A Very Special Thank You for 400 WordPress Followers

Wow! I’m not going to cry. I won’t do it. I promised myself I wouldn’t. Oh God, I’m crying. You guys. I mean, you guys!

Okay, pulling myself together. It seems only yesterday that I was thanking you for 300 followers and now here we are again with another 100. I would just like to say a massive, bear hug of a thank you to everyone for your likes, comments, follows and support. Making this blog into what it is today in the past four months has been life changing to say the least and I couldn’t be happier to have so many people along with me on this journey.

The next two months will involve most of my time being eaten by the book editing monster, but I will do my best to at least post two “Vault” articles a week in order to keep things moving along. And then there’s next year and I have so many fun ideas and projects I can hardly wait. Thank you for being so awesome and I will continue trying to be awesome as well.

WOOOOO!!! 400!!!!

Photo Nov 19, 10 39 21 PM

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