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DC Legends – First Impressions

I am a huge DC Comics fan.  If you frequent this blog often, you’ll know that I’m also a huge Disney fan.  But the nicest thing about this being JaysenHeadleyWrites and not DisneyALLTHETIME is that occasionally something a little different comes along and I get to share it […]

New York Comic Con Day One

Wow, what a crazy day.  After weeks of waiting patiently, we got our first glimpse of New York Comic Con and boy was she a beauty.  Everything was in tip top shape, the crowds were excited and the feeling was one of joy as we entered the hall […]

The Lego Dimensions – Introduction

Last week I decided to make the large financial investment of picking up Lego Dimensions, a new game from Traveler’s Tales which takes the ever popular Lego series and adds the toy-to-life feature. It combines all sort of worlds and properties in order to make something, fun, original […]