Welcoming Anna – Disney Magic Kingdoms

In retrospect, I think I should have expected Anna to be a little bit challenging.  After all, our next character, Kristoff, doesn’t show up until next Thursday.  So it only makes sense that Anna wouldn’t be a few simple clicks away.  Even so, I set my characters to task the night before, hoping that I would accidentally have them on tasks which dropped Anna’s tokens.  And, to some degree, it worked.  For the rest, I went to work, sending everyone in the kingdom to ignore how cold they were to look for Anna’s hats and medals.


What You’ll Need and Who Gets it

Anna’s Medals

Oddly enough, Jessie happens to have the fastest way of getting these to drop as Hey-Howdy-Hey is only an hour, where the other tasks clock in at 2 or more hours.  Still, you’ll probably doing a few rounds with everyone considering you need to get up to 25 of these bad boys.


Anna’s Hats

Your best bet here is definitely Olaf as he is the ONLY character who has a 60 minute task for the hats, as opposed to two or more hours for the rest.  These do seem to be dropping at a slightly better rate than the medals.


Keep at it and before long, a lovely Princess will be heading to your Kingdom, ready to search for her sister and complain about the snow.


I give the writing in this game a hard time, but Anna’s first bits of dialogue actual made me smile quite a bit.  She starts off looking for dear old Elsa.  Apparently she missed that cut scene we got where Elsa was freaking out about her powers.


Anna, you are from Arendelle.  That’s like me, being from Denver, remarking on a lot of snow in a snow storm in Florida.  Hello?  That is not a lot of snow.  That’s like a light dusting if anything.


Luckily, Anna has her head together enough to make a plan.  Come on!  Give me a ‘Make a Plan’ quest.  I’m so ready!


Okay, I can see you’re a bit distracted…


But luckily she’s got her priorities straight…sort of?


And with that, Anna sets off on her first quest to explore the Kingdom and have fun.  Well she better!  I put a lot of work into this place!


In the meantime I also managed to hit a new milestone.  Actually it’s been so long since I saw the Level Up screen I forgot what it looked like!


And that’s where I leave you for now.  I’m hoping to do these posts in shorter installments so that the information is a little more spread out and I don’t feel like I’m in a mad crazy rush to do everything in each update as fast as possible.  Pacing people!  I like to speed up a little bit to give everyone a sneak peek but also like to give myself a little resting time to actually enjoy the game.  That being said, we’ll meet back here as soon as I have some more real progress to present.  Maybe it will be Snowgies?  Maybe it will be the Troll Knoll?  Maybe I’ll just take 85 pictures of Mickey as Santa and post them all at once and force you to look at ALL of them!!!  Muahahahaha!

How are you guys doing on Anna?  And how about Minnie’s costume?  I have to say, I think Minnie’s costume is completely doable during the course of the event as in just a few days I am already nearing about a third of the way on her.  How about you guys?

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  1. I’m trucking along on Minnie as well. Looks doable. I’m even able to send all my extra characters on token runs for my next character off-event at a good pace too. I’m a couple hours behind today- I got caught up to 5 hours before Anna then ran off to see Fantastic Beasts and totally forgot! Now I’m 5 hr behind. Smh, but totally worth it.

  2. I got Mickey and Sarge on gathering tokens for Olaf. Mickey stems to be involved in a bit everything… So no one is available to gather green fabric for Minnie’s costume. How did you manage to get them ? Am I missing anything?

    • Mickey in his Pirate costume drops the green fabric. I think Donald in his pumpkin costume does as well but I don’t know that one for sure as I don’t even have Donald.

  3. I’m less optimistic about Minnie’s costume, although hopeful… (I’m less optimistic since I’m still 7 fabric bolts away (2 of the gold, 5 of the blue/white) from getting donald’s pumpkin costume. The bows seem to becoming along well… but I feel like the fabric has been coming slowly (only have 3 each so far) and there are just not enough ways to get the fabric. I’m actually also worried about the high price of the shield currency (at 10,000) since I suspect each of the characters along with some of the attractions will eat up much of these also…. So hopeful yes, but also less optimistic.

  4. I should have Anna later tonight- and I’m about the same on Minnie’s costume. I keep sending characters to get Anna’s required items, gathering Minnie’s stuff secondary- I figure at some point in the event, I’ll hopefully be mostly caught up and can focus on Minnie as I wait for the next item to unlock.
    I do have to admit, when my baby wakes up at night and I have to rock her back to sleep, I’ve been breaking my rule for middle of the night wakings, and sneaking in to reset some of the tasks! 😱😴

  5. I have almost gotten Anna but I have not even been able to defeat Zurg. Any mention of him has gone away. How can I get my characters to get back on track with him?

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