A Very Special Thank You for 200 Followers

Today I woke up to a very special email from WordPress that I had in fact hit 200 Followers overnight. Wow. I just can’t find words to thank all of you for your support, comments, fun discussion and most of all kindness.

When I started this blog last year, my only intention was to create a place to unite all my work, comic, blog and video, into one place. Then it became something a little bit more. Something special. When I look at my Instagram account, I see one thing, happiness. I see all these moments of absolute joy and wonderfulness. I see cute puppies and fun board games and pictures of myself with family and friends and it always makes me smile. I want this blog to be an extension of this. I want to talk about Disney films and Harry Potter and adventures with my dog and fiancée. I want to share my work and my joy with all of you so thank you for helping that little dream become a reality.

Here’s to even more fun, adventures and laughs as we head into whatever comes next!

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