New York Comic Con Day One

Wow, what a crazy day.  After weeks of waiting patiently, we got our first glimpse of New York Comic Con and boy was she a beauty.  Everything was in tip top shape, the crowds were excited and the feeling was one of joy as we entered the hall at the Javits Center.  You’ll see some other posts from me over the next few days that will go a little more in depth on certain things, but for now, I thought I’d give a very brief overview of what we saw and did today.


As soon as the doors opened, I was on the hunt for anything Disney.  It wasn’t long before I stumbled on some Tsums who were looking down on me for having searched so hard for them.


Next I found Nick himself hanging out on this food truck.  I won’t get to try and Pawpsicle until tomorrow but I was very excited simply to meet him.  If you follow me on Social Media, you’ll know that I went into this con knowing full well that Disney would be in short supply so I’d have to really dig to find anything of value.


next we tried some Frozen Hot Chocolote, which is confusing as it is not actually frozen and is very hot.  It wasn’t anything to write home about but the box art is cute and I’m sure plenty of people shelled out for normal Hot Chocolate simply because Elsa might have made it.


I took to hunting down some other properties that I love.  You’ll know from previous posts that I am a big Lego fan and you may not know that I am a huge DC Comics fan.  Well here I found some of the DC Super Hero girls in Lego form and they looked stunning.  This is a great show by the way, so if you don’t watch it, well, maybe it’s time to work on that.


And of course there was Harley who happens to be quite cute when she’s not killing people.


I am not a big Yu-Gi-Oh fan but one cannot help but stop to take a picture of this truly awesome dragon they had set up.  There were also plenty of tables set up for people to play the game and get to know each other which I thought was pretty amazing!


There was a severe lack of Kingdom Hearts Unchained at the Square Enix booth BUT I did get to see the new Kingdom Hearts console game and I will hopefully play it tomorrow.  Their booth is massive with lots of fun stuff that I hope to take a closer look at over the weekend.


And of course, Wonder Woman, who’s movie is on the horizon, was in full effect on the show floor.  Here we have some weaponry from the film, which is looking to be an action packed epic.


We also stopped by the DC booth to see some of the costumes from the film.


Meanwhile back at Lego, they were answering the age old question, how many people does it take to put on Batman’s head.  The answer is three by the way.  This might look easy but it actually took all day to finish the statue.


And of course, I finally found my Disney goodies by picking up a free Elena crown as well as the new book from the world of Elena of Avalor which I will be doing a full article about sometime this coming up week. Also, I dressed up like a princess in front of people, soooo, that was embarrassing.


At the end of the day, we returned home to find out that, well, I bought a lot of stuff.  I’ll be sure to go more in depth about some of these items later on.


And for those of you who follow me for the Disney, here are my Disney grabs of the day.  I’ll be sifting through art and purchasing prints for the rest of the weekend and showing them off here as well!


Day One was a literal whirl wind.  From start to finish there was so much to see that I have a real headache just trying to process all of it.  We had a blast, spent way too much money and talked to some amazing people.  I simply cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

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  1. You’re amazing and continue to inspire me every day. Thank you. It’s just so crazy how you manage to take in so much and create at the same time.

  2. Oh my, you bought the Navidad book! Well done, Jaysen! The illustrations are making my day whenever the life gets hard. Especially the second one with the familia looking at Isabel greeting her new friend. I swear Esteban looks as if he’s checking himself in the christmas tree ornament: “Hi, handsome, where have you been all my life.” XD The episode is going to be a blast. 😛

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