Disney Emoji Blitz – A New Addiction

When I started playing Disney Emoji Blitz, I didn’t imagine it was something that I would stick with. Or perhaps I just thought it would be something fun to play as I sat on the train or needed to kill time. Yet, in some ways I think it has consumed my brain even more than Pokemon GO. That’s not to say that I’m not still playing Pokemon, but it is to say that the feverish swiping and the promise of unlocking more emojis has got me seriously addicted.  

There’s something to be said for the fact that you are unlocking emojis in your keyboard as you go. This means that when I unlocked Stitch, I wasn’t excited because I got to use his powers, I was excited because I was going to be able to send ridiculous Stitch emojis to my friends and annoy the living daylights out of them. It’s a special way to entice me to want to get further into the and build my collection.

More than this, though, is the fact that missions and item collections keep you going. As I went, missions not only gave me new challenges but also taught me new ways to play. Perhaps they were encouraging me to use a power up I hadn’t tired or shoot for a combo I hadn’t managed to get yet.  

All of this is fantastic because at its heart, this is a game about getting the best score possible and by teaching you these different ways to score, I found myself progressively getting better at the game.  

Inherently, unlocking the more expensive emojis means that you are going to get more points because they are worth more when scored during a play round. This means, that, as you can see below, Stitch is worth more than Mickey. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Mickey is useless though.

Certain missions and even certain items, require you to play with certain characters. This is a great draw to go back and play with someone old even if you just unlocked a cool new character. I never felt like I picked one and just stayed with it. There was always a reason to use my first character, Simba, or even get Pluto out for a nice walk around the match-3-or-more block.

I’m nearing level 10 now, which means I will open up daily tasks and I can’t wait to dive into that but so far I am liking everything about this game. From the item collections which open up even more emojis on your keyboard to the characters which are just begging for me to find them and attain their powers, I just keep checking my phone to see if I’ve waited long enough for that next life to appear.  

Below, I’ve included Images of all the Emojis I’ve added to my collection so far. Given that the game has been out only a couple of days, it’s a sizable collection and it’s only going to grow from here.

You get lots of Mickey’s right off the bat.  I personally love the dorky one with the glasses.  

I love the blushing Simba.  It’s such a great one to say when someone sends you a compliment…or hits on you.

All of Stitch’s are great, but I especially love the troublemaker on the bottom with the little blaster.

Pluto with the tongue out will be sent to everyone in my contact list sooooo…be prepared!

I really like the anxious Randall for some reason.  Also, who knew his tongue was that color?

You’ll also get tons of items as emoji.

So how about you guys? Are you playing yet? Have you unlocked any amazing emojis that I don’t have yet? Let me know in the comments below.  

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  1. Well, I won’t be playing because I need to sign up soon for a 12-Step program regarding on-line Solitaire. But the emoji-es are fun and happy-looking. The only thing that I have ever learned from Solitaire is, as you mentioned, increased endurance and problem solving skills. But, I keep thinking I should be doing something, I don’t know, just something else.

  2. I just started playing and haven’t really got the game yet. I understand Bejewled so thought I would easily get this. Not so much.

      • Just bad habits from putting the pieces together. You can’t do groups of 4 and playing 3 times on each emoji. Isn’t it supposed to trigger something?

  3. I’m stuck at level 2 as I can’t figure out how to get the second mission to advance to level 3. I’ve only unlocked Ariel and Mickey so far 😦

  4. I can’t seem to add the keyboard. I know how to thru settings and add new keyboard, but it doesn’t even show up as an option under their party keyboards 😟

    • Say your special emoji is Mickey Mouse, you’ve to match Mickey’s on the board in order to activate his special power. On a his power icon is blinking, tap on it to activate. You need to do this THREE times.

  5. I’ve gotten the stitch emoji three times in a row now. The last time it didn’t power up. Has anyone encountered this?

  6. Totally love this game!! Can’t figure out how to add my name to the leader board though. I’m stuck on level 9 and need 350 coins in ONE game to move past it. Scored over 600,000 points and STILL didn’t get 350 coins. Sheesh! Any ideas?

  7. How do you I use the Stitch power 19 times? I had the same problem with Pluto and Simba but used my jewels and would prefer to understand the game? Mickey is ALWAYS at the bottom left of the screen when playing. I am on level 9 for reference.

    • Go to more emojis and then select a different character. Like stitch. Then go back and play a game with him. You are only using one of your many characters.

  8. My mission is asking me to use ursulas power, but I don’t have her nor is she on the emoji character page…do you know how to get her? Just got level 26..so addicting!

  9. I absolutely love the game! I am on level 11 and love the daily challenges and strategically like choosing emojis that are best for each one. I love everything about the game except that sometimes after playing the game for ages and being so excited to open a gold or silver box, a character appears that I already have and says that it is getting a power increase, but it doesn’t even increase the power level! Would like to see it changed so that every time you get a box it has a new character in it, even if each box cost more coins!!!!

  10. I’m getting done with this game. I’ve powered up all three of the gold characters I’ve gotten TWICE now! I can’t seem to get new characters! Also, for some reason, the serving trays aren’t popping up for me as an item to get. I’ve finished all the items in the “Tasty Snacks” (and leveled TWICE in the process!) but no serving trays. ☹️

  11. I’m stuck on level 8 with one mission left to move up. It seems straight forward , lightning cloud +lightning cloud during blitz. I have swiped them together many times but it is not satisfying the mission. Any thought?

  12. How do you control the blitz mode? I need it to happen 4 times and can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen

  13. How do you make ones of those faces that people use as their icon when they get a high score rather than your Facebook photo?
    Currently have a high score of 1,078,223 (woop!!) but I don’t want my facebook photo to show. Everybody else has a little fake person.

    • I think only your pic shows on your game. My fb pic is on mine and everyone else’s is an icon too. I think that’s on all of them.

  14. I need Boo’s costume 1 time in level 18 and it says it’s lucky with Sully. I don’t have Sully and I’ve been stuck in his level for 3 days!

  15. What does the yellow bar next to the emoji’s point value mean? I understand the points are how much you earn when you clear the emoji- but I don’t understand what the point bar means from the emoji screen (not the one when you are playing the game)

  16. Is there a way to choose which emoji you buy? I need an emoji from Monsters, Inc but when I buy an emoji it just gives me a power up of one I already have. Fix it Disney!!

  17. Why are my emojis characters grayed out on my keyboard? I can’t seem to use the full emoji faces on the characters I collected

  18. My level 4 is not advancing. Could it be because my husband plays too so I signed him up for FB? Ever since when he signs in it says hello momma bird which is me.

  19. I don’t think you got the same emoji 2Xs. I bet you got the same emoji with an increased point rating. I’m at level 15. Really getting the hang of it all. Do the daily challenges & space out your play to win more stuff. Use jewels for those unbeatable challenges. #addicted

  20. Also, the pink Cheshire Cat— on this power up try to line up the “ball” inside the “hoop” by touching the screen. Gives more reward.

  21. I need help! My game won’t load! I just get the title screen and nothing else. I was on 7/7 of Halloween event! I can’t lose my progress! Any suggestions? Thank you!

  22. Think I am done with game. I have lives and I cannot play regular game. I can only do the challenge games. I refuse to spend actual money to purchase more emoji’s. wish someone would correct this issue with a patch! Should I uninstall game and reinstall? I will loose all my progress in the games. Feeling frustrated!

    • What level are you on? I am on level 77 and I still get missions but I am done with collections until they add more.

  23. I just started playing yesterday and I love it. However I completed the 3 missions and don’t know how to move on? Help????

      • I paid for extra credits twice and was charged but never got them. So stupid me paid again and only received one set for payment

  24. When I buy either silver or gold box emojis…I have bought several emojis that should have gone above the second power, but no matter how many times they pop up in those boxes they never go past the 2nd power…very annoying to waste my coins like that. Please help with this dilemma.

  25. How do I get two stars next to each other. I know you need five of the same emoji but 60 seconds is so short! Please help its the last mission I have to complete on level 14!!

  26. Is there any way to make te emojis smaller in a text message! They are so big! I want them to be the size of my other emojis!

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