Snowgies and You – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Probably the most technically different thing to hit this update are the Snowgies.  Born of Elsa’s sneezes, Snowgies will be an ongoing quest throughout this event.  By capturing them, you’ll be able to get snowflakes which are an important token if you want to level up Frozen characters.  With that in mind, I thought we’d take an in depth look at how to catch these Snowgies as it is a multi-step process much more challenging than catching, say, the flu.


Once Anna is done shopping and giving dirty looks to Hans, you’ll get your first realization that Snowgies have indeed invaded the Kingdom.  This means it’s time to buckle down and search them out.


I hear you Anna.  I hear you.


One does not simply catch a Snowgie.  Certain items are required before you can even think of nabbing one of these adorable monsters.


You’ll notice that brown bags and rope are key to catching Snowgies.  I’m sure when we need to capture Hans, we won’t be able to find a single brown bag OR rope.  Why is everything difficult in this park?  Moving on.  Brown bags will drop from any short quest you send Olaf or Anna on, however rope gets a little trickier.  Since Mickey and Goofy will have other quests at this time, it’s best to use Buzz and Jessie.


With your bags and ropes gotten, it’s time to send Anna or Olaf (Or Kristoff next week) to round them up.  This will be a 60 minute quest.


Once done, this will provide you with Snowflakes, which you can then use to level up Frozen characters.

Some more helpful info comes from tapping on the snowgies.

As you can see, this is a quest that is continuous.  It WILL NOT disappear and you can redo it.  This is a repeatable quest.  I can already see that we are going to have a lot of questions about this.  Just know that, for right now, this is the only way to level up Frozen characters as it is the only way to acquire the snowflake token.

After leveling Anna up to level 2, made possible by the Snowgies, your Winter Wonders adventure will continue!


Next time we’ll get into the next part of the adventure, but I hope this helps out with some of your Snowgie questions in the meantime!  Let me know how you are feeling about the new mechanics of Snowgies in the comments!

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  1. Hi! Spent time off cutting down a Christmas tree today (well, directing), so I haven’t even welcomed Anna yet. Question- you’ve got a picture in this post that is a close up, on the level picture (Anna & Hans)- how did you do that? Every so often I do some unknown thing and my game zooms in for a flash like that. It’s great and shows all the graphics beautifully, but I don’t know how I’m doing it!

    • It’s a cut-scene that moves the story along. I don’t think you can replay it after it’s happened. 😦 But, if you haven’t welcomed Anna yet, it hasn’t happened yet, so you should be good. 🙂

  2. SnowWhite, I am not sure if there is a special way to zoom if one is playing on a computer, but I would guess that Command and + (on a Mac) or Control and + (on a Windows PC) would do the trick. I play mostly on an iPad (and sometime on my iPhone). On both of those, all I need to is put two fingers on my screen and then spread them apart (that zooms in). I can then zoom back out by pinching my fingers together. I hope that is helpful. And, Jaysen, I have been reading your blog for a few months now, but this is the first time I have posted. I thoroughly enjoy you spectacular balance of helpful, clear suggestions and tongue-in-cheek humor. I often find myself making similar comments out loud when Woody gets whiny or some character makes an outlandish comment (I am still working on Anna, but I laughed out loud when I read your comments about her observation about that amount of snow. Like you, I live in a rather snowy state (Minnesota), and it is outlandish that she would find the snow in the Kingdom as anything but laughable. And, while I am not sure that I am up for viewing hundreds of pictures of Mickey in his Santa suit, I completely agree with you that the Christmas/winterscape that this update has added is tremendous, charming, and utterly adorable. I have enjoyed every event, update, and addition to DMK (okay, I might not have enjoyed spending hours and days gathering all of the necessary elements of Donald’s Halloween costume), but this 7th update feels special. I like that the designers are branching out with different approaches to Event-themes Events and with quirky quests like the Snowgies (who, I think, are technically the sneezes of Marshmallow — Anna’s snow creature on the Frozen float. Thank you for your enthusiasm for the truly “magical” kingdom of fun and for your willingness to share your insights, progress, and discoveries. I look forward to reading about and experiencing the adventure!

    • Thanks for commenting! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the blog! I can’t believe I’ve written so much about this little game but it’s been a blast 🙂

      • I totally agree with Main Man’s comment above. This has been a constant reference for me with this game and a great source of insight and laughter. I gotta say I live in Canada so I laughted how Anna (and pretty much everyone involved: Elsa, Mickey, Woody, Jesse)are ridiculous with the amount of snow (espacially since there is no snow at the barn at all) lol

    • Nope Stogies are from Else’s sneezes. Its in the short film Frozen Fever. Else gets sick and ever time she sneezes Snogies are created. Just a little Frozen knowledge for you. 🙂

  3. I like that GL has come up with something new, but I think it needs a little more work. So complicated, and now I have 12-hour event quests waiting for Goofy and Woody, but I also need them to get supplies for Snowgies, not to mention other tokens for Anna & Olaf. Woe is me next week when we have even more characters to work on. My current plan is to collect as many snowflakes as I can while awake and checking frequently for those 6- and 8-minute tasks, then start the 12-hour tasks around 8pm and sleep through most of them. Here’s hoping I can get everything! I still haven’t seen a way to buy the Troll Knoll – hoping for that maybe after the 12-hour tasks?

  4. These common tokens are a little annoying even with just Olaf and Anna.

    Normally an if an event would require 6 tokens it would just be a matter of sending the character to retrieve them. I appreciate the team trying to create a more engaging way of obtaining tokens, but to take Anna from level 3 to 4 requires 6 common tokens gathered by using 36 (admittedly pretty easily to obtain) tokens. Level 4 is usually very simple in terms of tokens numbers.

    All the other events I have tried to get characters to 10 or as close as possible. I think this time it will be a lot easy to level the characters after the event so I won’t stress too much as long as they can complete the tasks.

  5. I’m with Josh above… I think with this much work to upgrade the characters, I’m going to treat the snowgies as a secondary task- only as time allows… and only upgrade the characters as needed to complete necessary tasks…
    Is that how you are handling them?

  6. I’m definitely treating snowgie removal as secondary – but I’ve got Buzz and Jessie on the ropes as often as they’re shown as collectible, and when Anna doesn’t have a blue task, she and Olaf are off alternately wrangling brown bags and snowgies. It’s… a good time? Also waiting on the Troll Knoll, but Woody and Goofy are off on their never-ending tasks as I speak.

  7. Thanks everyone for the zoom in notes. I actually meant a view of the entire place at the level like when you click on a character. Every so often on my phone it zooms really quickly from a high/far aerial view down like that, almost like a plane landing. (I figured out Jaysen’s pic was from a special scene when I reached that point).

    I’m doing the Snowgie tasks because someone will need to level up to move on. I’m hopeful about Minnie. I have all the bows, but the fabric is slow to come.

    And, I agree that you’re blog is lots of fun and you’re a good writer (The Kingdom is great). This is actually my first time playing a game like this- I’m not a gamer- and it’s nice to see how other people address the game. Plus, everyone who posts seems very positive.

  8. I am LOVING the writing for Anna’s dialogue. I am very hopeful for some great Kristoff interaction as well.

    Also, Snowgies = Elsa Boogers. Let that sink in. It helps us understand why they needs burlap sacks and string to catch them.

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