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Disney Emoji Blitz – First Impressions

While many of my readers were feverishly trying to unlock Syndrome in Disney Magic Kingdoms, a new Disney game snuck onto the market and it’s pretty darn fun! Well, it’s basically a similar game to Disney Tsum Tsum but there is one big catch that sets it apart. In Disney Emoji Blitz, not only will you match three or more of different Disney faces together. Not only will you shoot for a high score. You’ll also be vying to unlock the emoji themselves because as you unlock them, they also become available on a new Disney emoji keyboard which comes with the game. And this, well, this might be the biggest draw to the game. 

As you begin your emoji quest, you’ll be asked to pick your first emoji. This is important not only because they are cute but also because each one comes with a unique ability. Simba basically sends a stampede across the board while Randall changes many emojis to be Randall’s so it is easier to match them up. 

Of course the game itself is essentially a form of bejeweled, but let’s face it, if you downloaded this game, you probably know that. Even though we’ve played this game before though, I appreciate that the animations and music are really fun and frantic. All the emojis look anxious when time is running out and the sound effects always make you feel excited about playing. 

As you play, you’ll also level up your emojis and unlock new ones. There’s a real sense of collection here as you try to get new emojis not only to play the game with but also for your keyboard. After all, who doesn’t want to send a cool Mickey to all their friends?

I’ve still got a lot of this to play and a lot to discover, but so far I really like what I see. The game is frantic and addictive. In fact, I went to play one more match before writing this and played 5 instead. That’s great that something so simple can make me come back for more and more and more. If you’re playing Tsum Tsum then this is right up your alley. If you like Disney or just a simple time killing game, this is great for you too. However I think the folks who will stick with this are the ones who love emojis and want to send them willy nilly to everyone and anyone. They’ll be the long term players for sure. 

So are you playing Disney Emoji Blitz? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I was so excited to play and start earning emojis, but the game sticks on the screen just before you start playing the game. This happened three times, could not tap out or exit out without restarting the game. 😦 I have an iPhone 4s, maybe that’s the problem. Hope other users have better luck and gain a magical keyboard!

  2. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to get the emojis to show up on my keyboard. Help appreciated!

    • I’ll do a post about it. You need to go into settings and keyboard and then allow Disney emoji blitz full access.

      • I’m wondering the same. I know how to add a keyboard in settings but it’s not even listed as a third party keyboard like all the other emoji keyboards. 😟

    • For the emoji keyboard,go to settings then general.Next,look for ‘keyboard’ and press that.At the top it will say ‘keyboard’ again.Press that.Look at the list of keyboards you have.Press emoji blitz and then ‘allow full access’

  3. How do you set up a profile that will appear when you earn a high score? Right now when I get a high score it just refers to me as a ‘guest’.

  4. The emojis are huge! I hate that! Why can’t they be small like the ones that come with the keyboard?

  5. The emojis are huge! I hate that! Why can’t they be small like the ones that come with the keyboard? I just tried to add one and it won’t work! It only is working for text messages.

  6. I know! I hate they are huge 🙈 and to me is not really an emoji its more like a picture cause you have to paste it on the message.. Is there any way to change the black background on the ’emojis’ when sent to someone.. I think it would look better if it was white so that only the ’emoji’ shows up in the message without the square

  7. When I try to send and emoji, it only sends a message and link to “check out Disney Emoji Blitz” How can I send picture emoji?

  8. For some reason it won’t show the emojis when I actually try to send them. Anyone else have this problem, or does anyone know how to fix this?

  9. I can’t get passed level 2?! No matter how much points I get! Anyone get stuck? It’s been 4 days!

  10. I’m stuck on level 2, what do you have to do to go up a level? Also how do I earn the jewels and Micky ears? It also keeps saying mission 1/2 and doesn’t move from that…what’s going on there??

  11. Fun to play and very addicting! I too was wondering how to have my “profile” as an imoji and a name. When I see it it’s only guest. I have a new high score today of over 1,000,000 and want everyone to know its me!!

  12. I am am level 5 of Disney blitz. It just won’t let me continue playing the level entitled Disneyland vehicle’s. I only have two pirate ships left to complete this level and the play button is not lit up…. I can buy emojis at the shop but can’t continue game. Help please

  13. So I’m late to the game but I’ve enjoyed playing!! Question for you – I can’t find an answer anywhere!! When I am choosing which emoji I want to play with, there is a “point value” associated with each emoji. And it’s not the same for each emoji. Can you tell me what this means? And how do I increase that value? Thanks!!

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