forward to hearing from you!

      Disney Emoji Blitz Support

    • Wow!!👍👍. I thought I was moving right along at level 27. Good to know I have a while to go before I run out of missions. You could always work on daily challenges. I hate the Dailey challenages mainly because you can’t collect any of the items while you are doing them and the rare items always seem to appear during the daily challenages. It’s like the game knows and it taunts you.

  24. To answer the question about levels I just finished Level 85 and when I cleared all 20 missions it said “more missions coming soon.” So it looks like level 85 is the highest the game goes at this time… unless I’m doing something wrong

    • I have 2 tasks i can’t manage to complete, it says “use 8stars in blitz mode” i’m 7/8 and nothing i do makes me comolete it. The second one says 19 times in blitz mode with ariel i”4/20 what can i do??

  25. Anyone have any luck getting Daisy in the Diamond Box for the Valentines challenge? I have Micky, Minnie and Donald but Daisy doesn’t seem to be an option in the box… is she unlocked trough item collection like Marie?

  26. Great information!
    How do I get an item to appear? I have been trying to get this last star fish for weeks! It never comes up inmy game! And I don’t have the character it says it’s lucky with – and when I buy that box, I never get him!

  27. There is a combination of two icons that populate the board with clouds. I think it might be the rainbow star and a cloud, but I’m not sure and it’s bugging the heck out of me! Any idea?

    • Yes, Cathi’s right. Also, combine a star with suns and you get more suns; combine it with an item, and more items appear. Combine it with any emoji, and it will clear all of that emoji from the board. Combine 2 stars together and it clears the board. Stars are magic!!

  28. Stuck on level 12 earn 275 coins in one game and combine a star with a collectible item, I’ve done it and it never works

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