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12 Times “Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special” Made me Laugh Out Loud

Last night saw a whole bunch of Disney Channel holiday goodness grace us with its presence.  While several of these are absolutely amazing (I’m looking at you Elena of Avalor) none was quite as funny as Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas special.  I could do a full on review, recounting to you the ways in which it was a piece of comedic excellence, but that sounds a bit boring, don’t you think?  Instead I thought it would be fun to take a look at the best gags that made this episode so hilarious.  In fact, let’s make like the Late Show and count them down.


12)  Donald’s Tongue Freezes off

The episode dealt with the fact that Donald wanted to stay with his friends and celebrate Christmas, however, as Daisy pointed out, ducks migrate to stay warm.  It turns out they also migrate because staying in the harsh winter weather would kill them.  Donald doesn’t know this, so he stays, despite the fact that it means certain death.  This leads to a series of body malfunctions.  In this scene, his tongue literally freezes off from catching a single snowflake on it.  Way to be sensitive.


11)  Goofy’s Mistletoe aka Missile Toes

Most of Goofy’s bits were more about tongue in cheek jokes that make you face palm more than actually laugh.  However, I do like a good pun and when telling Donald why he should stay for Christmas, Missile Toes sounds like a perfectly good reason.  Kaboom!


10)  Introduction of Mickey’s Family

I loved this olden days look back at Mickey’s family.  For one, it makes him seem very old, which I suppose he is.  But also, the family members were so zany and looked like the cast of a mystery dinner theater show.  Especially grandma, who’s barely holding onto her last few teeth, made this scene extra funny.


9)  The Migration 

Have you ever wondered how ducks migrate?  I always thought they flew South.  But it looks as if I was wrong.  Watching all the duck families drive out of town in formation was pretty awesome.


8)  Blahbidiblah

Daisy just loves to talk, but when Donald has Christmas on his mind, all he hears is noise as he decides to make his grand escape from the migration.


7)  Ludwig Von Drake’s Assessment

The only thing funnier than Ludwig’s diagnosis of what will happen to Donald if he stays in the cold, is watching it unfold after, even though no one thinks he’ll stay through the harsh winter.  It’s a great setup that makes every Donald joke to follow extra funny as we watch him devolve.


6)  A Blender Sounds Like Donald

I’m not really sure why this made me laugh so hard.  Maybe it was that good old Donald laugh being equated to the sound of a blender and realizing how close that sound is.  It was a simple gag, but it worked and that’s all that matters.


5)  Christmas Magic Pluto

There were a lot of quick Pluto moments that were funny, but this one, which I couldn’t even bring myself to take a Photo of at first, takes the cake.  As Santa offers Christmas magic, Pluto gets turned into a reindeer because, why not?  It doesn’t make any sense, and it doesn’t need to.


4)  Donald using duct tape on his Beak

Not only is this moment amazing, but the fact that Minnie thinks he’s spending time in the bathroom for others reasons makes it even better as she show’s up with festive toilet paper.


3)  Hyperspeed

The only way to activate hyper speed is to make a pin jab a reindeer, but once its activated, it makes the sleigh into a fiery ball of death.  At least now we know how Santa gets around so fast…


2) Donald threatens his friends with a Candy Cane

In a sequence that could only be described as deranged Darkwing duck, Donald takes off into the night, missing his clothes and feathers to celebrate Christmas.  It’s so hilarious I could barely keep watching without falling out of my chair.


1)  Donald runs down the Street in a Christmas Rage

By far, the moment that had me in tears was Donald’s fit of Christmas rage in which he runs down the street, decked in Christmas and losing his mind.  This is basically my mother at Christmas.  It’s classic Donald but with a holiday flair.  I seriously watched this part several times because it was so good.  Someone needs to make a GIF of this so I can put in on my Facebook wall and laugh to it all December long!  SO GOOD!


I enjoyed this episode way more than I thought I would.  It was absolutely hilarious and a great way to kick off the holiday season.  What was your favorite part?  Let me know in the comments down below.



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